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Alternative energy in a bunch of states the thesis

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Excerpt coming from Thesis:

Hydrogen power is a little harder to know than other electrical power sources that a person is used to experiencing each day such as the sunlight and wind flow. Hydrogen electricity results from the reaction of hygrogen gas and oxygen gas to create water (Karim and Strickland, 2000). This reaction creates a large amount of energy that can be harnessed by simply fuel cellular material and used to produce electrical energy.

There are several advantages to hydrogen power. For one, it is a very clean source of energy. It launches very few dangerous emissions as opposed to burning of fossil fuel for strength, which produces harmful greenhouse gases. Use of hydrogen electric power decreases the United States’ reliance upon foreign oil. Hydrogen power can be used to electrical power vehicles. Also, it is not reliant on weather conditions and can be produced anywhere in the world. A few of the disadvantages of hydrogen power include expense, safety hazards and tiny fuel cell size. It is expensive to produce, store and transport hydrogen fuel. This is partly linked to safety risks related to hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is highly explosive. It was disastrously proven by the Hindenburg, an ballonet kept circumstantial by hydrogen gas, which is lighter than air, which will exploded into flames in midair and crashed. Another drawback is a small scale fuel skin cells that can be used to power cars. Because they may have such tiny fuel skin cells they have a limited range before refueling is necessary.

Each option energy source possesses its own set of benefits and drawbacks but in assessment to the main disadvantage of carrying on to consume fossil fuels at an alarming rate each is well worth considering. One of the major disadvantages to substitute energy sources on the whole is expense, especially initial cost. This can be overcome simply by technology. As technology advancements new and fewer expensive approaches to create alternate energies come into being. Also, by simply government and state incentives can help balance the initial costs that may be prohibitive to the average consumer. However , to keep A bunch of states and the Earth the beautiful and livable areas that they are to get generations to come, locating a way to implement alternate energies is important.


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