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The development of modern technologies in myanmar

Digital Era, Effects of Technology

Myanmar provides seen large growth online penetration, cellphone adoption and social media consumption in the past few years, sparked by quick opening up of its marketplace. The consumer marketplace in Myanmar has essentially bypassed the expansion stages seen in other financial systems and shifted straight to digital and cellular, making the corporation a probably interesting test out bed pertaining to internet-enabled businesses. The cellular phone penetration price in Myanmar, which barely touched double digits in 2013, has now reached around 50% of its predicted 54 million population last year. Smartphones are the first mobile phones owned simply by 80% of Myanmars mobile users, according to the two primary operators. A boom in sales of low-cost Android os smartphones from China quickly used.

While technology is usually evovling, every thing, like the way we live, the way we consume, the way we do things adjustments rapidly with technology. As for Human Resource Management, technology is visibly effecting the process of HRM generally in hiring and mangaging human resource. There are many website, multimedia and backlinks which assists HR to look for and get human resource with their desire very easily. IT has enhance the ways of managing business, organizations, nature of busienss processes and communication and today very rapidly integrated to human resource management (HRM).

Information Technology enables HR functions to get done in most easiest and effective ways. You will find alot of IT tools, programs and devices for several type of HUMAN RESOURCES functions. Technology affects businesses and job relations in organizations by simply enabling to accessinformation and also to join persons electronically With new processes and rendering some rewards HRIS changes traditional HUMAN RESOURCES processes in fact it is expected that HRIS can provide functionality intended for realization of units’ objectives and desired goals

Nowadays, HOURS professtionals work with Linkedin, job seeking websites and Facebook . com for recrutiment processes. However it is very important to check on and be which how very well the system functions for the candidates and clearly for the company. Online forms are mostly in standardized formant so it will be difficult to recogize any superstar candidates in the bench of folks. Another thing is the a badly designed program and poor operation with the system might also switch your organization picture down and mis-communication among candidates and organization.

Social media performs an active in HR today, especially when considering recruitment. In regards to quarter of employers are using social media stations like Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit staff. HUMAN RESOURCES departments can use social media not simply for recruitment and also pertaining to employee proposal. It is considered as a prime resource for companies to reach their very own HR desired goals. Enterprises are able to use social media stations to reach potential audience with work postings and other company related information. Couple of organizations work with social media to share their organization’s success history through photos, blog posts, Tumblr and Pinterest pages. And, job seekers are using these great example of such to find about the company. It’s a good source to know what current and potential staff are saying with regards to your company.

Social media gives countless rewards to HR professionals and lets these to keep up with this news, technology and trends. You can nurture associations by sharing the industry knowledge. These reasons make it an ideal platform to engage workers, build associations and strengthen communications in the workspace. Even more companies is going to consider developing applications with LinkedIn or Facebook instead of developing corporate applications in the future.

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