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Homeless research composition


The aim of this research is to define regardless of whether drug as well as alcohol abuse happen to be contributing elements to getting homeless. It is not easy to establish a correlation between addiction, homelessness and drug abuse; however this research aims to determine the answer through the collection ofboth qualitative and quantitative data by means of a set of questions.

2 . zero Introduction

2 . you This study intends to discover whether there exists a correlation among homelessness and drugs/alcohol mistreatment? In England homelessness has been recognized as a social norm, although ethically this should not become the case.

In 2002 laws such as The Homelessness Act was brought in to get local authorities to stop homelessness. My interest in the topic arose following attending a programme with Tenant Support a voluntary organisation, relating to an early input of alcohol abuse, which aimed to prevent persons becoming desolate due to addictive problems, the question came about, does substance abuse contribute to getting homeless, and what can be done to assist prevent this kind of? In addition to this can easily becoming destitute create an addiction or perhaps alcohol/drug habbit? 3.

zero Homelessness

several. 1 What is homelessness?

Homelessness is viewed as individuals/families locating themselves in a situation where they may have no protect accommodation to reside. According to Amore ainsi que al ‘How homelessness ought to be defined is actually a fundamental and persistent problem'(2011: 2).

3. two Under the 1996 Housing Work a person or folks are identified homeless if: There is no accommodation that they are allowed to occupy

They have accommodation however it is not really reasonable to allow them to continue to inhabit this holiday accommodation They have hotel but are unable to secure access to that;

They have hotel but it includes a moveable composition, vehicle or perhaps vessel designed or modified for human being habitation and no place exactly where they are entitled or allowed both to put it and also to reside in that. Any one appointment this explanation and who may have successfully used on their local authority to get classified as such is officially recognised to be homeless’. Firth, (2010,: 3)

3. several The effects of homelessness

The consequence of homelessness can often include or perhaps lead to; damage ofself-esteem, splendour, vulnerability, substance abuse, criminal activities, self disregard, sexual and psychical abuse. For example , ‘some homeless girls act oddly and overlook personal cleanliness as a way to try to avoid attack’. Various homeless individuals are discriminated against due to the fact that some people just appear down for them and presume that there in this situation because of there personal doing.

four. 0 Drug abuse.

some. 1 What is substance abuse?

The term substance abuse means the use of any compound such as; medicine or alcohol, to a level that is deemed hazardous. In accordance to Firth (2008: 1) ‘Some medicines, such as morphine, have medical purposes. If they happen to be used for some other reasons, or in unnecessarily large quantities, then the term ‘drug abuse’ is applied’. 4. two The effects of drug abuse

The effects only can be destructive so in conjunction with homelessness can lead to the devastation of lives. Some of the effects of drug abuse are: loss of work, social exclusion, increased lawbreaker activity, relatives breakdowns, psychical and mental effects. An example of interpersonal exclusion is the fact people tent to cede others that used medicines due to the bias and judgment attached to all of them. People generally over see the underlining adding to factors that first induced the drug abuse in the first place.

5. 3 Likely prevention approaches

Early intervention could possibly be brought in on the very start of substance abuse i. e. an employee appears for work on a number of situations under the influence of alcohol or drugs and inevitably gets fired like a direct reaction to turning up pertaining to work under the effects, the employee would not see the employer again such as his judgment he has fulfilled his role. It truly is at this point a vital chance for early intervention have been missed. If the employer experienced perhaps signposted the employee to the correct providers for some support and support with the danger drinking, then this issue might have been recognised and steps could have be taken to support and perhaps stop further improper use.

5. 0 key discussions

5. 1 In spite of attempts through the Government and local authorities, Homelessness remains a substantial issue. From the homeless people interviewed pertaining to the primary analysis (see appendix three), a large proportion of them have view the Government will not do enough to help them. The department for Communities and local Government recommend ‘the best approach of preventing a large within the amounts of repossessions is always to address people deficit and make sure that interest levels remain low funding for debt suggestions services’ as a result reducing the possible numbers of potential homeless.

5. you Many of the customer survey participants do not Intention of stopping the re-occurring drug/alcohol abuse or perhaps have home realisation that there is a problem. The Government should perhaps put in place educational talks seminars in schools to do with drug/alcohols and the perils of misusing them and what to do if an individual finds these people self in a situation of homelessness so they may have some familiarity with what to do or perhaps where to go pertaining to help, advice or assistance.

