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Family deliquency and offense profile term paper

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Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

In terms of the theories which might be put forward available by Claire et approach. (2004), Gary’s profile conforms to a number of theoretical views. In general nevertheless this account tends to go along with the point made by the authors that the criminal behavior is largely the result of lax or ineffective raising a child. (Simon et al., 2005, p. 15) as this guide states, there are lots of studies that refer to the importance of family and home environment as well as difficult parenting in the development of developing antisocial tendencies. This also refers to much larger problems when ever these become permanent tendencies patterns and extend in to later your life. (Simon ain al., 2004, p. 15)

Furthermore, mom and dad are seen as “primary argents of socializations” of youngsters and therefore they play a major role in the creation of negative and “abnormal “tendencies in producing children. (Simon et ing., 2004, p. 16)

Advocates like Gleuck and others believe the friends and family environment is the central determining aspect of overdue behavior (Simon et approach., 2004, l. 18)

If we consider these theories then this would suggest that the central issue, as well as the likely solutions to Gary’s antisocial and criminal tendencies, lies with a few form of relatives therapy.

You possibly can also connect this profile to facets of control theory. This theory posits the view outside the window that one must take consideration of the systems that cause these conversions in the specific. (Simon ain al., 2004, p. 20) According to the form of social control theory that was submit by Hirsch, one of the elements that cause abnormal and antisocial behavior is a lack of a feeling of attachment to society. Accessory is the level to which someone feels maintained and close to important cultural figures, just like parent and teachers. This theoretical framework seems to match the account that has been talked about to some extent. It can be evident that Gary has become detached via those about him, quite possibly because the connection between him self and his parents has been damaged and distorted due to their stress filled relationship.

Nevertheless , possibly the most suitable theory which you can use to describe the entire situation even more holistically is usually social learning theory. This theory suggests that children are none good neither bad although that they develop antisocial or perhaps prosocial habits in their interaction with their environment. Social learning theory concentrates on “… the reciprocal or perhaps mutual influences that exist among parents and children” (Simon et ‘s., 2004, l. 33).

A theory that may be applied to the profile showcased is Paterson’s Coercion Model. This theory consists just how that anxious and cascarrabias parent response tends to exacerbate and overemphasize aspects of the children’s habit – which often result in a correspondingly negative effect from the kids and that might subsequently overflow into interactions children might have outside the family. This is certainly another feasible way of interpretation and understanding Gary’s habit at college. (Simon et al., 2004, p. 40)

In terms of option, an input strategy is possibly the most practical way of working with this problem. This will involve input meetings that might include father and mother and child, school specialists and possibly healthcare and emotional professionals. The aim of this treatment would be to involve the friends and family in an open up and aimed discussion about the underlying issues that happen to be causing the difficulties. The expect is that through such treatment, the problems that Gary is usually experiencing and his related égo?ste and felony activated will be curtailed just before they possibly develop into activities that can include life – long negative effects.


Claire R., Sue L. And Wallace L. (2004) Families, Delinquency and

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