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Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology

The information created, placed, processed, transmitted, displayed and shared is within digital kind and through electronic mass media. The solutions used in these kinds of processes happen to be Information and Communication Solutions.

Data and communications technology (ICT) identifies all the technology used to handle telecommunications, transmit media, brilliant building managing systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring capabilities.

Even though ICT is normally considered a long synonym for facts technology (IT), its opportunity is more extensive.

ICT has more recently been used to illustrate the convergence of several technologies plus the use of common transmission lines carrying very diverse info and conversation types and formats.

Converging technology that exemplify ICT include the merging of audiovisual, telephone and computer networks through a common wiring system.

Internet service companies (ISPs) typically provide internet, phone and television providers to homes and businesses through a single optical cable connection.

The elimination of the telephone networks has presented huge economic incentives to implement this convergence, which in turn eliminates a lot of the costs associated with wiring, signal circulation, user installation, servicing and maintenance costs.

Uses of ICT:

ICT in operation: Today a whole lot of business transactions happen through net and hence called e-commerce. ICT facilitates marketing, customer visit, product surfing around, shopping basket checkout, taxes and purchasing, receipt and process order. Through ecommerce one can also provide services regarding processing orders, documentation, demonstrations, inventory supervision and gathering product data. In other words, just about every business activity can be done being at home.

ICT in Financial Solutions:

Every service a regular bank provides is available nowadays through on the web service. Beginning with transferring cash from one bank account to additional up to working the day-today transactions with the bank are provided through internet. Through the marketing of banking companies, this has come true. Capital market transactions, financial analysis and related services are available within the online websites.

ICT in Entertainment:

Internet: is a major method to obtain entertainment. Internet is a hub of movies, games, books, and social networking. Due to digital broadcasting, the television experience itself is definitely changing. We can easily record the tv programs and view it. Digital broadcasting has evolved the way we all experience tv set, with more online programming and participation. Digital camera models, printers and scanners have got enabled even more people to experiment with image development.

ICT in Education:

Education can be one key sector which has undergone the influence of innovations in ICT. Starting from providing on-line content service, platform for organizing learning experiences to managing learning and analysis has been changed greatly by ICT improvements. Students, professors and educational administrators and every stakeholder in education have been taken advantage of by the integration of ICT in education.

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