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Essay #1 Values or Traditions that Identify Colombia Colombia is located in South America and borders with five several countries including Venezuela, Compared with, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Colombia has become claim because “the tropical paradise”. Many Colombians happen to be friendly, spiritual, and industrious.

First, in Colombia holiday providers friendly, cheerful, helpful, and caring. Even though, people have been affected by the Drug Warfare, Colombians avoid lose all their positivisms, and willing to help and care for others.

For instance, it is extremely common to listen to people in the streets discussing loud, having a laugh, and most of these have noted between each other for years. Neighbours care for each other and help each other with foodstuff, or ethical support. Colombians love to party and consume great food in parties that most of the times are not special events, they can be created in the spirit of happiness. Second, most Colombians were increased with Catholic believes in earlier times.

Now in Colombia there are a number of beliefs, however Colombia’s stronger believed is “El Nino Jesus”. Another important custom for all Colombians is “The Christmas Season”. For example , Via December of sixteen to the 24 families and friends event to hope and remember the road of Christ birthday by singing, eating, and having treats pertaining to the little children. This is the most amazing time for almost everyone and the most especial for young kids since they spend quality time with families and friends.

Therefore , households choose a several home to accomplish “La novena” because that particular house is offering dinner and treats to get the guests. As a result this tradition had approved from generation to technology. Lastly, most Colombians will be hard working people, well known around the world for this top quality. Most Colombians are well informed and specialists, and some of those have the opportunity to flourish in Colombia, while some travel to succeed in other countries.

For example , people often visit the United States to improve their lives and even though they are professionals that they end up working in different fields non-e relevant to their job, while others progress their education by operating extra hard to accomplish their very own responsibilities and excel. For instance , Sofia Vergara is a very well know Colombian actress who also came to the United States to better her carrier and she has stand out incredibly. To summarize, Colombians are conspicuous by way of a values and traditions also because they are recognized by other countries as people that are most often content, responsible and still have great faith.

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