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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

Psychology Dual Diagnosis: Element Related Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders

The abuse of substances plus the dependence on this are considered to become two separate types of disorders. This really is according to the DSM-V use of the terms. The DSM-V is actually a manual that is certainly made use of simply by professionals in the field of medicine and mental wellness. They especially refer to this manual when they are diagnosing disorders related to the mental overall health of a affected person and the use of substances. With the use of this manual, there is a regular way of the diagnosis of disorders (Rockville, 2005). Material use disorders are often found to are present with co-occurring disorders. This report shows the analysis and remedying of substance related disorders as well as the co-morbid disorders.


The abuse of substances as well as the dependence on it are considered to get two separate types of disorders. This really is according to the DSM-V use of the terms. The DSM-V is a manual that is made use of by professionals in the field of medicine and mental overall health. They especially refer to this kind of manual when diagnosing disorders related to the mental well being of a affected person and the utilization of substances. By using this manual, there is a standard way of checking out disorders (Rockville, 2005).


The DSM-V progresses in the DSM-IV in this it has disorders on a range, replacing the separate kinds of disorders that were previously found. The range goes from what is mild as to the is serious. It even more classifies the use of specific chemicals into particular disorders while using exclusion of caffeine. Hence, the disorders are certain under the DSM-V. Other alterations include the need that right now there be determined at least two symptoms for a disorder to be diagnosed as mild. These two symptoms must be through the list of eleven symptoms which the DSM-V supplies. This is a change from the necessity in the DSM-IV, which needed just one sign to be within order to create a mild disorder diagnosis. The DSM-V provides included the craving intended for drugs being a symptom, although it has eliminated some, that do not effectively cut around the world, such as a person having negative encounters with law enforcement (American Psychiatric Affiliation, 2013).

The pros who will work with drug abuse patients must be aware of the co-occurrence of mental disorders and disorders of substance make use of or those that present all their symptoms, for instance , symptoms of disengagement or folks being intoxicated. This material has a objective of helping consultants to be even more familiar with the terms utilized with regard to mental disorders and exactly how they can be of help when they encounter patients who also are demonstrating these indications of disorders (Rockville, 2015).

The counselors who have deal with dependency are the types who are likely to observe persona disorders being the case with quadrant III settings pertaining to the treatment of drug abuse. The people with personality disorders exhibit characteristics that are present for the long-term in their life. These qualities and symptoms are not non permanent, and thus, result in the person staying dysfunctional socially and occupationally. They show symptoms through their thoughts, emotions, relationships, and how well they are able to control their urges. Counselors are able to see these symptoms when they take notice of the perception the fact that person offers of the world, the way they think of themselves and others, just how intense their particular emotions will be, how they match a particular circumstance and also the kind of relationships which the person features (Rockville, 2005). Flynn ain al. (1997) note that there may be great co-occurrence of drug abuse and anti-social personality disorders. Treatment for substance abuse has become seen to get given even more to those that suffer from this character disorder.

Psychotic disorders have symptoms, which can be mainly regarding the problems with cognition. Some of the thought problems that are seen in this instance include the ones from a person experiencing hallucinations and delusions. These delusions affect the individual’s thoughts regarding something, although they are based upon false building. They can slow down a person’s efficiency. A person with delusions may see himself/herself as being in danger from other folks or even observe himself since someone else. In hallucinations, the person may see something that is not right now there, or hear absent seems, smell what others simply cannot smell and feel items that are not present. These psychotic disorders are more frequent in mental well being situations and once they are put together with the maltreatment of substances, this mistreatment is taken to comprehensive levels. Earning up the population of the mentally ill that is severe and extensive. Gustafson (1999), declares that this inhabitants has more and even more been noticed in the treatment solutions of substance abuse programs. There are substances including cocaine, which could bring about the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations, in addition to the toxicity in the drugs. A psychotic person may, however , exude these types of symptoms following being drunk (Rockville, 2005).

Some of the symptoms of mood disorder are the failure to properly communicate emotions, plus the expression of emotions which are not appropriate or may be increased. It is normal for individuals to have highs and lows emotionally. The person with mood disorder, however , has these emotions at amounts that are more than normal. Mood disorder may be co-occurring with a substance abuse disorder, and may even effect the kind of medicine that is used. Depression, mania and bipolar disorders are some of the presentations of any mood disorder (Rockville, 2005).

The maltreatment of chemicals is a thing that has been seen in all ages other than early the child years. There are intervals of progress when the risk for substance abuse is definitely accentuated. One of those periods can be adolescence, when ever there is a large amount of pressure put on a person by their peers, coupled with the discovery of self plus the feeling of having the ability to do anything. The psychopathology of any child is definitely greatly affected by their father and mother being material abusers along with their colleagues being deviants (Moss, ainsi que al., 2002). Where a person has a problem with substance abuse, most likely their children who have are raised in this situation will also begin to abuse substances, and when you have the addition of peer pressure, the child is likely to develop a problem of substance abuse.

Hansell Demour (2005), note that it is much more likely for men to abuse substances than girls. Some of the research that has been performed on this have been directed at the genetic contribution to this difficulty. One of the studies has been the problem of alcoholism has been seen to happen in decades of the same family. 25% from the male children of alcohol addiction parents started to be alcoholics. Within study by simply Bierut, ain al. (1998), the focus was on how substances like cocaine and pot are dissipated in family members. From these types of studies, it was noted the dependence on these substances as well as on alcohol was high in the siblings of people who were determined by alcohol. These types of siblings were noted to become more likely to develop dependence on crack, marijuana and alcohol. Therefore, the reliance on these substances is chronic and there are factors that are sent in families that are common and particular in harmful habits. The client who have his daddy as a medication addict may be more susceptible to develop this kind of addiction due to his genes.

It has been known that a person will be more likely to develop the condition of drug abuse as a result of repeated exposure to conditions that induce pressure. Stress might have a fantastic impact on the person using a compound. It is actually a fact that tension has led to your initial intake of alcohol as well as the continuing use of that, leading to addiction. It has as well contributed to the relapse in the patient to substances following there has been an occasion of disuse.

There is also a marriage between the abuse of substances and specific social components. This can be seen when the rates of abuse among men who are only starting out and therefore are not used, are more than those of other population. This is actually the same case for the rates of mistreatment in jobs that bring in a lot of stress. The field of drugs, for example , has more drug abuse than any other. Hence, sociocultural factors also impact the abuse of substances. While reported by supporters of relatives risk elements, patterns can be found in people that could cause the maltreatment of drugs (Hansell and Demour, 2005). There could be patterns of co-dependence and in many cases denying the presence of a problem, bringing about addiction from the drug user.

A person can also be affected to misuse substances by the environment he/she is in plus the company they help keep (Powell, 1973). This was the case with heroin users who were interviewed in a study. The respondents believed that their identity was tied to the practices of the

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