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Internship report in customer satisfaction around



1 . 1 Background of the report:

The internship is a powerful approach intended for practical understanding gathered with this study. My own effort was for practical job experience through an internship for business communication skills and banking groups. As a scholar of BBA for the advantages of the internship program, I had been assigned for the MBL for my functional orientation.

This report is completed as incomplete requirement of 3 of the months internships program to get the BBA students of Section of Marketing, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology.

The internship operate is done on the bank, specifically Mercantile Financial institution Limited (MBL). The students had been asked to get ready reports on the assigned jobs after the completion of the Internship in the respective organizations. The topic of the survey is “Customer Satisfaction around the services of MBL. 

1 . 2 Significance in the Report:

The economy of your country has a lot remaining to be ideal and there are plenty of scopes intended for massive improvement. In an economy like this, bank sector may play a vital role to improve the general social-economic circumstances.

As our country is a great under develop country, the banks play the role of an intermediary and can mobilize the excess fund of extra sectors to supply necessary financing, to those areas, which are required to promote the sound development of the country.

The financial institutions provide several types of services to its table parts, just like general banking services or finance or investing which in turn results deal of foreign currency. To do this additionally they need capital, assets and also other factors which effects straight in the lender performance. This report will assist you to understand the client satisfaction on the services of MBL. As a result, we could have a clear idea regarding customer satisfaction for the Services of MBL.

1 ) 3 Scope of the Report:

MBL is always aiming to improve their customer satisfaction in every sector, but in today’s competitive world of business, banks have to give added concentration for the client’s requirements, in order to stay at the top.

Consequently , besides dealing with the general advantages of Different Services, I have been trying to put more concentration on the customer benefits and also other customer related facilities from this report when i have been carrying out my internship. 1 . four Objectives with the Report:

1 ) 4. one particular Broad Target:

The broad aim of this statement is to identify the customer satisfaction on the solutions of MBL. 1 . some. 2 Particular Objectives:

* To discover the different solutions of MBL that is wanted to its consumers. * To recognize the 7p’s analysis of MBL.

* To recognize the weak spot, problems, prospect of MBL. * To spot the level of client satisfaction.

5. To explore the possibilities and competitive advantages that has been ignored by simply MBL.

1 ) 5 Method:

1 ) 5. 1 Types of Research:

It is equally exploratory & descriptive analysis in mother nature. 1 . a few. 2 Causes of Data:

I have gathered data in the two options, one is main source and another is definitely secondary source.

1 . 5. 2 . you Primary Resources:

5. Conversation and questioning while using different clients by questionnaire survey. * Observing the entire environment.

* Staff of foreign currency, credit & others.

1 . 5. 2 . 2 Secondary Sources:

Secondary Data

Which will data is published that is called Second data or Secondary data is info collected simply by someone apart from the user. Secondary data are extremely much important for conduct an effective study and also to have dedicated result.

1 . 5. three or more Data Collection Procedure:

1 . 5. 3. one particular Primary Data:

The main data collection process contains:

2. Questioner review

1 . your five. 3. 2 Secondary Data:

* Brochures of MBL.

* Gross annual report of MBL.

* Standard website.

* www.google.com

1 . your five. 4 Set of questions Design:

This is a highly structure type of questionnaire and used for conducting customer satisfaction survey and acquire primary data. In this article average time was 20 tiny for every surveys takers. There are 20 questions for the questioner. Question type was close finished.

1 . five. 5 Testing Plan:

1 . 5. 5. 1 Target Populace:

Every clients of MBL Gulshan branch in Dhaka town.

1 . a few. 5. two Sampling Component:

Person clients of MBL.

1 . five. 5. several Sampling Shape:

Zero well methodized sample frame was found.

1 . 5. 5. 4 Testing Procedure:

Non possibility convenience sample procedure is employed.

1 . 5. your five. 5 Sample Size:

I have used 50 buyers as my sample.

1 . 5. six Data evaluation and revealing:

Quantitative and qualitative data collected and assessed according to acceptable specifications of practice. Different furniture and graphs were accustomed to make the info meaningful.

1 . 6 Limits:

2. Lack of buyer co-operation. * Lack of satisfactory knowledge about any other financial institutions. 5. It was very difficult to collect almost all data, which is very essential. 5. Due to time limitation aspects worth considering could not be discussed in today’s study because Banking is a vast subject. * Insufficient experiences on Banking.

