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Martha kay india the hair product line chance

1 ) How will you characterize the branded and packaged Of india hair care category in 2010? Completely, with That lotus & Bamboo sheets soap tavern was launched by Jane Kay in India, May Kay was approved a customized merchandise for a specific country or region industry for the first time. Moreover, the top quality and grouped together Indian attention category of Martha Kay was growing up and increasing its merchandise to attract more potential customers. Jane Kay manufacturer has been developing substantial products in India till 2010 with lower price in comparison with past several years.

By simply late 2010, there were even more independent magnificence consultants in more regions in India, and many of the businesses were distributed in upper, western and northeastern area of India. Together, in the late 2010, Mary Kay also meets competition from all other representative of hair care products. Researching the market has shown that the growth potential of about 50% intended for the coming 5 years between 2010 and 2014.

2 . How do you assess the “fit of a hair care product line with Mary Kay’s offering in India? The acceptance of hair care items line keeps growing with improvements of hair-care habit of shoppers in India.

In person, the “fit project of hair care products with Mary Kay’s supplying in India was very successful and time. Based upon the unique hair care habit amongst Indians, it might be a gradual process to introduce these products into a new Asian industry for Martha Kay. In fact, hair cares like hair shampoo and conditioner are not since easily as soap pubs to be approved in India, which means changing hair care lifestyle for most people generally there.

Therefore , introducing hair care products in 2012 is definitely the very time for India. Additionally , independent beauty consultants are definitely the positive aspect to encourage to sell items in India. Furthermore, reduced price promotion strategy also performed for providing hair care in India, in line with the data in case, nearly 87 percent of hair care items were sold at mass-market rates, however , simply 13 percent of the goods were offered atprestige or perhaps premium rates.

3. What is the market likelihood of a hair care marketed by Mary Kay India? Based on the research, the Indian uppr and consuming classes were growing and were supposed to total more than 500 million individual, which were reckoned because potential customers of hair care products. Apparently Mary Kay India is targeted to young, working people who have are seeking good appearance with a typical age of 26, especially females group. Directed at the raising population in India, inside the coming years, the number of youthful generation can also be expected to increase up. At the same time, the expected young generation will develop up underneath impact of recent body care life-style in India, (who are accustomed to applying shampoo and conditioner rather than oil, cleansing hair frequently, caring about the appearance), thus, it can be forecasted the market of hair care goods would be extended in the near future.

4. At what dollar revenue volumes does the Mary Kay India hair care line always be profitable? Give to the believed scale of production of a total of 600, 000 units from the 6-milliliter saccage, total cost of production and distribution would probably be $600, 000. Then, the highest believed total expense of production and delivery pertaining to the 75 milliliter containers would be $1, 410, 000, but the lowest would summarize to $1, 110, 500. Moreover, when ever take advertising and marketing, promotion, and sales into account, the costs may possibly come to $705, 500, while the top total sum of sales could be much more than $2, 715, 000.

5. Should certainly Mary Kay introduce a hair care collection in India? Why or perhaps Why not? In my view, Mary Kay should bring in a hair-care line in India. Based on the data previously mentioned, the highest total amount of sales can come to $2, 715, 000 pertaining to Mary Kay, which means big profit in India industry. What is more, while the change of lifestyle among small Indians, the quantity of people who usually use hair care products could rise up inside the coming years.

Once hair care products happen to be accepted by Indian people, it means more opportunities and profit growth point intended for Mary Kay brand. For instance, Mary Kay company may develop more hair care goods with specific functions to meet the increasingly demand among people. Lastly, anotheradvantage to bring in Mary Kay to India is that labor price in India is usually pretty low, which illustrates that the cost to produce hair care products in India could be controlled very easily. In general, launching hair care items to India is a wise action intended for Mary Kay company.


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