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Level of sale system essay


Most of this day the business organizations are employing latest technology to help ease their transaction and to enhance their business process to another level. They are now applying computerized systems to their transactions according to their needs. Level of sales system is probably the most systems that are used of many businesses. It helps to boost the process and to fasten the transaction together with the customers. Stage of sale system is widely used in fast food chain, drug-store store, grocery store and some in the business that must monitor their transactions, product sales and monetary status.

Creating a point of sale system of a cosmetic care center can also enhance their business transaction with their buyers and can likewise help them to improve their organization process.

Since the supporters see in the transaction in the Beau’ Secret Skin Principe Facial Proper care Center, they are really using basic application nevertheless the feature of that application was very limited and prone intended for human mistakes that can reason behind business discord.

The Proponents offer the Beau’ Secret Pores and skin Essences Face Care Center Point of Sale Program to help the facial proper care center when it comes to security, reliability and accuracy and reliability of every transaction. From manual process, this method transforms the transaction into a modern method that will benefit a lot especially the cashier, personnel, customers plus the owner.

Backdrop of the examine

Most this days, many organisations and businesses want to enhance and have a fantastic technology to further improve and make the jobs easily. A new technology comes, the idea of sale system made. Truly, it is so very helpful in companies and businesses regionally and internationally.

The Beau’ Secret Epidermis Essences Facial Care Center Point of Sale Program was created for the development of transaction for this face care centre. It will be utilized to help the business for a better and easy purchase. Also it has lot of features that certainly help the organization. Before, beau’ secret skinessences facial proper care center noesn’t need a system. They will using a manual computation, auditing, checking, sorting, finding and many more that was so awkward even they may have hundreds of items. In addition , this proposed program will surely help the business to improve from manual to automated and over whelming transaction.

Declaration of the issue

General Difficulty:

The foregoing study aims to develop Beau’ Top secret Skin Principe Facial Proper care Center Level of Deal System that will assist as a application of beau’ secret skin area essences cosmetic care center to enhance also to have an improved transaction overall performance.

Specific Complications:

1 . Is usually Beau’ Magic formula Skin Essences Facial Care Center Level of Sale System satisfying the requirements of the cashier and manager?

2 . Just how Beau’ Top secret Skin Principe Facial Proper care Center Point of Sale System minimizes the days of accounting, changes, and inventory and could help the business grow?

a few. How Beau’ Secret Epidermis Essences Cosmetic Care Center Point of Sale Program secure money receipts, review inventory away from the theft that wants to collect some data from the business?

General Aim:

To find useful equipment that will help to produce a complete and accurate stage of deal system.

Certain Objective:

1 ) It meets the demands of the end user specifically the manager and cashier because it accommodates the most popular problems with regards to transactions, organization process and lessens the most popular human problems.

2 . Point of sales would make taxation easier. Less errors which has a systemized means of reducing the periods of examine into hours with just one click away. Adjustment would not need that much more ever again since every thing is already established in the system ready for review. Gain in profit would be most likely. Since the system is already doing the compilation of most incoming and outgoing ventures with the way to obtain products, earned money and money lost in the process. This will likely definitely be beneficial for the growth of Beau’ Top secret Skin Principe Facial Attention Center.

several. In full, it’s important to maintain tight control of cash statements to prevent thievery. The Beau’ Secret Epidermis Essences Face Care Centre Point of Sale Program will provide log-in and username and password program. This can be the best way to secure all audited files in the business that just the director and supervisor can wide open, check for position, add products on hand, edit the audited data and print the data.

Significance of the study

The next persons will be the beneficiaries of Beau’ Secret Skin Principe Facial Care Center Point of Sale System. Administrator ” He / She will know the dependable result of total net, pay-out odds and bills of the organization. Cashier ” Less effort on calculating transaction.

Advocates ” The proposed analyze will be all their guide and may help them to improve their abilities and hard work.


Conceptual Framework

Figure 1 . 1

Opportunity and limits of the examine

Beau’ Secret Skin area Essences Face Care Centre Point of Sale System has itsown capacity and scope of operation as well as its own constraint and is not capable to do.