* Every organization has their own secrecy which is not revealed to others.

Despite the limitation, I have tried my far better to prepare the report. If you discover any problem please consider it cordially.

Portion -2

Overview of the company

2 . you Company Background:

Cargo Bank Limited was incorporated in Bangladesh as a general public limited firm under the Lender Company Take action, 1991, on May 20, 99. After obtaining license via Bangladesh Bank to carry on financial business, your bank commenced the operation on June 2, 1999 with an authorized capital of Tk 800 million divided into almost 8 million normal shares of Tk 100 each. About 31 Dec 2001, their paid up capital was Tk 596. 5 million Mercantile Bank Limited went for public concern of stocks on August 21, 2003. There are 40 sponsors associated with creating Cargo Bank Limited. During this brief time the MBL has been effective to make a placement as a accelerating and dynamic financial institution in the area.

The MBL has been generally acclaimed by the business community, from tiny entrepreneurs to large investors and professional conglomerates, including the top rated company borrowers to get forwarding-looking organization outlook and innovative loans solutions. Therefore within this very short period of the time it has been able to create a picture for on its own and offers earned significant reputation inside the country’s Banking Sector as being a bank with vision. The financial institution has made significant contribution to the growth of Readymade Garments sectors by managing huge amount of export Words of Credit. Recently it includes 75 Limbs with 1, 668 useful employees.

installment payments on your 2 Vision:

As the best Financial service provider in Bangladesh cheaply & supplying more solutions & services to the small , and medium, large sectors to enhance the socio economic symptom in Bangladesh.

2 . 3 Quest:

To satisfy the difficulties of 21th century & to meet the expected foreseeable future result, MBL offering a large number of attractive companies to the customer. they will increased the FDR rate from doze. 5 to 13. 33 to collect even more deposit from customers & to increase the saving tendency of the clientele. MBL just lately introduced Very Benefit Pay in Scheme (SBDS) & Education Planning Pay in Scheme (EPDS) they are long term special saving scheme by which customer will get benefits up to 10 or perhaps 15 years.

2 . 5 Objectives:

5. To achieve positive Economic Value Added (EVA) every year. * To become market leader in product innovation.

* To become one of the top three Finance institutions in Bangladesh in terms of price efficiency. 2. To be one of the top five Finance institutions in Bangladesh in terms of market share in all significant market sections we provide. * To achieve 20% return on shareholders’ equity or more, on average.

installment payments on your 5 Key Values:

2. For the customer

Featuring with patient services because they are innovative inside the development of fresh banking services * To get the aktionär

Maximizing wealth of your bank

2. For company

Respecting worth and dignity of individual personnel devoting all their energies intended for the progress of the financial institution * Pertaining to the community

Strengthening the organization values and taking environment and cultural risks and reward into consideration.

2 . 6 Board of Directors:

5. Chairman

Md. Abdul Jalil, Meters. P

* Vice ChairmanMorshed Alam

Mohd. Selim

* DirectorM. S. Ahsan

Alhaj Akram Hossain (Humayun)

Md. Anwarul Haque

Dr . Toufi que Rahman Chowdhury

Golam Faruk Ahmed

Engr. Mohd. Monsuruzzaman

Bilkis Begum

Maryland. Tabibul Huq

A. S. Meters. Feroz Alam

A. K. M. Shaheed Reza

Maryland. Nasiruddin Choudhury

Maryland. Shahabuddin Alam

Syed Muhammed Abbdul Mannan, M. P

Alhaj Mosharref Hossain

Israt Jahan

M. A. Khan Belal

Dr . Matiur Rahman, M. P

* Managing Director & CEO

A. K. M. Shahidul Haque

installment payments on your 7 Operational network appendage gram:


Managing Director|

Deputy Handling Director|

Exec Vice President|

Senior Vice President|

Vice President|

Sr. Assistant Vice President|

Associate Vice President|

First Associate Vice President|

Senior Executive Officer|

Executive Officer|

Senior Officer|


Junior Officer|

2 . 8 Deposit Providers:

* Regular monthly Saving Plan (MSS)

Regular monthly Saving Plan is one of the the majority of popular put in products in several communities that introduced to entice small investors for gathering their behavior of cost savings and therefore build up a wholesome capital base for the economy. The monthly installments are in different sizes and one can possibly adopt the schemes to get a period of goal years, 05 years, ’08 years or perhaps 10 years.

