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The legalization of marijuana has been a very long

ca because the 1970s. The pro-marijuana culture in America has made several claims as to just how marijuana can assist cure or lessen the effect of a lot of diseases and that by legalizing the medicine, the use of weed will actually decline. The fact of the matter is that marijuana is actually a drug that may be placed into a similar category while cocaine or perhaps heroine. Such as other drugs, pot (marijuana) smoking provides with this serious unwanted side effects that can impact the user permanently, and sometimes-even cause loss of life. Marijuana was initially cultivated in the us during the colonial time time period and was used like a fiber to get rope and even clothing. The rose was not utilized for its psychoactive properties until 1910, when Mexican maqui berry farmers began smuggling it through the boarder for poor grayscale Mexican workers in the The southern part of states (Abood Me 202). By the 1930s marijuana was widespread over the U. T., before the Government in 1937 outlawed the utilization of it. Yet , marijuana employ continued to spread, in spite of these restrictions and in 1970 the Managed Substance Take action was handed. This act basically categorized marijuana being harmful and addictive drug. Presently, cannabis use, specifically among teens is rising once again. Pro-marijuana advocates must ask themselves problem that in the event that marijuana is indeed great, why is it causing a lot damage to the body?

Marijuana is made up of cured leaves and bloom clusters through the hemp plant called Cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa is known as a psychedelic medication because it makes a break coming from reality. The chemicals found in pot are actually considerably more harmful than chemicals seen in other addicting drugs, including those present in tobacco. The inhalation of any kind of smoke cigarettes is unhealthy, whether it is in cigarettes or perhaps joints (marijuana). The particles found in the smoke of joints and cigarettes gather in the lung area and over period can cause damage. The cannabis plant features over 500 known chemical compounds that tenderize into some 4, 1000 when used to smoke (Zweben Je 123). Only some of these chemical compounds, such as THC, create you see, the high that pot smokers look to for his or her enjoyment, however the many of the other folks are toxins, or harmful toxins that have been that can cause tumor. One such cancer-causing chemical is named a carcinogen. An average joint contains 40 monograms of carcinogen when compared with an average cigarette, which consists of only 21 years old monograms (Kleber 4). Carcinogen has been proven to break down a gene that controls the growth of skin cells and over period makes the lungs 70% more susceptible to chest cancer. The way that pot cigarettes happen to be smoked- by inhaling and holding the smoke in the lungs creates an even greater risk for exposure to these poisonous chemical substances. Other circumstances are quickly developing that show persistent marijuana users also develop mouth or larynx cancer. If this kind of a medication can cause these kinds of devastating health issues, then so why legalize that?

Besides creating cancer, additional long-term side effects can occur. Flu virus like symptoms can occur that features eating disorders, persistent bronchitis, and mood swings which may not dissipate for up to 1 . 5 years. There is also the psychological impact that marijuana has on the person. Many studies have demostrated that long time users who tried to quit could not do it, not necessarily because of a powerful disengagement like that of crack cocaine, but mainly because they overlooked the actual large that pot offered. The high is in fact causing mental problems as well. Studies performed have shown that pot smoking cigarettes can cause short term memory reduction, as well as creating a sort of fog in the mind of the user. More serious mental effects include depression and suicide. Jointly doctors record stated: It is generally decided that there is a progressive embrace depressed feelings from banian to substance user and a matching increase in suicide attempts. (Berman 313) One final problem that marijuana positions is that it really is considered a gateway drug. A gateway drug can be one that causes the use of the upper chances substances like cocaine. In a recent research, children (ages 12-17) had been 266 moments more likely to use cocaine following using gateway drugs then those who would not (Alaskans to get a Drug Free Children Summer). Endorsing a medication that can probably lead to the application of even worse medicines, is not the right way to go about fixing the difficulties of everyday America.

Many pro-marijuana advocates happen to be pushing intended for the legalization of pot strictly intended for medical functions. They feel that through specific studies, marijuana can help increase patients with certain illnesses. The idea that pot can perform more great than damage has been proven a useless theory. One obvious way marijuana can not be effective was explained before when it was stated that smoking pot could be harmful to the lungs as well as other body parts. The reality is that the is very accurate and was backed by Bill M. Bennett M. M., who is listed in the Best Doctors in America. He remarked the fact that idea of applying smoked marijuana containing carcinogens as treatments, particularly for individuals who have under control immune devices like those with aids, should be unthinkable. Therefore, prior to considering marijuana, one particular must adhere to the old edict, first carry out no harm’ (Kleber 6). In looking at this coming from a government position, the FDA by no means complied together with the theory that one can smoke a medication. The us Court of Appeals backed the FDA in 1992, by choosing that cannabis is not really a medicine (http://). Several alternatives have also been available to avoid the cigarette smoking of cannabis. Chemicals just like THC, which have been said to be needed for medical functions can be found in common forms. Sinus sprays and suppositories are simply some ideas that anti-marijuana advocates will be pushing. These alternatives allow the patient to obtain the required THC with out taking in the thousands of hazardous chemicals discovered by smoking cigarettes marijuana, which in turn would be a lesser amount of harmful to the body of the patient.

General, there is a great number of legitimate information, from a wide array of researchers and doctors that prove weed is dangerous. Several concerns must be answered if the legalization of marijuana is to be considered with any kind of seriousness. The type of weed would be legal and who does it apply to? Would it not only come from the government? In the event one says that marijuana should only be legal for a medical goal than vehicle trauma and DUI problems could not just increase nevertheless also a medical marijuana defense could very easily be used (http://). Medical users of pot could smoke cigars the drug and then drive or run some type of equipment. If an accident did occur, the user could justify the accident having a medical justification. How will that effect a teen-age contemporary society that is constantly on the have a no big package attitude toward smoking pot? How can one admit marijuana smoking will decrease if many people are using it, and more individuals have a laxidasical attitude toward its employ? These queries are at minimum, difficult to solution. They provide evidence that the American society is in no way prepared to think about legalizing marijuana.

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