The study may do simple faster deal, do printing like receipt using this system, saving list of the data and manage the sales of the facial care center. It could accept barcode reading and count the quantity of each merchandise in products on hand list and it has a meter percentage and message inform so that the user can examine and be cautioned for their inventory list. It recognizes the availability of the shares and products on hand in the store. It can be friendly consumer and easy to understand the whole features inside of it. It is composed of textboxes, apprpriate boxes and switches, each of products will be organized by group, it will be effectively labeled consequently. In addition , the machine has a device form in which the register log-in account and settings in the system is visible. It will function compatibly by using windows Ms from server 2008 up to windows six.


The particular administrator can operate the tools form of the device. The foregoing study does not need an internet interconnection. The barcode system can be executed by inputting the item quantity. The foregoing study will only operate with the use of Microsoft windows os and will be limited to other systems.

Definition of conditions

The operational and terminology that intended for Beau’ Key Skin Essences Facial Care Center Point of Deal System.

Functional Terms

Journal ” In ” Intended for Security from the system. User requires entering two significant data, username and password. Inputs ” Information given into a data processing program or computer system. Process ” A series of actions or businesses conducing to the end. Outputs ” The knowledge produced by the system.

POS ” The place where sales are made. On a micro level, retailers look at a point of sale as the area surrounding the counter exactly where customers pay.

Technical Terms

Visual Standard ” The third generation event ” driven.

Development ” Coding language and integrated development environment coming from Microsoft for its COM programming model. GOING PUBLIC (Input Method Output) ” one of the most fundamental designs patterns and makes sense. HIPO (Hierarchical Input Process Output) ” Technique which usually a tool for planning and documenting a pc program. This consist of structure chart and IPO charts.



Local Literature

EasyPos (DPos)

Origin: http://easypos.com.ph/

Findings: In this system, excellent barcode target audience, monitors the log in and log from the staff in time, monitors the inventory, may print invoice, computes the salary of every staff, quickly creates database for each customer and have the ability to handle special offers and coupon codes.

DPos is actually a Windows centered point of sale system custom built pertaining to the selling industry, using a strong focus on the bar, cafe, resort and hotel business models. Different login single profiles allow for selected levels of access to utilities, routine service and reviews. Serving personnel can be limited to only inserting orders, certified access to check out, managers to reports and an administrator complete usage of amend, put and delete items.


Supply: http://www.posworldphilippines.com/possoftwares.html

Findings: This system provides a report electrical generator that helps the user to produce any sort of reports that is certainly needed by the user.

Supra Plus continues to be specifically created the ultimate buildings of Windows-based Point of Sale (POS) system to satisfy various retailrequirements. Provide devices for Fast foods, Bars and Restaurants. SUPRA PLUS can be an functioning precision-engineered DELPHI Language courses designed specifically to perform cash register operations on a computer. This compact and brilliantly made software item performs virtually every cashier procedure known to Human with lightning speed and impeccable overall performance. SUPRA AS WELL AS offers an exhaustive set of check out features with the universal equipment connectivity, application accessibility, and computational speed that only DELPHI Language development can deliver.

Foreign Materials


Source: http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/pos-guys-review.html Findings: This point-of-sale organization offers a range of POS components, software and supplies. Also, it is provides application for printing barcodes and managing products on hand. According to Pamela S i9000. Stevens, DETRÁS Guys provides both decision and flexibility. DETRÁS Guys provides everything to get point-of-sale systems, from weighing scales and home monitors to age qualifiers. POS Men is one of the best full-service point-of-sale hardware and software suppliers online which offers a choice of pieces.

The company offers numerous helpful systems, an array of hardware, a range of popular DETRAS software and three equipment support ideas. In addition , you are not required to enter in a repayment processing contract to obtain a reasonable POS remedy, so you have freedom to shop around to find the best rates. DETRAS Guys is ideal for business owners that have a bit of startup capital and want the liberty to shop around for the best payment processor.


Source: http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/accupos-review.html Findings: The system provides propriety software solutions pertaining to retail stores, corner shop, restaurants, quick-service restaurants and bars. They also provide mobile POS application for Android devices and line-item accounting software the usage. AccuPOS does not skimp on components. All complete systems turn up with a touch screen PC, funds drawer, card reader and receipt printer.

Retail POS bundles include barcode scanners. The retail entry-level version features a single-line bar code scanner, while the deluxe edition has an omnidirectional scanner and the grocery package deal includes a great in-counter 52-line omnidirectional scanner. All but the entry-level system also include client displays. This kind of POS service’s accounting the usage product, referred to as AccuLink, is a unique tool. Most POS software program can export CSV data and reports and agree to CSV data files of products on hand or client lists.

