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Launch Now a day, within a highly technological society, human being productivity is manufactured more efficient through the development of laptop. Now, with the advent of such modernization in prison, a great way to globalize the research is to realized that technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace. Pcs are not limited to being used for entertainment but its function in jail is also huge.

Prison coming from old France “prisoun this means an organization where persons are restricted while on trial or to get punishment. Penitentiary is a place where people usually miserable of a variety of personal liberties.

It is also arranged for the safety of the criminals and the managing and to quickly identify the prisoner’s information and the visitor who arrive and go to their relatives inside, for this reason , we get this to system referred to as Visitors Monitoring and Criminals Information program. This system is for the Imus Municipal Jail. Statement with the problem 5. The Imus Municipal Prison lacks in an automated system for visitor’s monitoring. This can be a problem causing them to a slow procedure and burning off of data. 2. Time consuming since they can’t carry out other duties. Security problems, records could be lost due to lack of databases. Objectives with the Study To generate their program automated to get fast employ and for secureness purposes, and make that easier to enable them to monitor the visitors and prisoners and lessen all their task. As well as Place of the analysis July twenty three, 2012 a few: 00 PM HOURS. The proponents prepared intended for the study simply by composing a letter to conduct a interview pertaining to the company at lobby of Cavite Express University Imus Campus by July twenty-five around 1: 00 PM HOURS at the supporters conducted a job interview in Bureau of Imus Municipal Prison.

After the supporters conducted an interview August two, 2012 9: 32 WAS they started constructing the very first chapter. September 3, 2012 4: 00PM they start off constructing the 2nd chapter of the research conventional paper and then Sept 26, 2012 1: 00PM the proponents finish the chapter several and finish the documentation. Normalization Visitor visitor_code|cisitor_name|contact_no. |relationship|address|age Prisoner Inmate_code|inmate_name|relationship|address|case|date_imprison

Visitor_code|inmate_code|control_number|datevisited Visitor_code|inmate_code|control_number|datevisited Staff Date visitor_code inmate_code date_visited remarks period visitor_code inmate_code date_visited comments time A A User name, visitor_code Login name, visitor_code Visitor Visitor If login is correct If login is correct A A No Stop Prevent Logout Logout Reschedule check out Reschedule visit If prisoner exist If perhaps prisoner can be found Check captive info Check prisoner facts Yes Check out Visit Not any

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