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The good food and drink show discovering fresh

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The Good Food and Drink show is about discovering fresh foods – running the gamut via sweet to savoury new wines and latest products with a huge selection of local and international participants proffering trials and some of Australia’s superstar chefs and restaurateurs on stage at the Good Food Movie theater demonstrating tips on how to recreate their particular creations in the home. The demonstrate offers adequate opportunities to find out about your favorite tipple in one of their many masterclasses, participation in free wine beverage tasting classes at the Riedel Drinks Lab or wine beverage matching physical exercises in the Wine Selectors’ Basement Door Lessons. Chefs performing at the Very good Food Movie theater included the Dublin given birth to chef and restaurateur Lieu noir Fassnidge, who recently returned to the Australian TV program My Home Rules being a guest judge. Known for his nose to tail cooking food philosophy, the outspoken Irishman firmly is convinced the secret to cooking a fantastic dish is planning and “having some love for the food”.

Miguel Maestre did for many years in various kitchens around the globe, before negotiating down in Sydney, in which he has developed a talent for incorporating The spanish language ingredients and cooking models into his Australian selections. George Calombaris is among Australia’s top rated chefs. Although born and bred in Melbourne, his Greek history was central in his parental input with its rich and varied cuisine, which would later on become his trademark. On stage he offered food that comprised a hybrid of classical luxurious cuisine and experimental, molecular gastronomy with modern changes to traditional Greek food that have put this cafe on the global map. The restaurateur, tv presenter, writer, chef and gastronomic traveler Luke Nguyen graced the stage together with his relaxed and easygoing mother nature combined with his deep know-how and admiration for Japanese cuisine to honour his Asian historical past by taking people deeper together with foodstuff. His contagious enthusiasm along with a lack of pretention was a strike with the target audience.

The free wine beverage tasting classes at the Riedel Drinks Research laboratory, in conjunction with Spiegelau offered approximately four periods a day, in which one could find out more about wine while sampling a range of kinds from diverse regions throughout Australia. The tasting classes were associated by a selection of masterclasses, elizabeth. g. 1 on wine, one upon serving cocktails and ale. In essence, the favorable Food and Drink Present is a three-day indulgence bender that recognizes culinary fans come out entirely force intended for food and wine tastings, brand discoveries and foodie experiences. The newly exposed International Tradition Centre in Sydney turned out to be a suitable area that worked well for a grand-scale event on this nature, bringing together passionate foodies with passionate producers and it is a once-a-year opportunity to research, indulge and also have a foodie adventure.

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