Activity of Related Literature and Studies

Most of the literature agrees that point of sale strategy is helpful, makes business transaction faster and simple and watches everything available. According to EasyPos (Dpos) the point of sale program has numerous login single profiles allow for specific levels of entry to utilities, repair and information. Serving personnel is only allowed in order positioning, managers to reports and administrator to maintenance. According to Supra Plus the level of deal system can generate almost any reports that is certainly needed by the user. PosGuy mentioned the point of deal system may print and read bar code. Accupos mentioned that the repository of the level of deal can be back-up and renewed.

CHAPTER several


Method to become use in producing the system

From this concept it focuses on the components and portions of a composition or a program and unifies them to a coherent and functional entire, according into a particular strategy in achieving the objectives under the given restrictions or restrictions. The proponent’s software development may be used to consider the activity of computer programming, which is the process of producing and retaining the source code, but in a broader feeling of the term it includes all of that is engaged between the concepts of the wanted software before the final manifestation of the software program, ideally within a planned and structured process.

Cash Obtain Customer Data

Cash Flow Studies Stock Safe-keeping Input Info

Figure a few. 0

Context Circulation Diagram

Number 3. you

Organization Relationship Picture

Entity Marriage Diagram

The entity marriage diagram is known as a data modeling technique that graphically displays an information anatomy’s entities plus the relationships among those choices. In this picture it reveals the customers pay out their costs while record correspondent depth for the cashier that will input inside the system then inform the owner whether the insight is correct then the owner may update the info.

Software Prototyping Model

Prototyping Model is actually a systems creation method (SDM) in which a modele is built, tested and then reworked as necessary till an acceptable model is finally achieved. Prototyping is a nice-looking idea intended for complicated and large systems that there is no manual process or perhaps existing system to help deciding the requirements.

In such scenarios letting the client “plan with all the prototype gives invaluable and intangible inputs which allows determining the requirements for the machine. It is also a powerful method to display the feasibility of a certain way. This might necessary for novel devices where can be not clear those constraints can be met or that methods can be developed to put into action the requirements. The process model of the prototyping approach is shown in the figure.

Figure 3. 2

Prototyping Model of Software Development

System Evaluation

The period where most possible system requirement to be developed happen to be identified. System requirement happen to be those pair of functional and non-functional the fact that end-user needs from the program. There are equipment in gathering the requirements, services, interviews, exploration, etc . The aim of this period is to figure out how this requirement will be let in in the system. There should be wide-ranging communication between customer as well as the developer. Finally, a need specification record is created to serves the purpose of guideline for phase of the model.

Program Design

Once all the requirements have been gathered and analyzed, this time is to identify the device will be created to carry out their particular task. The device has to be effectively designed before any rendering is started out. This stage is focused within the data requirements, software building and the program interfacing. This phase is also will specify the software and hardware needed. The goal of this period is to make a system structure document that serves as a great input for the software design and style phase with the development, nevertheless also since an type for components design or selection actions.

Respondents from the study

The respondents with the study include the employees in which the supporters prepare a set of carefully ready and realistically ordered concerns. This respondent focuses on the company’s employees for a very important in this way that this research is all about them.

Primary User

The primary consumer of the advocates is the cashier of cosmetic care center that is liable of offering and the individual who are knowledgeable enough to answerthe difficulty.

Secondary Customer

The secondary user in the proponents are the owners of the face care centre that are even more knowledgeable which could answer more in depth to the inquiries ask by the customers. The master helps the employee to simplify and separate the gather data inside the system.

Program Flow Graph and or chart Diagram


The Importance of Technology

http://voices.yahoo.com/advantages-technology-education-12209998.html http://www.shelbyed.k12.al.us/schools/rms/faculty/wrodgers/technology%20int/students.html EasyPos (DPos) Point of sale system


SUPRA RETAIL PLUS v2013 Point of sale program


POSGuys Point of sale program

http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/pos-guys-review.html AccuPOS Point of sale system

http://pos-systems-review.toptenreviews.com/accupos-review.html The Entity Romance Diagram

http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entity%E2%80%93relationship_model The Prototyping Style



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