5. Monthly Advantage Deposit Scheme

Under this kind of scheme, depositor will get a particular sum of money in each month proportion to his/her deposit through the entire period. Benefit starts right from the first month of opening an account beneath this system and continues up to five years. Upon maturity, the main amount can be paid back. Objectives of this plan are to ensure that the retired persons for trading their pension benefits, Create investment opportunities for Non-Resident Bangladeshi. The Minimum placed amount is definitely BDT 50, 000 or perhaps its interminables and the tenure is five (05) years.

* Twice Benefit Pay in Scheme (DBDS)

The main attraction of DBDS is that, the deposited volume will be dual in tenure of 5. 6years. Minimal deposited volume should be BDT 10, 000 or its multiples. In the case of premature encashment interest will be paid about Saving AIRCONDITIONING Rate. Bank loan may be granted up to maximum 80% with the deposited quantity, but minimum principle quantity must be BDT 20, 500.

* Quarterly Benefit Pay in Scheme

The ‘Quarterly Profit Deposit Scheme’ will be taken care of for a length of 3 (three) years as well as the minimum quantity of deposit is BDT 50, 1000. 00 (fifty thousand) or its multiples. Interest will be paid about quarterly basis. Benefits start right from the first one fourth of beginning the system. On maturity, principal quantity will be reimbursed. Savings account is needed to maintain this scheme.

2. 1 . 5 Time Gain Deposit Scheme

Under this scheme, placed amount reserved for 4. twenty-five years (or 51 months) plus the minimum amount of deposit is BDT 50, 000. 00 (fifty thousand) or its interminables. After four. 25 years maturity, 1 . 5 times of the placed amount will probably be paid back for the account holder.

* Progress Benefit Deposit Scheme

Underneath Advance Advantage Deposit Plan, one can deposit a certain amount of funds for two years. The depositor will receive the power on yearly basis. The benefit amount of first yr will be received in advance during the time of deposit. In maturity, the depositor will get back the key amount with all the benefit sum of second year. Meaning Interest can be paid in two Phases, first phase paid at first and second phase paid out after maturity. Loan might be granted about maximum 70% of first deposit.

2 . 9 Loan Companies:

* Credit Scheme

Card holder’s Credit Scheme is one of the popular areas of collateral-free finance from the Bank. People who have limited profits can avail of credit facility to buy home goods which include computer and other consumer durables.

* Lease contract Finance

This kind of scheme has been designed to help and encourage the genuine and capable internet marketers and pros for attaining capital machineries, medical gadgets, computers, vehicle and other things. Flexibility and easier term and conditions of this plan have drawn the potential business people to acquire equipments of creation and services and pay off gradually coming from earnings on the basis of ‘Pay whenever you earn’

* SME Mortgage Scheme

Small , Medium Organization (SME) Financial loan Scheme has become introduced to offer financial assist with new or perhaps experienced business people to invest in small and medium range industries having a comparatively low rate of interest as the same is definitely assisted by Bangladesh Lender wither financing facilities.

2. Personal Loan Scheme

Personal Loan System has been introduced to extend credit facilities to cater the needs of low and middle-income group for any purpose. Government and semi govt officials, employees of autonomous bodies, banking companies and other financial organizations, international Companies, reputed private companies and educators of recognized public and private schools, colleges and Universities are eligible just for this loan.

2. Car Loan Plan

Car Loan System has been introduced to enable middle-income people to order Cars/SUVs/Jeeps. Federal government and semi-government officials, workers of independent bodies, banks and other economical organizations, multinational companies, reputed private agencies, teachers of recognized general public and private schools and business people are eligible just for this loan.

* Home Loan Plan

To meet the growing will need of real estate for middle and lower-middle income persons, MBL features Home Loan Structure.

* Offshore Employment Bank loan Scheme

International Employment Loan Scheme was created to facilitate the Bangladeshi youths seeking employment aboard but unable to fulfill the expenses to reach the workplace from their own resources. The ultimate targets of the scheme are to showcase skilled as well as semi-skilled time to different countries across the world along with provide support to Authorities Policy taking into consideration priority on this sector. By simply availing loan under this kind of scheme, the active young ones of central and reduce middle school can get overseas employment.

installment payments on your 10 Promoting Mix:


MBL today offering several kind of first deposit screams intended for the customers with retail Banking, corporate financing, asset, fairness brokerage and security. (2)

Selling price:

Selling price means value that a client has to pay to take any kind of service. MBL take’s a charge in the deposited account & charge interest in lone. (3)Place:

Just lately MBL offers 75 Limbs all over Bangladesh & they may be opening new branches for improving their customer solutions. (4) Promotion:

MBL use TELEVISION, print press to communicate with the customers.


