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K9 k12 in the field term paper

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Clay County

The Field Knowledge Project i participated above this course features enlightened me personally in many ways. Creating a different point of view as an observer was a very useful way of analyzing the teaching environment. The purpose of this dissertation is to summarize my encounter as an interviewer and observer with the Clay Region High School in Clay, WV. This article will 1st give some background within the circumstances of my condition before capturing some certain items that happened while I was there.

Following describing some of the background information regarding the school, Let me then offer an account of my experiences at the college. I will illustrate the details about my activities and communications while I was present because an viewer. The final part of the essay will certainly discuss a number of my particular observations regarding culture and just how culture influenced the school that I observed.


Clay State High School is situated in Clay, West Virginia. Clay is located in central West Va and is a very rural area. Clay offers less than five-hundred total population covering nearly 900 sq . miles. Clay-based County High School attracts kids all across Clay-based county and their total pupil population totaled 625 learners.

The school is almost all light in terms of ethnic background with less than ten minority college students in the entire school. Clay County is considered to be one of the more financially challenged areas throughout the point out and this socio-economic status provides over in to the high school and educational system too.

There are forty one full time professors that teach at Clay County Senior high school making the teacher/student bout 1: 15. The senior high school servers levels 9-12. The main of the secondary school is Melinda R. Issacs and the Assistant Principle is Nada Waddell. Clay Region High School is definitely the only senior high school available for the surrounding area that gives the school it is robust size. There are 157 students enrolled in 9th level, 170 students enrolled in tenth grade, 146 students enrolled in 11th class and 150 enrolled aged people.

The student populace is 48% male and 52% girl. 1% of the school’s enrollment is black or African-American. There are not Hispanics enrolled and less than. 4% with the population features Asian racial. 61% of the student physique can be classified as monetarily disadvantaged. 12% of the students are on a reduced-price lunch software and 48% or almost half of the college is on the free-lunch software.

Clay County High School is definitely part of the Clay County University System. This technique consists of a few elementary colleges that feed into the high school. Clay State High School provides many after school activities and sports. All their band walking in line band is very popular in the region along with many of their sports activities teams. Clay County Senior high school was lately named simply by U. H. News and World Statement as one of “America’s Best Large Schools. inch

My Encounter At Clay County High School

My goals while seeing at Clay-based County was going to take in all the information as is feasible without aiming to judge a lot of. I wanted to make a blank record and just dip in what I possibly could due to the limited time I used to be exposed to the school. I as well wanted to interview as many persons as possible and sit in as many classes meetings and activities as I could fit into my timetable. I took down just as much as I could to reference my own activities pertaining to future employ and learning.

Before starting this system I made up five interview questions i thought would give me a general overview of my personal interviewee’s thinking towards the school and the school’s culture. We devised the following questionnaire:

1 ) Why would you decide to become involved in education?

2 . What is the biggest professional success?

several. What is your biggest professional problem?

4. So what do you like ideal about your task?

5. What do you like least about your job?

During my time at Clay-based County High School I had to be able to interview the principal, Ms. Iassacs, the Assistant Principal, Ms. Waddell and three other professors. I was available to sit in on three of Ms.

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