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Excerpt from Term Paper:

Life at Friends School

As I come nearer towards the completion of my own work at Close friends University, I would like to take the chance to reflect on the past, savor the modern day, and look forward to the future. In my opinion that recalling what has already taken place plus the things I possess learned is actually a key in arranging a successful and worthwhile foreseeable future.

I arrive to Close friends University ready to do my work, obtain my level, and relate with my life. I never anticipated that a “school” could suggest so much in my experience or could change my own way of looking at myself plus the world about me.

An excellent university should certainly provide an education which assists prepare their students for lifetime. A great school has not only provided a fantastic educational experience for me, but has also permitted to become a part of something higher than I – a group of educators and pupils who are striving for the same goal; education which enables students for being productive, surrounding members of our American contemporary society. Friends University has certainly done this all for me.

We am presently a younger at Good friends and i am pursuing a double significant: computer technology with an emphasis on mathematics and business administration with an focus on engineering. The confidence I’ve gained for Friends is one of the reasons My spouse and i believed in me enough to believe that I could accomplish this very difficult task. I understand that I are being taught by simply well-trained specialists who want me personally to succeed just as much as I do. I try to demonstrate appreciation for his or her efforts by giving my done up my research and in other regions of my entire life. This concept to be rewarded for good, hard, and honest operate is certainly among the things I’ll never forget about Friends.

One way which i feel that I could give back a tiny part of what Friends University has fostered in me is to tutor students who require extra help in any parts of their classes which are tough for them. My tutoring can be accomplished in the structure of any work-study put in which I likewise grade paperwork for the professors trying to be of help anywhere I are needed. That stuff seriously this situation is another avenue of learning. Good friends provides myself with the prospect of aiding others the concept I am going to take with me personally when I leave.

I i am completely self-supporting and also have to work or perhaps at a Best Buy retail outlet 15 to 20 several hours a week so as to have the money We would like for college and all the expenses which come along with it. I know the value of honest work and know that by doing this I i am giving myself a strong foundation for the future after i hopefully will be supervising not simply myself nevertheless others within my employ.

I actually am a starting shield on the mens varsity hockey team at Friends. Through my participation in athletics, I have learned by observing my trainers and the approach they reply to adversity as well as good times. They will model the kinds of patterns they want my own fellow students and me to have. Becoming part of a “team” inside the academic and athletic circles at Friends University features taught myself principles

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