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Curly hair oil promoting essay

Hair oil is a hair care product specifically meant to keep the dampness balance with the hair, as moisture is usually lost due to strong shampoos and harsh chemicals in drinking water. It can also be considered as conditioner to help make the hair gentle and pliable. Hair petrol can come coming from natural items such as coconut oil, fresh fruit extracts, dairy, lemon oil, rosemary oil and others. Contemporary hair essential oils contain fragrances from diverse natural sources of plants.

Musk Hair oil is available with rich coconut and cashew mixture of curly hair oil products with relaxing male and famine nickle.

American indian Market in Hair Essential oil Industry:

Market Trend:

Light Hair Olive oil Break Up:

Product packaging:

5 C ‘s Of promoting

1 . Study regarding the 5 Cs of marketing arises is known as situation Examination. 2 . Scenario analysis is usually study of the current market or industry through which company really wants to launch a brand new market. three or more. In order to start a new product, a company first needs to study market condition. 4. Situations are regarding the number of opponents and their market share, the cost of producing the product, the net income ration etc .

your five. So a simple SWOT research will reveal where does the company wait in the market and what technique it should choose

to be able to grab a MUSK’s reveal in the market.

The Five C’s are

1 . Customer Requires

installment payments on your Company Skills

several. Competitors

4. Collaborators

5. Climate or perhaps context

Client Needs/ Business Skills/ Competitors through SWOT Analysis:


Parent Business

Red Cherry Variable Commodity Pvt Ltd


Personal Care brands ” Hair care



Tagline/ Slogan

“Oil of Pride


New Product Launch of hair olive oil brand in India



Hair olive oil segment with natural ingredients (Coconut and Almond) Target Group

Youth and middle aged and Old men and ladies in downtown and rural area. Positioning

1 . A hair oil which usually nourishes flowing hair and keeps style at the same time 2 . Added to the platform of purity and originality of coconut with best quality and resulting in gleaming hair and a clear tone SWOT Examination


1 . Newly Established merchandise with male soothing fragrance and famine scents.

2 . Gives shine and gentleness and makes hair healthy coming from inside¨ several. Contains trusted natural ingredients just like Coconut and Almond some. Strong division network across the nation

5. Advantages of olive oil in the market with better perfumes, ingredients and innovation however using traditional method to extract oil by raw Salted peanuts and Coconut. 6. Celebrity/ film star brand ambassadors


1 . Fresh Brand Introduced recently 2 . Will be Preferred by loyal customers, although youth discover other brands attractive¨ such as Hair Gel and other hair care goods 3. Gross and greasy, stains the pillow when used right away Opportunity

1 ) Expansion in foreign markets¨2. Export potential¨3. Innovation consist of hair care products Threats

1 . Extreme competitors¨2. Risk from fresh entrants or perhaps local players selling essential oil with natural ingredients¨3. Well-established Brand Just like parachutes and Bajaj Almond.



1 . Marico’s parachute

2 . Bajaj Almond

3. Dabur

four. Emami


1 . Market size and Growth: Total Market Size ” 63% of the total Indian Hair Oil Market and expansion is increasing 10% annually. 2 . Industry segments “Urban and Rural Men, Females with Young Age, Middle grow older and Elderly age. three or more. Retail Funnel ” where does consumer actually pick the product?: Product should reach every single likely household, Retail outlet. Kirana shop, Online and Purchase options in social networking sites with discounts.

5. Consumer Data source ” where does the consumer attain information about theproduct? Social media transmission, Road Displays, displays, Display and low cost offering tactics online, in retail outlets, Kirana shops and at road reveals. 5. Styles: how consumers’ needs and preference modify over time? Client behavior understanding from time to time simply by getting feedback and studies at retail out allows, Online, social networking sites, dedicated buyer retention group through buyer forum engineered for consumer for MUSK Hair Oil.


