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Whether the charcoal and the engine essential oil

A. Background of the Study

Being practical is very important to subdue the economic crisis we’re facing to date. Now, our school is usually not anymore applying green boards and chalks, instead we have the white board or glass board and we’re previously using advance technologies to be able to discuss. Almost all of the students terribly lack a Whiteboard marker mainly because they say that it’s too expensive.

As being a student investigator, we have investigated about the materials that may be an alternative to develop a whiteboard marker ink.

All of us found out that charcoal and used engine oil can be alternative components to make a white board marker ink. Charcoal being the color contains the chemical that can produce our examine possible enough.

Whiteboard marker or dry-erase marker uses an erasable ink, made to be used on a slick, non-porous writing surface, for short-term writing with overhead projectors, whiteboards, and so on. They may become used by kids, making represents that are quick cleaning.

The erasable tattoo does not retain the toxic chemical compounds xylene and toluene while have been utilized in permanent guns. Wet get rid of markers happen to be another type that is used on overhead projectors, signboards, whiteboards, and other non porous surfaces.

A lot is a lumination black residue consisting of co2, and any kind of remaining lung burning ash, obtained by simply removing water and other unpredictable constituents coming from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is normally produced by slower pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen. It is usually an impure form of carbon dioxide as it contains ash. It really is mentioned that charcoal is definitely an contaminated form of carbon. Whiteboard marker inks can be classified as carbon ink.

Carbon inks were frequently made from lampblack or soot and a binding agent such as chewing gum arabic or perhaps animal stuff. The binding agent keeps the co2 particles in suspension and adhered to newspaper. It is not ideal for permanence and ease of preservation. Carbon printer ink has a tendency to smudge in damp environments and can be washed off a area as it was occurring when wish using whiteboard markers in writing.

B. Declaration of the Issue

This examine was executed to have a further proof that charcoal and engine essential oil can be an alternate material to make whiteboard marker ink.

1 . Can grilling with charcoal and applied engine olive oil be an alternative solution source for making whiteboard gun ink? 2 . How helpful is this regarding:

a. Color

b. Efficiency

c. Odor

C. Hypothesis

D. Relevance of the Analyze

The significance of doing this examine was to help the community especially the professors and students to have an alternate ink without having to shell out too much money.

If we succeed in doing this, it would be easier for someone to conduct a product these kinds of whiteboard marker that can bring about a lot great things to others especially to us, OLCAns because wish fund of using whiteboard markers to discuss the lessons and that we all know that whiteboard gun is required in each and every classroom inside our school. Electronic. Scope and Limitation

This kind of study is merely limited and focused on the investigation from the effectiveness of Charcoal and Engine olive oil as an alternative supply for whiteboard marker ink production. This will likely only observe the product’s publishing capabilities just like its color, effectiveness and odor. The merchandise only concentrates on one function which is the utilization of our product in writing in non-porous surfaces such as the glass board. F. Definition of terms

Charcoal- A lot is a lumination black residue consisting of carbon dioxide, and any remaining lung burning ash, obtained by removing drinking water and other unpredictable constituents coming from animal and vegetation substances. Whiteboard marker- uses an erasable tattoo, made to be applied to a smooth, nonporous publishing surface, to get temporary publishing with cost to do business projectors, whiteboards, and the like. Engine oil- an oil used for lubrication of various internal burning engines.


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