5. 2 Perhaps the Federal government should review the content educated in educational institutions today, According to Chabot 2012 ‘The current framework works for many students, who have lots of composition and excessive expectations at home. But world and households are not the same as 30 years back. The school hasn’t changed we need to adapt. On the contrary is the part of education to socially engineer children? Graph A

5. 3 Results with the distributed questionnaires clearly present that the primary cause of homelessness is a break down in family relationship. Relating to Firth (2010: 40) ‘The breakdown of family relationships has been identified as the primary cause of homelessness’ Additionally

five. 4 Chart B shows the results from the question ‘since becoming homeless have you employed alcohol/drugs’? Obviously the effects show that from the sample of the destitute community that filled out my personal questionnaires, once an individual locates them personal in the location of being desolate then the use ofdrugs/alcohol grows. ‘Some people may perspective drug and alcohol use as necessary to become accepted among the list of homeless community’ (Didenko and Pankratz, 2007). Graph B


The Analysis of my research has demonstrated my speculation wrong, homelessness is not always primarily due to drug/alcohol related abuse, my own findings demonstrate that a malfunction in the is a major surrounding factor to homelessness. Furthermore once someone finds themselves homeless a drug/alcohol concern arises pertaining to various explanation; such as; in numbing the soreness, to forget, boredom and because they generally enjoy the use of substances. 6. zero Methodology

6. 1 Primarily I go through around the matter using secondary sources (see literature review) but to protect a much deeper understanding and have my own outcomes I undertook a primary part of research. I created a customer survey which had a mix of available and closed questions, that i submitted 20 throughout the desolate community that attend YMCA Project in Warrington area centre. The real reason for choosing the YMCA to submit my own questionnaire was the fact that the YMCA operate a night shelter for the homeless in Warrington, and provided other various solutions that work tightly with the desolate community. 6th. 2 Following undertaking some research regarding the YMCA and conversing with staff members that seemed the most effective way for the homeless to participate in the investigation was to become there face-to-face offering a free cup of tea caffeine to willing participants.

The results will be analysed and put in to a desk so a definite distinction of such results is visible. I will after that try to bring some side by side comparisons to the secondary source data and information obtained from Firth (2010). six. 3 The aim of the customer survey was to try and identify what help has already been accessible pertaining to the desolate or compound misusers, what is readily available, and is it similarly and easily accessible to everyone who demands it, if he or she want this sort of services.. 6th. 4 The questionnaires produced consisted of fourteen questions. The first question was to build the age group the participator comes below. The next five questions are regarding homelessness and the information surrounding becoming homeless. You will discover two concerns regarding the use/misuse of drugs and alcohol. This fourquestions are in relation to services regarding drug/alcohol and homelessness. Finally the very last three queries ask whether or not the participant considers ‘Do the us government do enough to help stop homelessness? ‘, ‘What adjustments would you like to find for the homeless? ‘ and ‘any other comments’?. I chose not to administer my personal questionnaire directly as this would have an immediate response on the answers the participant would give. I passed out the customer survey and asked the participator to complete them in on their own as a result ensuring that they could take their particular time and it might be more goal and the result more valid.

However , because I was in the vicinity together provided tea this may be viewed as pressure and may have had a direct effect on the type of response that they gave. Following analysing almost all 20 finished questionnaires, I discovered that the major reason for the main cause of homelessness is at fact because of a family malfunction. I put together all the findings from issue 3 ‘what are the reasons behind becoming homeless’ and the the desired info is shown in table A below. 6th. 5 The conclusion that was obtained from the questionnaire effects, is that a large number of homeless people believe the federal government do not perform enough to help these groups, but my own figures display that a large percentage had been or are presently in the process of being re homed, which suggests the fact that Government has been doing more than can be perceived by homeless community. This is not actually tackling the underling issues that caused the homelessness to start with. So should the Government always be contributing for the underlining issues that primarily produce that person homeless? This could incorporate delivering something to the homeless community, which identifies the problems and gives the ability to enable them to produce informed decisions about substance use, in an attempt to eradicate the condition before it is one.

7. 0 Refractive Accounts

As a result of speaking with the desolate participants We came to the conclusion that a lot of of them were very uncomfortable filling out the forms and only continued to do so pertaining to the totally free cup of tea/coffee that was presented, this could possibly make my own research results subjective because they could have been giving me the answers that they thought I wanted. While this led to the information that was needed for the research, I more than looked the actual homeless community actually necessary, this was for somebody to get to know themand sit down delicately and tune in to what they had to say and what they require and need in the form of support, while applying that the homeless want accommodation they also have individual needs too.

