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A comparison among rome and carthage in the punic


Rome or Carthage: The Bitterly Fought Punic Wars

The Punic Wars were the results of the growth of Both roman rule southward, bitter competition with rivalling interests, Ancient rome and Carthage pitted all their military forces against the other person. The strength of the Romans (which was all their army) matched up wits and strategies against the strength in the Carthaginians (which was their very own navy).

The 1st Punic War (264-241 N. C. E. ) was caused by the debate that of the two powers could control Sicily. It would be settled by bloodshed. The Roman cavalry was successful in capturing the eastern half of Sicily, but the western part remained in Carthaginian control thanks to the work of the might navy blue. However , this kind of changed in 260 N. C. At the., when The italian capital mobilized a worthy navy of their own, and after blockading their very own enemy’s ports on Sicily, they immediately defeated Carthage in a wonderful battle. The war continued until the season 241 when ever Rome fought against and overcame another Carthaginian fleet. Almost 100, 000 prisoners had been taken by Rome. Carthage surrendered all leftover control of Sicily to the Romans and even consented to pay a large indemnity to them. A treaty was reached between empires to never engage in conflict with each other once again.

In 238 N. C. Electronic. that treaty was broken when The italian capital laid seized of the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia, and after that demanded that Carthage spend them an additional indemnity. It was during this time that Carthage had begun steps to extend all their empire to the north of Spain, and improve their armed service power and presence as well there. The command in the Carthaginian military came into the hands of Hannibal, a respected head with good military jewelry down through his family tree. With Hannibal leading the charge of Carthage’s army moving north of The country of spain, Rome identified this as being a threat and immediately announced war. Hence, the Second Punic War was born and continued from 218 to 201 B. C. E. On this occasion though, the Romans would not fare perfectly in their soberano endeavors.

At the control of the outstanding Hannibal, regarding 40, 500 of Carthaginian troops swarmed through Italy and Italy, invaded Italy, and soundly vanquished the poorly ready Roman soldires. The most severe defeat in Rome’s history of battles came in 216 B. C. At the. when Hannibal’s troops wiped out an entire army of 85, 000 Roman men at Cannae. Hannibal would go on occupy the greater part of Italy for 20 years, but with his source lines working thin having been not able to overcome all of Italy’s cities.

In 204 B. C. E. the Romans strategized on how they might exploit Hannibal’s overstretched products as a weak point and conquer Italy backside. The conclusion of their scheming and preparing was all of them launching a direct attack on Carthage. A Roman armed service (headed by general Scipio Africanus) came into Africa merely south of Carthage and made warfare up against the city. Rome conquered Carthage in 202 and all of it is overseas fields, like Italy. At first The italian capital was much divided on what they must do with Carthage. They determined they would grab total control of all Carthaginian territory but would allow those within the city-state to continue their trading.

This decision worked easily for Rome until that they started finding signs of our economy of Carthage rebounding. The 3rd Punic War (149-146 N. C. E. ) is the final challenge between Ancient rome and Carthage. Roman soldiers swept throughout the city wrecking everyone and everything within their paths, such as the very fields around Carthage. Carthage will some time after be expanded as a Roman colony, and finally one of Rome’s wealthiest and many populated towns.

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