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Paradise shed the devil compar essay

How does John Milton represent Satan in the poem, Haven Lost? In this epic poem, Satans characteristics include take great pride in, treachery, and persistent spitefulness. I think that these persona traits beat the leadership of Howe Military Institution.

Satan commits many prideful serves throughout the composition. This shows when Milton writes, what time his pride as well as Had solid him away of Nirvana, with all his host as well as of rebel angels, by simply whose help aspiring as well as To set him self in glory above his peers(36-39). This line states that Goodness threw Satan from Nirvana because of his sin of pride in trying to collection himself above his peers. The actions of certain Howe Fils leaders beat the pride of Satan when they over extend all their power over and above the boundaries set forth by school. His pride brought on him to extend his power, and commit his next problem.

Milton produces, He reliable to have equaled the Most High, / If perhaps he opposed, and with ambitious goal / Against the throne and monarchy of God as well as Raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud / With vain attempt(40-43). This line shows that Satans pride brought on him to trust he was equal to God. That belief led him to betray Goodness, attempting to build a coup in Heaven. This course of action compares to Howe Cadet leaders when they betray other junior military personnel, in vain, to gain more power. Satan thrived off the power he had in Heaven and tries to gain more, as Cadet leaders often perform. When he fails to gain more power, he looks to take revenge against those who resisted him.

After God tosses Satan coming from Heaven, Satan realizes his mistake in underestimating the potency of God and becomes spiteful. He refuses to accept his punishment and appears for a way to hurt Heaven. This is certainly shown when ever Milton had written, As being the despite his substantial will as well as Whom all of us resist. In the event that then his providence as well as Out of your evil strive to bring forth good, / Out labor must be to pervert that end, as well as And away of good nonetheless to find way of evil(161-164). Satan instructs his minions get out into the community and to job to affect acts great and make acts of evil. Howe Cadet leaders often take action in this spiteful manner whenever they meet resistance in their attempts to grow their power. The commanders order cadets to devote acts of the extremely attacking nature to get vengeance.

In Ruben Miltons Paradise Lost, the poem shows Satan as a prideful, dangerous, and spiteful being. Following reading the epic composition, I believe that Satan could have acquired his character qualities and command skills at Howe Armed service School. I find that the majority of the Cadet market leaders at Howe Military University properly show Miltons image of Satan.

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