MBL features 1668 efficient employee to supply their companies & a large number of sells representatives on the field. (6) Process:

Method means, the process mechanisms and flow of the activity by which the assistance is delivered. They constantly try to provide services at the earliest possible time. (7) Physical Evidence:

Physical environment means, the planet in which the assistance is sent. MBL proven their divisions in all essential places & they provide their service’s in a comfortable & friendly environment for their client.

2 . 14 SWOT research:

* Advantages:

5. Strong client relationship or customer loyalty.

2. More than 70 branches with 1668 useful employee.

* Superb Service quality.

* Strong Management team.

* Fair interest rate.

2. Weaknesses:

* Hold off in service delivery.

2. Long Account opening process.

2. Introducer need in beginning current account.

* Low promotional activity.

* Options:

5. Technological advantage.

* Mobile financial.

2. Offering fresh deposit system.

5. SME bank.

* Hazards

5. Political adjustments.

2. Technological improvement.

5. Increasing volume of banks.

* Substantial government rule & set interest rate simply by Bangladesh lender.

2 . doze Corporate Profile:

Brand: Mercantile Lender Limited

Established: Might 20, 1999

Head office: 61, Dilkusha Commercial Location

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

PABX: 9559333, 9553892

Key Persons: Md. Abdul Jalil, M. P

Industry: Finance (Bank)

Services: price tag banking, corporate and business finance, Financing, asset, value brokerage and security. Divisions: 75

Employees: 1660

Profit: 3, 004. 17 million (2011)

Website: www.mblbd.com


Theoretical Elements

Marketing Theory:

* Advertising:

The procedure by which businesses create worth for the client & build strong relationship with them in order to get from client in return. 2. Marketing Managing:

Advertising Management can be described as business willpower which concentrates on the particular using marketing tactics & the management of firms marketing resource & activity. 2. Marketing Study:

The organized design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a certain marketing circumstance facing a company. * Target audience:

A couple of buyers showing common requirements or attributes that the business decides to serve. 2. Market Part:

Several consumers who respond in a similar way to a given set of marketing efforts. * Market Positioning:

A clear, distinctive and desirable place of a product in accordance with competing products in the head of target consumers or Create a positive image on customers head. * Market:

Market is a system, procedure for exchanging merchandise & service where two parties accept sell or perhaps buy any product or service within a particular benefit or value. * Industry Offering:

Some combination of products, companies, information, or experiences offered to a market to satisfy a need or want.

5. Product Strategy:

The concept consumers will certainly favor items that offers one of the most quality, performance, and features. * Creation Concept:

The idea that customers will favor products in the event that that are available and highly affordable. * Selling Concept:

The idea that consumers will not get enough in the firm’s items unless that undertakes a big scale offering and advertising effort. * Marketing Concept:

The marketing concept that reaching organizational desired goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target market segments and providing the desired fulfillment better than competition do. 2. Societal Marketing Concept:

Maybe a company should always make good marketing decisions by considering consumers need, the company’s requirements, consumers’ long-run interests and society’s long-run interests. 2. Service:

Any activity or benefit that one party can offer to a different that is essentially intangible and does not result in the title of whatever. * Customer Satisfaction:

Influenced by the products perceived performance relative to buyer’s

expectations or maybe the extent to which a product’s perceived efficiency matches a buyer’s expectations.

