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Forensics as a crime scene detective essay

Thesis Statement

Forensic is a discipline of that handles psychology plus the law. Forensic is defined as the intersection of psychology and the law. Forensics is the using science to questions which can be of interest to the legal system. For example , forensic pathology is definitely the study of the human body to determine cause and manner of death.

Introductory Paragraph

Forensics will be my part of study in which I will need to determine the main cause and manner of death. Like a Crime Field Investigator, We are scouring a crime scene intended for evidence.

This is a scientific research, and a field that has a growing in importance. The state of michigan State College or university has the country’s oldest and largest forensic science program. As a Criminal offenses Scene Investigator you have to accumulate, analyze, walk through a digital crime picture where a murder has occurred, and approximate when the victim was murdered. Then construct a report interacting what I include uncovered and offer an estimated moments of death.

When i graduate from EVC University Let me pursue a job as a Criminal offenses Scene Detective. I will be in control of investigating Criminal activity scenes, collecting and studying evidence and testifying in court in when needed. Let me have to go through law enforcements organizations which were trained or gone through special certification training. As a CSI investigator I will be specializing in regions of forensic technology. Crime Field Investigators must be able to gather and evaluate evidence. CSI have to be capable of work in an annoyinh environment unsafe work conditions. You must be around at all times whatever time of the afternoon.

CSI have to perform specialized forensic evaluation. I will have to be thorough and accurate to document against the law scene including evidence that we have accumulated so that officers and attorneys can use that evidence to get solving and prosecuting criminal offenses. CSI has to work frequent hours at times they have to work longer several hours if not really overnight to resolve a crime field. (Hineman, 2011) Crime Picture Investigators twelve-monthly salary $55, 040 which means they make $26. 46 hour. Some companies offer additional bonuses which mean that another $5, 000 may be added to the salary. Some agencies need a four 12 months degree but not all. CSI requires educational requirements in hormone balance, and structure, and criminal law. (Hineman, 2011)


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