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Christille Lindy Joyce D. Caluyo BMLS II-A 1) Several cultural techniques in the Philippines which could influence our health. Herbalaryo/Arbolaryo/Witch-Doctors • Filipinos believe that several illnesses are caused by evil mood that your body which can be cast by “Manga ga mud”.

• “Manga ga mud” casts spells about people if they are jealous or disliked. They take personal items such as, apparel, a brush (to get a piece of hair), pictures, earrings, etc . It is additionally done by food poisoning. • These people who have became sick / doomed ask help from herbalaryo/arbolaryo. They are also known as witch-doctors. The herbalaryo may treat “Manga ga mud” by gathering unmarried people, and a bag of rice. • This treatment involves per night of ritual scattering of rice, dining and dancing to Filipino music. • Following the night of fun, everyone will say a Filipino prayer intended for the person who have been doomed. They believed that this treatment would remove the curse from your affected person. Halaman (Medicinal Herbal remedies , Plants) • Filipinos also rely on the recovery effects of characteristics. • Medicinal herbs , plants like ginger, garlic clove, and chives are used to deal with different sickness. Religion • Filipinos believe religion can be closely associated with health.

Young Filipino provides importance to prayer. •Filipinos are spiritual people that that they entrust their health for their faith. •Prayer also has a role in the understanding of health. However religious each age category, there is a regular belief that God exists at work in times of illness. •In the case of terminal or perhaps serious illness, Philippine accepts the case in a sense that “it can be God’s will. Superstitious Beliefs •Many of Filipino’s believe on irrational things such as if you comb flowing hair at the nighttime, someone is going to die or perhaps eating twin bananas is going to helmyou conceive a double. These morals are not scientifically proven and can only be supported by the word of the ancestors. •Maybe these things arise because of coincidence, just like the moment someone passed away because he can be ill then they blame that for brushing their hair plus the word spread all over the region. 2) Several religious methods that can influence our health. •Religious beliefs trigger patients to forego required medical care, refuse life-saving methods, and stop required medication—choosing beliefs instead of treatments. Religion might cause people to always be judgmental and lead to furor or exclusion of those not really playing “by the rules. inch •If physical healing will not come quickly, the person might be disappointed and disheartened and claims the prayer has not been answered which God is not concerned with, and worse that the condition was delivered by a great angry, unforgiving God like a punishment. •Religion may become therefore rigid and inflexible that it becomes excessively restricting and limiting. •Religion may motivate magical considering as persons pray intended for and anticipate physical healing. Jehovah’s Witnesses may refuse life-saving blood products, and some Christian Experts may avoid seeing Doctor because they will rely on prayer instead. •Patients may end their prescription drugs after going to a recovery service in order to “demonstrate all their faith”. •People believe that becoming spiritually healthy and balanced could make you a healthy body. •People would pray always and avoid being problematic. Sources: http://www. hawcc. the hawaiian islands. edu/nursing/tradfil2. htm http://www. spirit-health. org/resources_detail. asp? q=12 http://www. esipa. org/happening/documents/Culture_Health_Report. pdf

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