* 7p’s in Detail:

FIG: 1 * Products:

The product is the central aspect of the marketing mixture. Products have got both tangible and intangible benefits. Touchable benefits contain benefits, which is often measured including the top speed of a car. Intangible benefits will be benefits that cannot be assessed such as the satisfaction the customer will get from the product. It is important that the merchandise is transformed as necessary to get it up as of yet and prevent that from staying overtaken by competitors. The definition of “product identifies tangible, physical products along with services. Here are some examples of the merchandise decisions to get made: 5. Variety

2. Quality

* Design

* Features

* Brand name

5. Packaging

* Solutions

* Sizes

* Warranty specifics

2. Returns

* Price:

It is very important the correct cost is charged for a product. In the event the price is way too high consumers can avoid the merchandise as they will believe that to be too expensive yet in the event the product is priced too low they could believe that you will discover something wrong with the product for this to be so cheap. Likewise if the business charges lacking a price, it may not cover their costs. There are many pricing tactics that businesses can use to decide on a price because of their product including market and psychological prices methods. A few examples of charges decisions to become made consist of:

* Pricing strategy (Skim, penetration, etc . )

* Advised retail price

5. Volume special discounts and inexpensive pricing

* Cash and early on payment discounts/ bonus

* Seasonal pricing

* Bundling

5. Price flexibility

5. Price splendour.

* Place:

The area is where you can expect to find your customer and consequently, where the sale is understood. Knowing this kind of place, you need to look for a division channel to be able to reach the customer. 2. Distribution channels

* Industry coverage (inclusive, selective, or perhaps exclusive distribution) * Specific channel associates

5. Inventory management

* Intermediaries

* Distribution centers

* Buy processing

* Transactions

5. Reverse logistics

* Promo:

Inside the context in the marketing blend, promotion presents the various aspects of marketing conversation, that is, the communication of information about the item with the goal of generating an optimistic customer response. Marketing interaction decisions consist of: * Advertising strategy (push, pull, etc . )

5. Advertising

* Personal selling & sales force

* Product sales promotions

* Pr & publicity

* Marketing communications price range

Yet , the techniques for the several P’s need some adjustments when used on services. For instance , traditionally promotion is regarded as involving decisions related to revenue, advertising, product sales promotions and publicity. In services these kinds of factors are important, yet because solutions are produced and used simultaneously, support delivery people are involved in current promotion of the service whether or not their jobs are typically described in terms of the operational function they execute. * People:

All human being action that plays a part in guide and details services delivery namely the librating staff. * Procedure:

Process means, the process mechanisms and flow in the activity through which the assistance is sent. * Physical Evidence:

Physical environment means, the planet in which the support is delivered & organization & client interact, & any concrete components that facilitate functionality or communication of the support.

* SWOT analysis:

FIG: 2

5. Strengths:

* What advantages did your organization include?

* What do you do much better than anyone else?

* What unique or perhaps lowest-cost resources can you draw upon that other folks can’t? 5. What do people in your market discover as your strong points?

2. What elements mean that you “get the sale?

* What is your organization’s Exclusive Selling Task?

* Weaknesses:

2. What could you improve?

* What should you steer clear of?

2. What are people in your market very likely to see because weaknesses? 2. What

factors lose you revenue?

* Possibilities:

2. What very good opportunities is it possible to spot?

* What interesting developments are you aware of?

* Within technology and markets on both a broad and narrow scale. 2. Changes in federal government policy related to your field.

* Changes in social habits, population information, lifestyle changes. * Local situations.

* Threats:

* What obstructions do you encounter?

2. What are your competitors doing?

* Happen to be quality standards or requirements for your job, products or services changing? * Is usually changing technology threatening your situation?

2. Do you have awful debt or cash-flow complications?

* Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your company?

Gaps Model of Service Quality:

FIG: 3

1 . Consumer gap: Big difference between client expectations & perceptions. 2 . Provider gap 1: Not knowing what the customer wants or perhaps expect. a few. Provider space 2: Not selecting the right assistance design and standards. 4. Provider distance 3: Not really delivering to service designs & standard. 5. Supplier gap some: Not corresponding performance with promises.


Research and Results

Questionnaire Study Analysis:

Atlanta divorce attorneys survey, you have to analyze the survey benefits and stick to the

conclusions as a guideline of advancement the job. The study reports will be shown listed below with graphic representation in percentage basis. (1) What type of account you maintain with this bank?

FIG: some

From the graph, it can be seen that 23 from the respondents will be MSS holder, 10 with the respondents have got FDR, 13 of the participants have current account and 5 have the other account. Below most of the respondents have Month to month saving structure (MSS) In this article bank ought to give importance on other accounts.

(2) Why you select mercantile traditional bank? Or purpose of choosing this kind of Bank?

FIG: 5

From your graph, it can be seen that the 11 respondents choose this bank pertaining to the number of twigs of the traditional bank, 15 intended for location of the bank, 3 pertaining to reputation of your bank, 16 pertaining to service from the bank, 5 for personal relationship. Here a lot of the respondents choose this financial institution because of the support and location of the bank.

