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A proposal for the window display of solid wood


The name of the shop for the window display is called Wooden Opal. Their grocer has a extremely chic experience to this. It also incorporates a rustic, warm feel for the store too. During the Holiday season, Solid wood Opal incorporates the overall aesthetic of their interior design into the window exhibits but with more of a festive and whimsical motif.

It is a retail store that entirely sells vintage fashions via past eras. It also sells vintage encouraged designs via modern designers. The price point for its merchandise is relatively inexpensive, although it from time to time has some items of clothing at a higher price stage because of using a higher quality. Wood made Opal also sells many different shoes and jewelry that is also vintage influenced.

The target market of Wood made Opal is a woman that is between the age ranges of 20 and 30. She is exciting, likes mother nature, enjoys trying out different fashion trends and enjoys the style retro clothing gives. She also loves going to distinct special events since Wooden Opal also includes a variety of dresses that focus on a more formal occasion. This woman posseses an income that permits her to be able to spend money on not only needs yet wants too.

Wooden Opal has many spots. All of them are found in major towns such as Oregon, Washington M. C., and New York City. During these cities, trend is more significant and more emphasis is placed on it than there is in a smaller town or perhaps city. These kinds of cities also have many vogue related events that happen such as Fashion’s Night Out or New York Fashion Week. Those in these metropolitan areas would be very likely to purchase antique clothing due to these things.

The dresses in the window display feel very much of a different age. The forest area combined with the animals without your knowledge ties in to the fact that the prospective customer can be adventurous and would enjoy spending time with nature. As well, the snow on the trees, ground and falling from your sky every tie in while using winter theme of the window display. The lighting makes enough mild to be able to begin to see the merchandise and design of the window without being too overwhelming. The entire windows display invites the customer to quit and look inside. I also believe that it might put the buyer in a joyful mood, placing them in a happier mood. Total, the image of Wooden Opal is that it includes fashionable, retro clothing that may be affordably priced.

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