6. 0 Bibliography

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Era (please circle) 16 or under 21 -25 26-3030-4040+

Did you feel homeless in Warrington?

How much time have you been homeless?

What are the issues for getting homeless? (was the reason for getting homeless alcohol/ drugs related? )

Since becoming desolate have you applied alcohol /drugs?

How often do you really use drugs/alcohol (please circle)


Do you want to always be re-homed?

What services did you know about in Warrington that assist people that are desolate?

Do you know of any solutions in Warrington for alcohol/drug abuse?

Do you wish to access services for alcohol/drug abuse?

Perhaps there is any other services/ organisation that you want help to gain access to for other things?

Do you think the federal government do enough in Warrington to help stop homelessness?

What changes do you wish to see to get the homeless?

Any other remarks?

Research proposal

Simply by Claire Johnson

Planned proposal

This research proposal expects to discover if drugs as well as alcohol lead to homelessness, is it homelessness that exacerbates the challenge of alcohol and drug abuse?, Reason for intended proposal

The reason behind this proposal is definitely the high dependence on early involvement regarding alcohol and drug abuse. Presently not all professional’s advise or signpost when necessary regarding this current subject. Only 18months ago in the UK professionals started training in Alcohol Identification and Advice in order that early intervention could be set up to prevent medium risk individuals becoming high-risk or liquor dependants. The situation of homelessness is an important issue especially if the prevalent cause is drug as well as alcohol abuse. If my exploration can build whether drug/alcohol abuse is a causes bringing about homelessness then professionals may aim to put in place strategies to solve substance abuse, and then latter will become less associated with an issue. And so in tackling alcohol and substance wrong use Briton could possibly be facing a inhabitants with significantly less homeless. Analysis methodology

Let me create a set of questions which I am going to submit towards the YMCA for the desolate to complete. After doing some research about the YMCA and conversing with staff members it seems the most effective way intended for the desolate to get involved is to be their very own in person supplying a free bag coffee to willing members. I am going to place my finding into a stand and present them to NSH Warrington Wellness Improvement Task Public Health. The questionnaires that are to be drafted will try to determine what homeless people what when it comes to tools to empower these to help themselves out with their situation. The questionnaires will try to identify; what help is already assessable intended for the desolate or compound misusers, can it be readily available, could it be equally and easily accessible to everyone who require it? This research pitch is aiming to recognize whether homeless people make an effort to access providers provided to help substance and alcohol abuse of course, if so was it successful, of in case the services are very well publicised and easily accessible intended for the homeless. The research as well intends to discover if you will discover organisations which are not well publicized to specialists that would be

able to signal post potential people in danger.

Literature review

The Homeless Inhabitants by Mack Firth (2010, may).

Reading about and around the subject of homelessness in The Destitute Population by Lisa Firth, it becomes clear to me that homelessness is known as a complex subject and does in reality have many diverse elements as to the may cause it. Lisa Firth goes into interesting depth about the several types of homelessness and the different possible reasons without going ‘around the houses’ so to claim. I was capable of learn a lot in a short space of time including; hidden destitute and reasons for becoming destitute. Within the material of this publication are the many frequently asked questions including; ‘surely there’s no harm in giving a handful of pence towards the homeless’ Firth (2012). These questions possess both sides in the argument with facts and figures which usually for me personally solved everything that I needed to know regarding the desolate community.

The ETHOS Description and Classification of Homelessness: An Evaluation by Kate Amore, Eileen Baker and Philippa Howden-Chapman (2011) Upon discovering this kind of pdf regarding the homeless population, it appears that this pdf file was made with all the intention of discovering a global definition for homelessness. This pdf shows that certain requirements for being desolate that is used in one place that would determine an individual destitute, does not always apply to everyone globally. The ETHOS meaning of homeless tries to establish what constitutes homelessness. As it is there was clearly a great amount of data in this particular pdf nevertheless it was not simple yet comprehensive and appeared to repeat on its own. It was not clear or succinct. Skimming this info seemed to be the easiest method to get to the actual of the foundation the pdf. The Health of the Homeless (2012)

The Health of the Homeless is an extremely clear easy to understand online record which has plenty of statistics as well as are homelessness. This piece of short producing starts via 1960s and comes up to current time although it was not necessarily about the exact topic that the record was depending on it was interesting to read. In addition, it ties along with the point that homeless people have a words too and so they should be within the care deal provided for homeless. It was well presented and to the point.


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