(3) What are confer with this lender you generally use?

FIG: 6

From the graph, we located that the twenty respondents use MSS with this bank, a few uses LC of the lender, 9 uses current account with the bank, 7 uses FDR of the bank, 7 uses Card & 4 uses locker assistance of the bank. Here a lot of the respondents employ MSS and current account providers of the financial institution.

(4) Are you satisfied with the service charges of the financial institution?

FIG: six

Through the graph, we can see that the twenty-five respondents said moderate, 16 respondents explained service fees are large, and 10 respondents explained the service charges happen to be low by some other banking institutions.

(5) Will you be satisfied with the account opening procedure?

FIG: 8 From your graph, you observe that the 3 respondents will be satisfied with the account opening procedure, doze are very satisfied and 12-15 are disappointed. Here most of the customers are satisfied with the account opening procedure.

(6) Are you a debit card holder of this Bank?

FIG: 9 In the graph, it can be seen the 14 participants are credit card holder and 36 participants are not. Right here the respondents who have account in the bank they can apply for the card.

(7) Do you think the numbers of CREDIT booths are sufficient?

FIG: 10

From the graph, it is viewed that the 76% respondents think that the numbers of ATM booths are not enough and offered, 24% participants think that the numbers of CREDIT booths happen to be sufficient. So , most of the participants are not satisfied with the number of ATM booths.

(8) Do you think MBL takes much longer time to issue a credit card?

FIG: 14

From the chart, we can see that 20 respondents think they don’t much more time to issue a greeting card, 20 participants think they take a longer time & 10 participants think they get a very long time.

(9) Are you pleased about CREDIT services?

FIG: 12

Through the graph, it truly is seen which the 17 with the respondents happen to be satisfied with

the CREDIT services, 20 respondents are dissatisfied, and 13 participants are in moderate placement. Here the majority of the respondents will be dissatisfied together with the ATM solutions.

(10) Are you satisfied with the branch location?

FIG: 13

From the chart, we can see that 18 participants are happy, 14 participants are disappointed, and 18 respondents will be in modest position.

(11) Where will you first find out about this bank?

FIG: 13

Through the graph, 0 respondents know from TV SET, 20% participants know by news newspaper, 36% respondents know coming from bill plank & representatives, 44% respondents know by friends & family.

(12) Are you pleased with the different rates of interest that are offered by simply MBL?

FIG: 15

In the graph, we can see that 36% respondents will be satisfied with the interest rates, 50 percent respondents will be in moderate position & 14% participants are disappointed with the interest levels.

(13) Will you be satisfied with the different promotional marketing campaign of MBL?

FIG: 18

From the graph, we can see zero respondents are really satisfied, a few are pleased, 26 happen to be in fairly neutral position, doze are dissatisfied, 9 are really dissatisfy regarding the promotional activities of MBL.

(14) Do you think the employees are highly effective?

FIG: 18

From the graph, you observe that 5 respondents are really satisfied for the work of employees of MBL. 12-15 respondents will be satisfied & 26 respondents are in neutral location & four respondents will be dissatisfy. Consequently more or less almost all respondents happen to be satisfied pertaining to the employees.

(15) Do you think the taking mortgage is very easy?

FIG: 18

From the graph, we all found that 0% respondents are highly satisfied with the lone processing, 28% respondents will be satisfy with it, 24% respondents happen to be in simple position, 48% are dissatisfy on the solitary taking process.

Part-5 Major Findings

Major Findings:

Mercantile Bank Limited actively engage in the growth and expansion of the national economic climate by providing different kind of solutions. While analyzing the plans and types of procedures & studying the customer pleasure of the Lender the following areas were mainly viewable.

* Most of the respondents have MSS account.

* The majority of the respondents select this bank because of the part location & services in the bank. 2. Most of the participants come to the bank to get the MSS, FDR & savings accounts. * A lot of the respondents are satisfied with the MBL costs. * Almost all of the respondents happen to be satisfied with the account opening procedure with the bank, yet respondents were required to face several difficulties to open current account as it require introducer who currently have current account upon MBL. * Most of the participants don’t use cards of this traditional bank.

