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Nicole Leroy Instructor Michelle Hudgens English two hundred fifity 10 October 2012 The Song and Dance Guy I choose the book The Song and Dance Man. This book was one of my top features as a child. It was written by Karen Ackerman and illustrated by simply Stephen Gammell.

The Tune and Dance Man received the Caldecott Medal in 1989. The storyplot is about grandchildren coming to visit their grandparents. The grandpa chosen to show his grandchildren his past life as a track and boogie man and what people did for captivate long before tv. The concept of the the story is the fact family is more important than getting famous.

He shows them that he appreciates his past but loves the life he at the moment has. The grandpa displays throughout the story how much he loves and cherishes his time along with his grandchildren. This individual also stocks with all of them his former life being a song and dance person on the vaudeville stage and what people use for do to get entertainment. Inside the attic, the grandchildren view the posters of grandpa through the past realizing that he was when a famous ballerina and entertainer. The underlying message is that it is important to stay young at heart. Grandpa danced away though he had to cushion the corns on his feet.

Inside the story, the grandpa says, “I imagine my faucet shoes still fit?  all while he is smiling, knowing that moccasins will nonetheless fit. The grandpa displays the children that it is ok to create believe and use your imagination to have a good period by sharing his moving and magic tricks. The grandchildren reach explore their particular creativity by trying in old outfits pretending, performing and dancing their selves. The story is usually told as seen by of the grandchildren. You can feel the admiration, admiration, and like that they have for grandfather.

Since the grandchildren watch their very own grandpa, that they clap their very own hands and give us a call at out “Yay, Grandpa!  This units the light-hearted, fun, supportive mood and tone from the story. The language used by the narrator can be calm, loving, with lots of excitement and wonder when old man begins to boogie and turns into a different person, the tune and party man. The narrator shows his awe when he says that the seems coming from the shoes and boots is too various to be made with only two feet. The kids see all their grandpa as a different person when he turns into the music and dance man.

Whenever they travel the steps to the attic it can be like they are going back in time. In the story it says, “We forget that it is grandpa dance, and all we can hear may be the silvery tap of two feet, and we can see is song and dance gentleman gliding across a vaudeville stage. From time to time during his performance, he becomes grandpa again if he tries to remedy the learning curves of one in the grandchildren. In that case he is back to performing showing jokes and playing tricks. The efficiency is over, this individual puts moccasins and clothes back in the shoe and heads for the stairway and he is old man again.

When the children keep coming back down stairways he whispers, “He wouldn’t trade several good days for the periods he spends with us.  The sterling silver half-moon engage shoes, top hats, and bow ties all stand for grandpa’s earlier as a great entertainer ahead of he started to be a hubby, father, and grandfather. The posters continue to hung in the attic shows his take pleasure in of the earlier. When they return down stairs, grandpa glances back up things it signifies his gratitude and fondness of his past existence as a song and dance man. The illustrator applied many hues in a mild, pastel in nature.

The utilization of light rather than bright hues seems to set the level for content, calm, and relaxing setting. Two of the key colors utilized by the illustrator are reddish colored and yellowish. These shades give a a sense of warmth, cheerfulness, and excitement. Some of the photographs have a lot of blue. The green seems to signify the relaxed, serenity with the setting. The photographs have a whole lot of texture through the picture marts because they bring with some type of colored pencils. The use of coloured pencils allows add to the vibrant, light heartedness, and entertaining of the tale. Shading shows is used to show depth and at time darkness at the edge of the lighted areas.

The illustrator used of lots of clear space inside the pictures to show quiet, tranquil time. For instance , at the beginning of the storyline, before the kids arrived, the illustrations will be small and will not take in the whole web page. Later in the story when the grandpa is usually dancing, the pages are full of color pictures to show enjoyment, movement of grandpa’s functionality. The illustrator used many lines around characters and objects to exhibit that they are moving. He used lots of lines, sometimes in a zig zag form, to demonstrate fast quick motions just like when grand daddy is dancing or tossing objects in to the air.

He used fewer lines to exhibit slower motions and no lines to show deficiency of movement. The objects inside the picture are random and tilted in places to show the relaxed nature in the environment with the grandparents’ property. In the end in the story, the grandpa and grandchildren went back down the stairs, back to present time, in which grandma has dinner prepared. He hugs his grandchildren showing these people that even though he cherished his music and boogie life, he loves his grandchildren more. He would not really trade all of them for no qualtity of popularity.

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