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The art of the future essay

The ability of the future has arrived! From Indonesia, New Zealand, Victoria, New South Wales, and American Australia, young and youthful persons came together in Perth last March to sculpt the warmth that is available between us as humans. Together, all of us not only explored new sociable and artsy life, we all experienced what it actually requires to be artists with the social sphere – music artists of the future.

  � Like seafood flexing all their fishy muscle tissues – all their spaces entwined

in wave-like, flag-like, flappings

waving in, waving out –

Standing tall and proud, wide open and pleasant

Sitting low, weaving their very own heartbeat in

the centre of the the planet.

(HM, EP, MK, JS)

Because it is challenging to paint an image of our encounters in a standard ‘report, ‘ we have added photographs of your gesture skill, clay pieces, and labyrinth work, and possess included a few of the creative publishing we developed together. Ideally these enhancements will act as doorways in the experiences from the gathering.

Folded down the floral rests

behind a wall structure of love.

Thus very worn out

it longs to touch

the profound dark fragrant earth.

The moment morning comes

it take you its head towards

the brilliant heavens.

And the atmosphere is nodding and hasseling

to kiss the outstanding flower.

(JW, LP, LD, DS)

Working consciously while using ‘being’ from the gathering, with others we share an association with, with all the rose get across meditation (thanks to our wonderfully supportive guideline and upcoming artist-extraordinaire, Jennifer Kornberger), as well as with new forums intended for discussion, together with the holding of questions with out grasping for answers, labyrinth work and existing artistic mediums, we all strove to melt them that separate us in one another, and attempted to consciously create a ‘sculpture’ made of warmth – a sculpture that uses as the medium the substance that lives in the spaces between us.

 �  From four round tennis balls

Four bits of different styles arise

4 balls to four varieties talking – forming –

shaking hands in the spots between them


Reaching out in search of warmth

Overflow in warmth, simultaneously gripping, riveting and radiating warmth

to the rhythm with their flow.

(HM, MK, EP, JS)

During our time together all of us created a lot of wonderful gesture-art, some strong clay items, and an accumulation of very excellent creative writing. But the highest art in the gathering was what we could actually form through human relationships – through reaching one another in such a way that the individual can support the community overall, and the community can support the individual in all her or his strivings. Each of our individuality has not been lost throughout this process, although strengthened – not only through our morning and night time meditative classes, but through all of the actions of the gathering.

 �  The moon calf’s ears happen to be listening

The fountain’s halves are whispering

And I i am waiting

Bending forward with anticipation

What knowledge follows?

The clay laughs

The glacier calf muscles

What is this new creation?

(GK, KD, SM, JK)

Each of our activities shaped part of the process – part of the Goethean wholeness with the entire gathering. Everything we all did put into the warmth figurine we created – the spiritual community we attempted to form.

Some know I used to be going to show up

I chop down

And you are there to capture me.

You are still there to catch me.

I am ready to get you

Having a laugh

and crying sometimes.

I am just worried about you

but not within an unhappy approach

I’m good.

I benefit from loving you, you know.

I’m strong

If you’re strong

WE ARE GOING TO s-t-r-o-n-g.

Got it?

We are the two standing vertical now

Standing on our own two feet.

(JW, LP, LD, DS)

This event was created, organised and run by youth section people, with the advice and support of Jennifer Kornberger. The organisers attemptedto work knowingly with the ‘being’ of the gathering for over 12 months, and succeeded through standard study groupings, planning gatherings and meditative work. In one sense, the gathering basically took place more than a twelve month period – from sowing the initial seeds in fertile soil, to tending the growing flower, to finally co-harvesting and enjoying the fruit with all individuals during each of our days with each other in Mar.

 �  As if a flower unfolded from a vessel

originally the key of that which was contained

was kept…

An image of an archetypal memory

Reaching towards the outside world.

It sprang with vigor from modeled


carefully conjured from desprop�sito


Nevertheless truth and beauty have got common earth

Once found in common hard unlearned.

So the linking ran in togetherness

Untroubled by simply less emscious beginnings

And a complete type was reached

and now sets, in peacefulness.

A picture of movement between three.


The organizers wish to thank Jennifer Kornberger on her behalf unending support, Melchior Mazzone for his website brilliance, Evan Sanders for his financial guru, as well as the Anthroposophical Society in Australia, WA Department, for their incredibly kind donation which helped make this celebration possible. Especially, we would like to supply our humble thanks and congratulations to any or all the excellent artists-of-the-future who had been able to go to the event: Lotte Peters, Dominique Schacherer, Emma Parker, Michael jordan Killian, Gotthard Killian, Lisa Devine, Steve Blackwood, Jesse Williamson, Susan McCaughtrie, Sonia McGillvray, Hiroko Mihay, Jennifer Kornberger, Katie Dobb, Gosia Basinska, and John Stubley (as well as Sue Simpson and Paul The company for adding their experienced hands for the sculpture during our last afternoon session).

  � Listen closely

Listen, notice the lawn growing.

Hear the floral unfolding

calling for a bumbly bee

Heavens is high

Sky can be blue

Pay attention to the heavens

Listen to the blue

Tune in to the high



Listen to the bumbly bee

Listen to the soft performing

Listen to the flower unfolding for it.

Nice is the nutriment

from the middle of the sky.

(HM, MK, EP, JS)

One participant was overhead saying, following the celebration, “it is similar to we carry around a key now. ” Another participator, while traveling to the Bee Master Michael-Easter Festival following the gathering, said, “to everyone else driving past, we probably just appear like five people in a car…” And it is with great joy that the organisers received those two very heartening emails coming from participants after their returning home:

“…there’s never a day that I never think of you all and everything I actually learned and experienced in Perth, We still go through the warmth and carry it with me at night always, letting it pass through me personally to feel others about me. I hope they experience it too! “

“I think the power we created has already pass on!! I possibly left a number of it in Dubai! And i also haven’t actually started to happen it all yetAnyway I’ll always remember this wonderful experience…! “

Naturally , it is the great wish that the statue we produced here in Perth can live as a surprise for everyone just about everywhere. May that follow the power of man and religious warmth during all planets, and may it find you, as this report has, wherever you may be.

This last piece was written by every one of the artists on the gathering – each people adding our line and our own heat to the poem which, in turn, supports each very special, individual series.

Weavings, shapings

I was clay-based and then you breathed me human

And the hardness dissolved into the sweetest most glowing honey

Chaos of the most amazing kind

Fruitbowl purrs and moohs with breathing warmness and hidden heart pulsing

Community Pets Clumped Budding

Nothing will quit us getting together with!

‘The hillsides are tumble with the sound of music’

Spaceship Earth, flying moon calf to the zoo

I really like noodles and i also like noodling around!!

In this article we are! Most a tangle & nonetheless ourselves. Handling.

Everyone has a space in this space for everyone – our warmness melts all� obstacles

Our planet is a work of art

Joined alongside the grace of life.

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