* The majority of the respondents are generally not satisfied with the number of ATM booths. * The majority of the respondents are not satisfied with the machine of issuing a cards. * Almost all of the respondents are certainly not satisfy together with the ATM solutions. * A lot of the respondents will be satisfied with the branch location. * The majority of the respondents know about the bank by friends & family. 2. Most of the respondents are content with the MBL interest rate.

2. Most of the participants are not pleased with the marketing actives from the bank. 2. Most the respondents happen to be satisfied with the MBL employee’s attitude and behavior because they can expertly solve the banking trouble. * Almost all of the respondents think the loan control system is quite difficult & large interest rate on personal loan.




MBL has an efficient and excellent managing team and performing which has a great competence and treatment. The limitations could be overcome by simply some actions to make the efficiency outstanding. I’ve some recommendations for The MBL according to my observations out of my study on 60 customers. Individuals are given under: * The lender should present more features on various other account to draw more clients. * The financial institution should create a strong picture on marketplace through masking new location. * The financial institution should provide more attractive features & intend to attract even more customers.

* Customers will be satisfied with MBL charges, so the bank ought to attract large numbers of customer through using this low cost strategy. 2. The customers happen to be satisfied with the account beginning procedure in the bank. But the bank should introduce a simpler process to open current account. 5. The bank should provide even more facilities inside the ATM greeting cards. * They need to increase the number of ATM sales space because the Consumers are not content with the number of it. * The lender should provide more importance on the system of issuing a card at the earliest possible time. * Your bank should provide more focus on the CREDIT services since the customers are generally not satisfied with that. * The lender should get new crucial area for making new divisions & search opportunity for the financial institution. * The financial institution should increase their advertisements.

2. The bank’s customer are happy with the rate of interest, through this advantage the financial institution should appeal to more customers. * The financial institution should boost the promotional actives on TV, printing media & radio.

5. The bank has many efficient staff an efficient employee can appeal to the customers, hence the bank ought to give more importance on that. 5. The bank ought to introduce a less complicated process to get giving lone.




Cargo Bank Limited is a good and powerful player inside the financial system. This can be a solid, forward-looking, modern regional bank using a record of sound functionality. It is a fresh generation bank. It is dedicated to provide good quality financial services /products to help the growth of GDP of the industrialization, boosting up export, creating career opportunity for the educated junior, rising standard of living of limited income group and general sustainable socio-economic development of the. The bank provides the vision to be the best Personal Commercial Lender in Bangladesh in terms of productivity, capital adequacy, asset quality, sound management etc . it is now one of the best most lucrative commercial financial institution.

As finishing remark the bank is able to obtain a leading position with the 13 years success story but to remain in Good position among new era banks, the financial institution must encounter new problems. The bank must make a positive make an effort to be more facing outward looking in their goals and aware of what is going on. They must also emphasize within the domestic scenario more carefully and evaluate any specific trends and strategies of their very own competitors. The lender must accept any failures and think of them as an objective to pursue upcoming goals rather than blaming this sort of failures upon other factors and this way the lender will be able to continue on playing the important tasks in our economy.




* Annual Report (2009) of Cargo Bank Limited.

* Annual Report (2011) of Mercantile Bank Limited.

* Round of Mercantile Bank Limited.

5. Interview while using Credit part of employees Cargo Bank Limited, Gulshan, Part. * Interview with SME and retail banking area of Mercantile Traditional bank Limited, Gulshan Branch.

Books reference

* Guidelines of Marketing- 12th Edition- Philip Kotler.

2. Marketing Management- 13th Edition- Philip Kotler.

2. Service Marketing- 4th Edition- Zeithamal & Bitner.

Internet reference

* www.google.com

* www.wikpedia.com

* www.yahoo.com

5. www.answer.com

* www.mblbd.com



Natural Table:

1 . What kind of account you maintain with the bank?

* MSS 23

* FDR twelve

2. Current 13

5. Others 5

2 . How come you choose mercantile bank?

5. Branch quantity of the bank 10

2. Location of the bank 15

* Reputation of the bank a few

* Service from the bank sixteen

5. Personal romantic relationship 5

a few. What are the services of this financial institution you generally use?

2. MSS twenty * LC 3

* Saving account 9

* FDR 7

* Card 7

* Locker 4

4. Are you pleased with the support charges in the bank?

5. Very high zero

5. High 13

5. Moderate twenty-five

5. Low eleven

2. Very low 0

05. Are you satisfied with the account beginning procedure?

2. Good twenty-three

2. Very very good 12

* Poor 15

* Not of very good 0

summer. Are you debit cards holder of the Bank?

