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Source chain manager essay

Week 1

(Chapter 1)

Logistics and the Source Chain

Course Describe

Economic Impacts of Logistics

Logistics: What is it

The Increased Significance of Logistics

Activities inside the Logistics Route

Otherwise you first step in enabling started with this course, please introduce yourself in the Scholar Profiles. Make sure you share who have you are, where you operate, what your enthusiasm with the across the internet technology is definitely, and what is your reason for currently taking this program? Connect a photo should you be able.

Week 2

(Chapter 2)

Logistics and Information Technology

General Types of Information Management Systems

Electronic Business and Logistics

Electric Data Interchange

Venture Resource Planning

Week 3

(Chapter 3)

Strategies Systems Regulates

Economical and Accounting Controls

Worker Output

Product Recalls

Controlling Delivered and Restored Goods

Pilferage and Theft

Maintaining Channel and Supply-Chain Integrity

Week 4

(Chapter 4)

Managerial Concerns in Logistics

Thievery and Pilferage

Strategies Social Responsibility

Handling Reverse Strategies

Lessening the Impact of Terrorism about Logistics Systems

Week 5

(Chapter 5)

The Supply-Chain Concept

Key Attributes of Supply-Chain Supervision

Barriers to Supply-Chain Management

Supply Sequence Management and Integration Synopsis

Case Study One: Go through Case 5-1 “Johnson Gadget Company.

Answer questions 1 to eight (See job instructions posted).

Your answers are being submitted to the submissions icon before the end of the week.

Week 6th

(Chapter 6)


Getting for Reselling

Acquiring Services


Quality Applications

Purchasing Ethics

Week several

(Chapter 7)

Require Management, Buy Management and Customer Service

Order Administration

The Role of Logistics in Establishing Customer support Levels Measuring and Handling Customer Service

Meeting Customer Service Demands

Case Study Two: Read Circumstance 7-1 “Handy Andy, Incorporation. . Get suggestions 1 to eight (See project instructions posted). Your answers are to be posted to the syndication icon prior to end with the week.

Week 8

(Chapter 8)

Inventory Management

Inventory Classifications

Inventory Related Costs

When to Buy

How Much to Reorder

Products on hand Flows

Special Concerns to Inventory Management

EOQ Statistical Questions (See handout pertaining to assigned question). Your email address details are to be posted to the syndication icon prior to the end in the week.

Week 9

(Chapter 9)

The copy from the take home evaluation is located in the Lecture Case for spiel 9.

Distribution Centre, Warehouse and Herb Location

Logistics Shortened forms (See Acronyms Attachment)

General Factors Influencing Center Locations

Finding the Cheapest Location

Facility New house purchase and Center Closing

Take Home Check Due: Your answers are to get submitted for the submissions icon before the end of the week. Week 10

(Chapter 10)

Storage Management

Public, Exclusive and Deal Warehousing

Design Things to consider in Storage

Storage Operations

Week 11

(Chapter 11)

Protective Product packaging and Materials Handling

Product Attributes


Product Loads in Materials Managing

Materials Handling

Week 12

(Chapter 12)


Small-Volume Shippers

Huge Bulk Shippers

Job Cargo

Oversized Goes

Hazardous Materials

Transportation Rules and Deregulation

Week 13

(Chapter 13 and 14)

Vehicles Management

Rate Dedication and Negotiation

Charge Regulatory Physiques


Loss and Damage

Dumurrage and Detention

Travel of Dangerous Materials

Consolidating Tiny Quality

Case Study Three: Read Case 14-1 “Nurnberg Augsburg Maschinenwerke. Answer questions one particular to 8 (See assignment recommendations posted). Your answers are to get submitted towards the submissions icon before the end of the week.


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