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Einstein 360 essay

Brand 9 different methods you can pull up a customer.

Phone Number; Account amount; ticket number; First and Last name; Talk about; Email address/username; mac addresses; Previous Accounts

Term the options that are always available on the top dark-colored panel.

Accounts Lookup, End Conversation, CTI On/Off, Howdy Agent drop down, Notifications

What is Einstein 360?

An understanding data basic designed and developed specifically for Comcast Employees

If you click the agents term, what are the 3 options?

Regarding Einstein, Advice, Support Matters

What information has about the consumer when you click the customers brand?

Customer Details, Account Information, Account Indicators, Related Links

Name every one of the account signal colors.

Red; Green; Yellow, Gray

This means that important confident information about the accounts


This show a caution or alert about the account


This indicates an issue while using account

Reddish colored

This means that information about the bank account


Name the 4 selections that are on the left panel.

Actions, Notes, Devices, (Browse ITG’s)

What information is available within Account Information?

Rate center, Node, Platforms

Term the tool used to research xfinity shops.


Name the 3 Related Backlinks

Competitive Border, Service Centers, Channel Collection

Exactly what the 6 tabs in Einstein fish hunter 360?

Overview, Accounts, Billing & Payment, Fine-tuning, Services, Activity

Precisely what are the 3 phases of Einstein?

Knowledge; Companies; Sales

An all in one knowledge tool.

Einstein 360

Name Einstein’s Key Features.

Customer-Centric Content; Look-up Tools; Integrated Systems; Device Catalogue; Social Media-like Information writing; Smart Search; Interactive Maintenance Guides; Document Sharing through Email, Specific Notes, Buyer Approval, My own Account

Step-by-Stop manuals that information and support the agent to help handle customer reported issues.

Fun Troubleshooting Guides(ITG)

Google-Like Search capacities

Smart Search

Reports feeds and alerts which have been specific towards the employee, their job, and their position

Social Media-like Information writing

Images and wiring diagrams of the customer’s devices

Device Library

Included billing, admission and fine-tuning information

Bundled Systems

Quick backlinks to research the user’s Service Center and Route Line-up

Look-up tools

Email a peice directly to a client or co-work, straight from Einsten

Document showing via email

Precisely what are the 3 search options below Advanced Search?

Previous consideration dates, Ticket Number, MAC Address

Account Overall health home honesty information looks where?

Within the right aspect of the header

What Icons are shown below Account Health?

Internet, Voice, TV, House, Bill

Clicking on an Account Health Icon opens up what?

An Broadened Header Drawer (Bill Compartment, TV Compartment, Voice Drawer, Internet Drawer, Home Drawer)

What kind of search can you do in Einstein 360?

Keyword; document ID; prevalent problems

How do you “Stay in the Know?

with the right panel

(alerts, Media, favorites, My own useful links, Recently viewed, new & updated Papers; Tool Kits)

What is the present version of Einstein?

1708. 2 . zero. 115

What are the toolkit options for xfinity wifi?

XFINITY WiFi Computerized Sign In Devices; XFINITY Wireless Home Killer spot; XFINITY Wi-fi Access Level Portal (AP Portal); XFINITY WiFi Killer spot Locator Map

Einstein 360

Designed by and designed exclusively for Comcast employees. Comcast inside knowledge Managing Solution that replace Casper and then Einstein.

Exactly what the 4 ITG issues?


Precisely what is shown underneath Customer Data?

Customers Address, Preferred Contact number, Alternate Email

Precisely what are the 5 selections around the footer found on the bottom of Einstein fish hunter 360?

Toolkits, Most favorite, Useful Links, Knowledge Bottom, Help Middle

Precisely what are the a few toolkit navigation bars?

TV, Net, Voice, Cellular, Other

What is shown under Buyer Information?

Consumers Address, Recommended Phone Number, Alternate Email

What are Specific Notes?

On the left hand side hand side of the display screen, you can see the latest notes which were taken for the account.


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