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African american girls exhibit review of essay

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Excerpt from Essay:

Strangely enough, in the initially sections of the website, little has been said about the inherent sex violence within the slavery program. The show focuses on positive examples of personal strength and level of resistance of women, or more generalized exploration of overall tendencies in Dark history. For instance , one section on the Wonderful Migration of blacks towards the north following your formal end of reconstruction contains no reference to how this specifically damaged African-American females. However , different sections, such as the career of anti-lynching reporter Ida N. Wells-Barnett, and the founders from the first African-American women’s universities, bring hidden history to light. Several African-American women during the early on 20th centuries accomplished achievements even light women hadn’t, such as Maggie Lena Mitchell Walker, the president in the Saint Henry Penny Financial savings Bank in Richmond, Va, the founder of the trademarked ‘folding’ understructure Ira Electronic. Goode, the sculptress Mary Edmonia Lewis, and the aviatress Bessie Coleman.

However , during the Great Depression, African-Americans suffered the economic stress of that time to an even greater degree than whites, and the era was accompanied by a within ‘scientific racism’ which ‘scientifically’ attempted to show the superiority of whites. African-American women ignored, and eventually produced the primary of the American Civil Rights movement, which include famous numbers such as Rosado Parks. The site ends using a brief overview of famous Dark women, such as Alice Walker and Noble-prize winning Toni Morrison, and also Oprah and First Female Michelle Obama.

Overall, the website was relatively simple to search and navigate. Just typing in “African-American women exhibit” helped bring me to it fairly swiftly through Google. In terms of the history this revealed, I came across its before history to get more unexpected and revelatory, particularly about the accomplishments of ladies during the early days of the republic and the early on 20th 100 years. The post-Civil Rights age was covered with more of the summary of general history and few biographies of well-known African-American girls included. This might reflect the fact that I knew more regarding the later on eras, and had read better summaries somewhere else.

Work Mentioned

“Claiming All their Citizenship: African-American Women From 1624-2009. inches National Can certainly

History Art gallery (NWHM). Feb . 2009. Summer 22, 2010.


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