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Annotated bibliography for prisons conditions

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Aleinikoff, Big t. (2014). Between National and Postnational: Regular membership in the United States. Palgrave Macmillan UK, 110-129. http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/9780230554795

This newspaper focuses on the ‘postnational viewpoint’ to the American notion of sovereignty and membership. The author defines what postnational standpoint is and explains it means the view that a universal type of membership is replacing countrywide citizenship which is doing so since it is anchored within just deterritorialized concepts of persons’ rights. Essentially this means we have a respect intended for global human being rights best practice rules leading to a “deterritorialized regular membership. ” This is important to consider when comparing the states of prisons in Russia as well as the United States since the rights of prisoners may well reach a kind of universal phrase in that everyone gets remedied in a way that persons deem ideal regardless of site.

Kennedy, S i9000., Sharapova, S i9000., Beasley, M., Hsia, M. (2016). Cigarette Smoking Among Inmates by Race/Ethnicity: Impact of Excluding African-American Young Men from National Prevalence Estimates. Nicotine Tobacco Research, 18(suppl 1), S73-S78. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/ntr/ntv157

This post details the prevalence of cigarette smoking amongst incarcerated adults citing the quantity being twice as much while the non-incarcerated population. Strangely enough, whites had been shown in the study to smoke a lot more than their dark-colored counterparts. This study reveals an important part of the prison system in relation to health and stress. White prison adult prison inmates may smoke than any other jail population group. Although exclusion of incarcerated black males could result in a small underestimation, the smoking frequency signals a purpose for smoking cessation support among these incarnated in American prisons and other correctional facilities.

Listwan, S., Sullivan, C., Agnew, R., Cullen, F., Colvin, M. (2013). The Pains of Imprisonment Revisited: The effect of Strain on Inmate Recidivism. Justice Quarterly, 30(1), 144-168. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07418825.2011.597772

The United States require reform in the prison devices. This article talks about how imprisonment in American prisons contributes to increasing subsequent levels of problem. Drawing via GST, or general tension theory, the analysis analyzes if exposure to this kind of strains related with imprisonment has an effect on recidivism. These kinds of strain comes with perception of the menacing jail environment, direct victimization, and antagonistic relationships with correctional officers. Your data collected from 1, 613 release inmates located in Ohio showed persistence with basic strain theory suggesting specific kinds of strains increase the chances of recidivism and reveals that painful prisons do not decrease offending, but instead, encourages.

Maschi, T., Ronald H. Aday, R. (2014). The Sociable Determinants of Health and Justice and the The aging process in Jail Crisis: A Call for Man Rights Action. International Journal of Social Work, 1(1), 15. http://dx.doi.org/10.5296/ijsw.v1i1.4914

This newspaper focuses on the increasing existence of ageing prisoners in current jail populations. In addition, it highlights Many ever growing number of criminals and remark’s on the United states of america having the biggest incarceration charge per household. Not only have the number of prisoners increased in recent years in the United States, but also the amount of aging criminals. Conditions including overcrowding are apparent in numerous prisons and correctional services. The newspaper reveals guaranteeing practices an incident studies which may assist in matching efforts to deal with the aging in prison catastrophe as well as the overcrowding experienced inside the American jail system.

Moran, D. (2012). Prisoner reintegration and the stigma of jail time

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