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Scarface and strain theory

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Tony adamowicz Montana escaped Cuba to own American Dream. But his idea of the American Wish is enormously different from most of other immigrants. The film has many instances of strain theory.

Pressure theory was brought about by Robert K. Merton back in the 1930’s. He theorized that criminal offense happens because in the societal pressure put on to individuals that will not necessarily have means to perform achieve their particular goals.

Tony Montana came to America with one thing in mind: which makes it to the great deal of money. Starting out which has a murder to get him self the green card required for entry, it was crystal clear that Montana was willing to do anything to get him self to the best. He performs his way up the foodstuff chain through the film, and in the end becomes the largest drug god in the point out of Florida. But , all of the pressure by his co-workers, the police, great own locura eventually has got the better of him. Eventually, all the pressure on him signals his downfall, a genuinely legendary scene.

The first cases of strain theory is when ever Tony and his friend will be in the asylum camp. Having been asked to perform a favor simply by killing a person within the camp, and in exchange he would be guaranteed a natural card. Tony adamowicz took the chance to defy the social rules because he did not have the methods to obtain a green card by himself.

Another sort of strain theory is once Tony wonderful friend Manny go to get rid of his ex – boss, Frank Lopez. Approved, Tony did have an reason to eliminate him, because Frank delivered assassins to kill him in the previous landscape. Yet, Tony adamowicz used the opportunity to get larger up on the foodstuff chain and defied cultural norms even more.

One more example which has less regarding Tony’s American Dream is the way he handled the situation between Gina Montana and Manny. Tony a2z was really protective of his kid sister, also from his own friend. Tony travelled beyond cultural norms with killing Manny on the spot for being in a romance with his sibling. Tony defied social rules because most people do not eliminate their sister’s romantic pursuits with situations such as these. Early in the film, when Tony was in the large tub, this individual said ‘I don’t want him, ‘ he was referring to his good friend Manny. It may be related to the killing of Manny, exactly where Tony even now believes he does not need him to achieve his goals and kills him over something which should not have escalated to that particular level.

Scarface is a superb example of Tension Theory. Having been willing to whatever it takes to achieve and get what he wished. From getting rid of one person within a refugee camp, to killing his in long run friend, he defied the norms set by culture.

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