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Marino faliero monologue in the play simply by

A monologue from the play by God Byron

NOTICE: This monologue is reprinted from Master Byron: 6 Plays. Lord Byron. Los Angeles: Dark-colored Box Press, 2007.

ANGIOLINA: Sage Benintende, now main Judge of Venice

I actually speak to thee in solution to yon Signor.

Inform the ribald Steno, that his words

Ne\er weighed in mind with Loredano\s daughter

Further than to create a moment\s pity

Pertaining to such as he could be: would that others got

Despised him as I shame! I prefer

My personal honour to a thousand lives, could these kinds of

Be multiplied in mine, but may not have

An individual life of others lost for your

Which practically nothing human can easily impugn”the perception

Of Advantage, looking to not what is named

A good brand for prize, but to alone.

To me the scorner\s words were as the wind

Unto the rock and roll: but as there are”alas!

State of mind more very sensitive, on which such things

Light since the Flutter on the seas, souls

To whom Dishonour\s shadow is a material

More horrible than Fatality, here and hereafter

Guys whose vice is to from Vice\s scoffing

And whom, though resistant against most blandishments

Of enjoyment, and all pangs of Pain, are feeble

When the pleased name on what they pinnacled

Their expectations is breathed on, jealous as the eagle

Of her excessive aiery, let what we at this point

Behold, and feel, and suffer, be considered a lesson

To wretches that they tamper in their spleen

With beings of any higher order. Pesky insects

Have made the lion mad ere at this point, a the whole length

I\ the heel o\erthrew the bravest of the courageous

A wife\s Dishonour was the bane of Troy

A wife\s Dishonour unkinged Rome for ever

An injured spouse brought the Gauls to Clusium

And thence to Rome, which will perished as news got around

An obscene gesture cost Caligula

His life, when Earth yet bore his cruelties

A virgin\s wrong made The country a Moorish province

And Steno\s sit, couched in two useless lines

Hath decimated Venice, put in peril

A United states senate which hath stood eight hundred years

Discrowned a Royal prince, cut off his crownless mind

And solid new fetters for a groaning people!

Let the poor wretch, like to the courtesan

Who also fired Persepolis, be happy with this

Whether it so please him”\twere a pride fit intended for him!

Although let him certainly not insult the last hours of

Him, who, whate\er he now is, was a Hero

By intrusion of his very prayers

Absolutely nothing of good can come from this kind of a supply

Nor could we aught with him, nor now, nor ever:

We keep him to himself, that lowest depth

Of human being baseness. Excuse is for guys

And not for reptiles”we have non-e intended for Steno

With no resentment: items like him must sting

And higher creatures suffer, \tis the charter

Of Lifestyle. The man whom dies by the adder\s fischzug

May have crawler smashed, but feels no anger:

\Twas the worm\s characteristics, and some men are viruses

In soul, more than the life of tombs.

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