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Running head: WELLNESS ASSESSMENT Family Focused Well being Assessment Nancy E Gundersen Grand Encolure University NRS429v December four, 2011 Relatives Focused Wellness Assessment This paper can assess a family group interviewed using Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns. It can summarize the findings for each and every health pattern from a delegated number of interview questions. The author identifies two wellness medical diagnoses based upon the author’s assessment from the family wellness patterns as well as the answers presented to the interview questions.

The family evaluated was a couple who live active lives.

They have lately moved by Colorado to Texas and both have fresh jobs. They may have 3 kids and two grandchildren whom reside in Or and The state of colorado. The partner recently went through radiation therapy pertaining to MALT lymphoma and the partner recently learned he has been living with only 1 kidney and a herniated disk. The husband has had gout pain since he was twenty five plus the wife was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at age eighteen. These conditions have been manipulated by diet and medication. Or else this is fairly healthy. They are coming from different backgrounds and various cultures but have adapted their own traditions and health behaviors.

Both are perfected prepared and promote similar hobbies. Summary of functional health patterns, 1 . Values, overall health perceptions a. Both members of the family value health insurance and do not have cultural influences as it relates to how they obtain a healthier lifestyle. They understand that eating right and exercising raises their likelihood of regaining all their health. installment payments on your Nutrition m. Both family work fulltime and have an extremely full schedule. They happen early and are out the door having a minimal breakfast time. The husband has a slim quickly nutrition beverage while the partner may have got a bowl of cereal or slice of toast. All their lunch patterns vary. The wife generally brings lunch time with her that includes a hoagie or proteins bar. The husband usually goes home for lunchtime and will help to make himself a cup of soup or a leftover salad. The partner usually will not arrive residence until 6: 30 or 7pm even though the husband can be home by simply 5pm. He is able to make healthful dinners as he enjoys cooking. They equally try to prevent the foods that brings on symptoms of gout or irritable bowel syndrome. a few. Sleep/Rest c. The husband would not usually have concerns falling asleep but will get up at night time to use the restroom.

He just uses sleeping aids if he travels since his rest patterns happen to be interrupted. The wife provides a hard time falling asleep because of the strains of the day and can occasionally use an over the counter rest aid in the event she is unable to get a good night sleep for several days. some. Elimination deb. The husband does not have issue with correct elimination. He attributes this to eating a lot of salads. The wife yet , because of her irritable bowel syndrome will certainly sometimes alternative having constipation and diarrhea. She needs a probiotic consistently, benefiber and drinks lots of water additionally to aiming to watch what she eats to stay standard.. Activity/Exercise e. Both loved ones consider exercise as an essential part of their particular daily life. New illnesses possess prevented all their ability to carry out strenuous exercise. The husband lately hurt his back and the wife has not yet completely recovered coming from her rays treatment. Both equally do other designs of activities however which includes taking stairs instead of elevators, walking 9 holes of golf and routine home chores such as yard work. 6. Cognitive f. Both family members do much better when in control of a meeting or scenario. They truly feel clear went and better prepared.

They both have intervals when they might forget to do something they were asked and have learned to write things down to prevent this from happening. 7. Sensory-perception g. Both members of the family are dealing with conditions which may have not allowed them to be while active because they have been in earlier times. They frequently complain of joint soreness or muscle tissue aches. That they try to stretch out and progress up to more strenuous activity. Gout causes joint discomfort and a recently available diagnosis of a herniated hard disk drive has increased lower back pain for the husband who is gonna physical therapy once weekly. 8.

Self-perception h. The wife was diagnosed with cancers. This was a very stressful circumstance and the husband felt weak as he cannot alleviate her symptoms. The wife was afraid and felt reliant and scared. The husband has additionally come for the realization that he is not able to play golf like he use to when he has restrictive movement due to his back again problems. That they both sense discouragement at times and possess feelings of despair. being unfaithful. Role Responsibility i. Equally family members think they connect well with each other and have designed routines that fit all their lifestyle.

The wife would not like to make but the husband does in order that works out well. The partner’s recent part of caregiver while the partner was under-going radiation therapy was a situation they both were required to deal with in different ways. The wife stated she often thought she’d be one caring for her husband not really the other way around. 15. Sexuality m. The latest stresses that both have gone through has damaged their lovemaking patterns. Moving, a critical medical diagnosis, a brand new job, producing new friends and going out of their children was very difficult intended for both.

Every single stated they will just performed through it. 11. Dealing k. That they both have experienced a lot this past year and? and it is maintaining an amount head, with the knowledge that they can depend on each other and using common sense not emotion to deal with issues has obtained them through some tough times. Wellbeing nursing prognosis The wellness nursing analysis within this family that might be applicants for treatment would be in the areas of activity and work out and rest rest patterns. The recent diagnosis pertaining to both loved ones has afflicted their usual exercise routine.

Their very own wellness medical diagnosis is the readiness intended for an improved exercise program. They want more exercise to increase their very own aerobic heart failure health and need to resurrect the exercise routine that they can enjoyed prior to their disease. Their risk diagnosis is usually disuse syndrome and the partner is at exposure to possible peripheral neurovascular dysfunction and impaired physical mobility. In the event that this family does not follow a proper exercise program that best fits their health condition and life-style they can easily become inactive and increase their chances to get other health problems.

The actual wellness nursing prognosis for the two family members can be they currently have activity intolerance. The nursing wellness diagnosis for sleep-rest style is necessary with this family is they have to have a course established to enhance their rest habits. They will both have interrupted sleep patterns and employ medication to help these groups rest. That they both have disrupted sleep habits and are at risk for sleeping deprivation. The actual nursing well being diagnosis would be sleep design disturbance and sleep deprival. This family members has done extremely well dealing with the recent health issues they may have had to deal with.

They are a team and stated they should regain their particular health. Carrying on their healthier lifestyle, with all the obstacles, provides only helped bring them closer together. They are really working hard to get healthy again and accumulating their stamina levels when it comes to working out is best of their list. They always do research about what could possibly be beneficial for these people and will perform whatever it takes to achieve their goals. References Edelman, M. Overall health promotion through lifespan 7th edition. Mosby Elsevier. Gundersen, N. Elizabeth. (2011, December 4). Family members health analysis. (Interview with Mr. and Mrs.

Ruben Howard) (Mr. and Mrs. John Howard, Trans. ) (Interviewed applying Gordon’s 11 functional wellness patterns like a guide). Austin texas Texas (Original work posted 22 Queries developed using Gordon’s 14 functional health patterns). Weber, J. L. (2005). Medical diagnoses (Wellness, risk and actual) assembled according to functional health patterns. In Nurses handbook of wellness assessment sixth edition Phila., Lippincott, Williams &Wilkens. Gathered from http://jxzy. smu. edu. cn/jkpg/Uploadfiles/file/TF_06928152357_nursing%20grouped%20by%20functional%20health%20patterns. pdf format

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