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Catcher in the rye composition paper

The theme the world posseses an outward appearance that seems reasonable and perfect yet really theyre as Holden put it phonies. This is shown countless amount of times in the journey through New York and in many cases before this individual left. The setting is in the 1950s, therefore Im pretty sure that this individual didnt come across any transvestites, lesbians, or perhaps anything that serious of phoniest. Or on the other hand he could have liked these people for being since Elmemson said a none conformist. Nevertheless I doubt it, he seemed to just like kids a lot more than anything. Fantastic job, as he felt, was going to protect them within their innocents, that I will speak about in my second theme.

The initial example that stands out to my way of thinking is the picture with Stradlater in the may. If you remember Stradlater was getting ready for his other date while Holden watched him. Stradlater was a key slob in public places he usually looked very good and got all the girls but in fact he was a slob. His razor that manufactured him look so good was rusty since hell and full on lather and frizzy hair and junk. This shows that he’s a slob to never clean it or perhaps anything. If you consider this thats possibly worst than Old Ackley. At least Ackley recognized that he had a problem, that he should do something about his face, yet Stradlater thought that all he was a great guy. He actually thought that all there was nothing wrong with never cleansing his razor blade. I think that what mad, Holden therefore made Stradlater was perpetrating in other term being phony every time this individual went out every GQ following using that filthy razor blade.

Another instance is when he calls that lady in Ny, Faith Cavendish, that Eddie Birdsell acquired brought to a dance at Princeton. Anyhow he named her and she nearly went off until Holden drooped Eddies name. In that case all of a sudden she was receiving friendly since hell. Similar person stated if you think I love bein awoke in the middle- was receiving an english feature all of a sudden. I think Holden caught her with her faade down. Once she first picked up the phone she was mad because anybody different would be in her shoes. But as rapidly as your woman processed Eddie Birdsell from Princeton the lady became thus amicable. Your woman most of thought that a friend of Eddie, by Princeton, the majority of have been rich or by lest very well off. Hope was ready to date him to get a date until she asked Where ya callin via? Where en este momento at now, anyways? And in a cellphone booth was the wrong answer. When he declared she fresh he had no money and from that point on she experienced no time to satisfy up any more. This is a good example of the phoniest that Holden will talk about all through book.

Oh and 1 I nearly missed it is just a little prior to conversation with Faith it is just a very important event. When L. D. Salinger had Holden look about of the windows I think it was a big simile, of which I do think about even more in idea number a few, of the theme of the publication. Im sure Holden didnt ride to New York to pick a run-down hotel. Therefore i take this when he went up it probably viewed good on the exterior. He actually took this off referring to the reddish colored hunting cap before I actually checked inI didnt want to look like a screwball or anything. So we are able to assume it absolutely was nice, or perhaps at however on the outside. Salinger even toss Holden foreshadowed a little in the line We didnt find out then the fact that goddam motel was full of perverts and morons. The first man he noticed out his room windows took away all these womens clothes, and set them about. Then he started walking around just like a women, smoking a cigarette, and looking inside the mirror. And now I guests I have to get back my phrase about transvestites in the beginning paragraph. Second he did find a couple squiring water and they

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