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Health hazards associated with technology essay

The wide-spread use of technology has led to several important user health concerns. Some of the more common physical health risks are repetitive stress injuries, pc vision symptoms, and muscular pain. These injuries are on the surge of technology. A repeating strain injury (RSI) can be an injury or disorder with the muscles, nerves, tendons, fidélité, and bones. Technology-related RSIs include tendonitis, and cts (CTS). Tendonitis is infection of a tendon due to repeated motion or perhaps stress about that tendon.

CTS can be inflammation from the nerve that connects the forearm to the palm. Repeated or powerful bending with the wrist may cause tendonitis or CTS of the wrist. Factors that trigger these disorders include long term typing or mouse utilization and continuous shifting between a mouse and keyboard (Jones 45-48).

If untreated, these disorders can lead to everlasting physical damage. Computer eyesight syndrome (CVS) affects eyesight. Symptoms of CVS are sore, tired, burning up, itching, or perhaps dry sight; blurred or double perspective; distance blurred vision following prolonged gazing at a display gadget; headache or perhaps sore throat; difficulty changing focus among a display device and papers; difficulty centering on a display screen image; color fringes or afterimages in order to away from a display device; and increased level of sensitivity to lumination.

Eyestrain associated with CVS is not really thought to possess long-term implications (Anderson and Dean). People that spend all their workday using the computer sometimes complain of endure from lower back pain , including pain, muscle exhaustion, and mental fatigue. Ease sometimes is definitely caused from poor posture.

It is advisable to sit effectively in a chair while operating and take periodic fails. Users should also be sure their workplace is designed ergonomically. Ergonomic studies show that making use of the correct type and setup of couch, keyboard, screen device, and work surface helps users work pleasantly and effectively and helps guard their well being (Sanchez). Many physical health risks are associated with using technology. These risks include repeating strain accidental injuries, computer eyesight syndrome, and muscular discomfort. Users is going to take as many preventive measures as possibleto avoid these risks.

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