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Jet case problem examination james ernie and

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Excerpt coming from Essay:

JET Case Problem Analysis

James, Ernie, and Terri decides to open a business called JET Clones after discovering that they will generate nice revenue from by establishing a copier organization at Express University. However , they realize that they have to take on the problem of machine malfunction after increasing loan of $18, 1000 from Terri’s parent. The breakdown in the event that not correctly manage can lead to lost of revenue. They purchase a smaller edition of copier machine for $8, 500 to be utilized as a back up in case of a breakdown of the unique machine. Before buying a backup machine, they will decide to estimate the lost revenue in the event they do not possess a back up machine. In the event the lost income within a 12 months is more than $12, 1000, it will be of any business benefit to purchase a back-up photo-copier machine. (Taylor, 2011).

Objective of this paper is work with stimulation version to investigate the lost earnings, days-to-repair advertisement interval among breakdowns of Jet Replications. The method assist in revealing the lost revenue that will take place due to a breakdown of the machine for one year.

The study as well delivers the written explanation/description and Exceed spreadsheet to the case issue.

The fastened spreadsheet offers the answers towards the question one particular, 2, 3, and 4. The Appendix 1 as well provides the copy of the excel spreadsheet.

a few. “Description and Explanation in the model (days-to-repair, lost revenue interval among breakdowns, and putting this together). inches

Interval among Breakdowns

Depending on the constant distribution details provided in case study, the random syndication probability intended for the machine complete breakdowns varies among 0 and 6 weeks. The study energizes random quantity to induce the interval between powerful breakdown as well as the study multiple the benefits by sq . root and 6. The strategy aids in producing number of malfunction. The study also generates cumulative number by having number of several weeks to receive 52 several weeks, which are the number of weeks in a given time.

The stimulation process in the Excel spreadsheet is as comes after:

The study induces the RN1 (Random Amount 1) in B15: B42 using the =RAND ().

In column C, the formula =6*SQRT (B15) and the formulation is duplicated into the cellular C17: C42.

In the column D, the formula =D15+C17 are calculated to stimulate the “Cumulative Number of Weeks” in the skin cells D17: D42.


Data from the example reveals the probability division for repair days as being delivered the following:

Repair period

P (y)

y (days)

0. 20


zero. 45

a couple of

0. 25


0. 10


1 . 00

From the info provided above, the cumulative information can be generated making use of the formula =A6+B6 in the cell B7, and the formula copy into the B8: B9. Therefore, the cumulative information is as follows:


Repair time

P (y)


con (days)

zero. 20

zero. 00

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