2. Yes 18

* No 36

07. Do you think the amounts of ATM booths are sufficient?

* Consent 12

* don’t agree 38

’08. Do you think MBL takes longer time to issue a cards?

* Disagree 20

* Strongly Disagree zero

5. Agree twenty

2. Strongly acknowledge 10

5. 9. Are you satisfied regarding ATM services?

* Meet 7

* Dissatisfy 20

* Modest 13

10. Are you pleased with the part location?

2. Yes 18 * No 14 5. Moderate 18

11. Where do you initial know about this kind of bank?

* TV zero * Information Papers twelve

2. Bill-board & sells reps 18

* Friends & Friends and family 22

(Likert scale) Number | Question: | Remarkably Satisfy| Satisfy| Neutral| Disagree| Highly Disagree| 12. | Are you pleased with the Services offered by the MBL? | 0| 20| 21| 9| 0| 13. | Are you pleased with the different expenses

& interest rates that exist by MBL? | 0| 18| 25| 7| 0| 14. | Do you think the numbers of limbs are adequate compare to different Banks? | 0| 20| 23| 7| 0| 15. | Will you be satisfied with the several promotional campaign of MBL? | 0| 3| 26| 12| 9| 16. | Do you think employees are highly effective? | 5| 15| 26| 4| 0| 17. | Do you think the process of taking financial loan is very easy? | 0| 14| 12| 24| 0| 18. | Are you pleased with the total functioning process of the MBL? | 0| 11| 30| 9| 0| nineteen. | Do you consider MBL supplies a very good after sales companies in ATM sector? | 0| 9| 20| 13| 8| twenty. | Do you think MBL much more time to open up LC? | 0| 20| 16| 14| 0|


Dear respondent


I’m students of BBA program studying in Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT). I was given to prepare a written report on “customer satisfaction in the Services of Mercantile Bank LTD the industry partial fulfillment of my own internship program. As a result, several information can be needed from you. It is certain that all the info will keep private and exclusively use in this kind of report just.

Name: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

Sex: a) Man b) Female

Career: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

Express your opinion by giving (š) signifies. You may choose more than one alternative where required.

01. What type of accounts you preserve with the lender?

A) MSS C) FDR B) Current D) Others

02. For what reason you choose mercantile bank?

A) Part number of the bank C) Location of the bank

B) Trustworthiness of the bank D) Service with the bank

E) Personal relationship

03. Exactly what the services of this bank you usually work with?


C) Saving account D) FDR

E) Card F) Locker

04. Are you satisfied with the service costs of the bank?

A) Very high C) Good

B) High D) Poor

E) Very poor

05. Are you satisfied with the account beginning procedure?

A) Good B) Very good C) Poor D) Very poor

06. Will you be a debit card holder of this Financial institution?

A) Yes B) No

07. Do you think the numbers of ATM booths are sufficient?

A) Agree B) Disagree ’08. Do you think MBL takes much longer time to issue a greeting card?

A) Disagree C) Strongly Differ

B) Agree D) strongly acknowledge

2009. Are you satisfied about CREDIT services?

A) Satisfy c) Dissatisfy

B) Moderate

10. Will you be satisfied with the branch location?

A) Yes B) No C) Moderate

11. Wherever do you first know about this bank?

A) TELEVISION B) Information Papers C) Bill-board & sells representatives D) Close friends & Family

Please put tick (š) about appropriate place.

Statement| Highly Gratify | Satisfy| Neutral| Argue | Extremely Disagree| doze. Are you content with the Services made available from the MBL? | | | | | | 13. Are you satisfied with different charges & interest rates that you can get by MBL? | | | | | | 14. Do you consider the numbers of branches are satisfactory? | | | | | | 12-15. Are you content with the different advertising campaign of MBL? | | | | | | 16. Do you think employees are highly effective? | | | | | |

17. Do you think the process of taking loan is incredibly easy? | | | | | |

18. Will you be satisfied with the whole working technique of the MBL? | | | | | | 19. Do you consider MBL offers a very good after sales providers in ATM sector? | | | | | | twenty. Do you think MBL take longer the perfect time to open LC? | | | | | |



Signature: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

Time: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

Contact Simply no: ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦


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