1 . Product line

I. Coconut based curly hair oil

a. Comforting Male scent

n. Soothing woman scent

II. Salted peanuts based hair oil

a. Comforting male scent

w. Soothing girl scent

installment payments on your Image on the market

MUSK Curly hair Oil began on twenty fourth September 2013 in a common for niche and countryside market, Crimson Cherry Multi Commodity Pvt Ltd envisioned offering trusted quality items made from 100% Coconut and Almond natural material intended for hair, pores and skin and hair-care.

The company at present launching their particular flagship brand “MUSK Curly hair Oil enveloped in an eye-catching cylindrical cardboard boxes label (Blue for Guy Customer and Pink to get Female Customer) gives item a brand new try looking in keeping with good quality of the essential oil it encases and wish to successfully focus on diverse competitive markets in India as well as the suburbs.

several. Technology and Experience

Older traditional methods and operations are utilized in producing this kind of oil. The almond olive oil is light, golden-brown olive oil, which is removed from nice almond nuts. The oil from nasty almond nut products on the other hand, isextremely poisonous and should be avoided. Half the weight of the sweet cashew nut on its own comprises of the oil and thus can be taken out in large amounts. In its genuine form, it has little to no odor and has a faint, crazy scent.

The oil provides a long and extensive record, dating back in the Egyptians where it had been used to strengthen hair and as a pores and skin emollient. A lot more than 50% with the oil consists of monounsaturated fatty acids, making it ideal to be intended for culinary uses as it will help reduce bloodstream cholesterol amounts. The oil is also rich in minerals just like magnesium plus the vitamins C and Elizabeth. While the essential oil might be lightweight, it triggers a brownish stain to create when it comes in contact with outfits and bedsheets.

Therefore , it should be strictly separated from may be. The essential oil has many set up beneficial properties and is also widely used in the cosmetic and food sector. It is also one of the commonly used essential and carrier oils today.

Tones up the hair

The cashew oil supplies essential nutrients for regular and healthful hair growth. After continual using the oil, the hair obviously grows wider and more robust. It also stimulates a glossy, attractive sparkle on the locks when found in appropriate portions.

Coconut Olive oil Extraction:

The extraction of oil by copra is one of the oldest seedling crushing functions. In India and Sri Lanka copra remains to be crushed intended for oil removal in the primitive chekkus along with rotary ghanis, expellers and hydraulic pushes. The chekku is a fixed wooden or perhaps stone mortar inside which will revolves on a hard solid wood pestle. The pestle is usually attached to a good pole which can be moved rounded via bullocks, donkey or perhaps by human being labor. Regarding 20 ” 40 kilogram of copra can be dealt with by a chekku.

Using coconut oil intended for hair routine service may sound like an odd strategy, but it’s been proven to be powerful. Coconut petrol has been recognized to have a lot of benefits, both equally when used and utilized. Specifically for hair and skin area, it has been proven to restore natural moisture causing shiny hair and an obvious complexion.

Research have shown that substance has the capacity to penetrate the hairshaft also to work it is way through all tiers of the hairstrand. It helps lessen loss of healthy proteins, and helps with regaining your hair’s organic oil and moisture. Much more than keeping hair healthy and shiny, coconut oil provides a lot of additional benefits too. The use of coconut oil isn’t only natural and organic, although also budget-friendly. 4. Tradition

We are devoted to deliver totally natural products, which are made under rigid quality suggestions. Apart from commitment to quality and item authenticity, it is our conformity to timeliness, fair organization practices and cost expertise that has produced us a preferred affiliate.

5. Desired goals: Become the industry leader in Coconut and Almond structured Hair Olive oil market in India right up until 2020.


1 . Supplier:

2 . Dealer: Local Provider from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal several. Alliances: Units with full out permit, Online shopping Websites and more compact suppliers to develop value for them and for the organization.

Climate or Context

m. 1 . Personal and regulating environment that affect the market. b. 2 . Economic environment organization cycles, pumpiing rate, interest levels and other problems of financial nature. w. 3. Technological environment- innovative ways of satisfying needs, the effect of technology

4 P’s Of Marketing


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