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George washington s goodbye address essay

Abstract George Washington was the first guru of America. He ruled for two conditions after which this individual decided to retire. He is regarded as one of the greatest market leaders that America has ever had in its history. He decided to publish his famous talk, the “farewell address in the American daily advertiser of September 19, 1796. In his speech, this individual addressed many issues which he sensed were important and that may help lead the country to be more prosperous even after he had retired coming from presidency.

This newspaper is going to look into some of the important aspect of his speech and what he considered great for the country. George Washington began his conversation by making it known to the individuals that he had no purpose of working for office for the 3rd time and that he designed to retire as they had become old and had to retire from politics. This individual appreciated the support that he had received from the people who far and indicated to them that he had zero any other motive of heading off other than that of a friend.

He encouraged oneness in the government because unanimity was the basis of independency. He proceeded to go ahead to give the common features which could bring about unity the two at home and internationally which he said were: same religion, political principles, ways and behaviors (Washington, 1970). He prompted unity among the states: north and south in which this individual encouraged them to work together mainly because it could bring more power, security and resources. This individual suggested that government was indispensable through the constitution.

This individual warned people against employing parties because baneful results because of the consequences it was more likely to bring about. The spirit of encroachment was also allowed to be avoided mainly because it could lead to dictatorship and the powers of the govt were to be examined to avoid this sort of situations. According to Washington (1970), for political prosperity, morality and religion ought to be encouraged. This individual advised the us government to avoid stepping into debt through avoiding conditions which could motivate it like war.

Concerning the foreign insurance plan, he urged them to keep one that could possibly be considered good and just to them and other nations. The policy this individual said needs to be free of virtually any hatred attachments, guard the state against foreign interference even though it could permit temporal complicité with other nations around the world, care was to be taken to make sure there is no interference. In conclusion, he hoped the counsel he previously given, could be followed by the authorities.

He believed that his command had been well guided by the principles he had stated, advised against taking attributes in the Euro war and prayed to God to fix any unintended errors his administration might have committed and was optimistic of enjoying good laws under a free government following his old age which were his closing remarks (Washington, 1970). References Buenos aires George. (1970). George Washington’s Farewell Talk about. Bedford, Massachusetts: Applewood Literature.

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