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Leadership the key issue in this case case study

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Excerpt coming from Case Study:


The key issue in the case appears to be that Jessica’s schooling effort provides resulted in a lot of unforeseen consequences, with managers treating every employees like they have been directed to treat the mentally challenged ones. It has resulted in some unhappy feelings among these employees who have been part of the crew in the long lasting and are not handicapped.

Maybe one of the triggers for the problem is that the advised management style has worked perfectly with the impaired people. Maybe the style provides imposed by itself subconsciously inside the minds from the managing personnel. It may be that they can be unaware of the alterations in their supervision style and exactly how this is producing the staff truly feel.

The first step to a solution has already been taken by interacting the problem to Jessica. Mind chef Tammy and the web host Kurt include both conveyed to Jessica that they are disappointed about becoming treated as though they are emotionally “slow. inch Honest interaction is key toward finding a solution. One way to develop a solution could be to meet with the mentally able staff and their managers. Through open interaction, the staff will then make all their concerns well-known, while Jessica should also win over the importance of differentiating administration according to the capacity of personnel upon managers.

4. It is possible that the getting together with may result in agitation in both sides. All communication ought to therefore become managed cautiously to avoid needless and devastating anger or perhaps fighting. The benefit of establishing open up communication about the matter is that staff won’t feel unpleasant letting managers know about any difficulties they experience regarding working with managers as a team.

5. My last recommendation is always to establish an open channel of communication not simply among managers, but likewise between managers and their staff. Managers and staff must also take several training sessions upon communication expertise, including speaking and listening.

1 . You will discover two primary components active in the contingency method to leadership. 1st, Fred Fiedler’s first type of this version determined the style of the leader because either task-oriented or relationship-oriented (Kinicki and Williams, n. d. ).

When put on the situation referred to, then, a single might consider the initial rendering of the program as task-oriented, in which Jessica focused on the work at hand. Her main target was to support her managers to change to the recently hired personnel as soon as possible. She provided them with effective techniques for helping these hired persons to adjust to their very own environment towards the greatest and best effect.

The theory also contains a component that dictates a leader’s capacity to adjust to the demands of each command situation. Following her research and selection interviews with workers, it is crystal clear that both Jessica and her fellow-managers have applied their tweaked strategies with mentally questioned workers to

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