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Executive features for people who thesis

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Research from Thesis:

To prevent that in this study, reliability of the EFPT was tested through educated raters who also rated individuals. How they were rated by EFPT and by the other raters were then compared.

7. Define validity. How was quality of the tools assessed from this study?

In order to determine whether the instrument was valid, there were construct quality and criterion validity that had to be analyzed. Construct quality is demanding a check to be able to separate people who have and who might not have a known trait. This was assessed simply by determining whether or not the EFPT surely could distinguish persons based on their particular level of heart stroke. Criterion quality was dependant on comparing the EFPT results with a lot of scores which were established for people same people on neuropsychological tests.

8. Summarize Stand 1 .

Desk one presented demographic info as well as info regarding just how well the participants inside the study performed on the EFPT test. Individuals who were inside the control group and who only a new mild stroke fared significantly better on the tasks that they can were asked to do. There have been also significantly higher numbers of females in the study, which might indicate that ladies have more strokes than guys. It could also simply be indicative of their determination to take part in the study. If people may pay bills was one of the most hard tasks for those who had suffered a heart stroke and it made a more substantial difference between groups compared to the other responsibilities did. In other words, the EFPT test established people separate by era, by sexuality, and by ability on a number of different levels.

9. Discuss the constraints and strong points of the research.

This research was good in that this looked at more than what various other studies look at. It out of cash the issues down more obviously than a lots of studies do and used valid and reliable methods to do so. However , there is nonetheless no genuine way for virtually any study to show whether a person who can full or certainly not complete these tasks can complete other tasks that might allow them to manage on their own. In that way, the study is still limited.


Baum et. al. (2008). Reliability, Quality, and Medical Utility of the Executive Function Performance Evaluation: A Measure of Executive Function in a Test of People With Stroke

The American Journal of Occupational Therapy sixty two (4)

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