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William henry harrison composition

Bill Henry Harrison

William Holly Harrison was created in Berkeley, Virginia in 1773. He grew up over a farm and worked being a planter. When justin was 18 this individual attended Hampden Sydney School. There this individual studied background, later on this individual went to research medicine in Richmond, Virginia. That same year he switched his interest an in 1791 he became a member of the First Infantry in the Regular Armed service. Harrison in that case headed to the Northwest, where he spent a lot of his lifestyle.

During his time in the Army this individual served as an aid to General Angry Anthony David. Together that they fought inside the Battle of Fallen Timbers. The succeed of this challenge opened a lot of the Ohio region to pay out. In 1798 he resigned from the Military services and became Admin of the Northwest Territory. Presently there he was the first assign to Congress, and obtained a legislation dividing the territory Into the northwest and Indiana areas. In 1801 he became the governor of the Indiana Territory, providing 12 years. Harrison was responsible for defending all the settlements in the Indians.

In 1809 an effective Indian force led by an energetic chieftain Tecumseh posed a risk to the settlers. Tecumseh was responsible for building up the Indian confederation to prevent settlers from moving in prove territory. However on The fall of 7, 1871 Harrison designed an assault on the American indian Confederacy. As Harrisons males moved in they were assaulted at the Tippecanoe River. one hundred ninety men had been dead or wounded, it was known as the Struggle of Tippecanoe. Although Harrison experienced a loss of guys, he nonetheless led successful.

The Indians were continue to persistent in their raids against Harrison plus the settlers. Harrison was given it of brigadier general from the army through the War of 1812. This individual also defeated the put together British and Indian forces at the Battle of the Thames on October 5, 1813. There he killed Tecumseh and forced every one of the Indians towards the Northwest.

Following his triumph he returned to civilian life and nominated by the Whigs being president in 1840. Unfortunately after getting in business office not even per month he died. He trapped a cold which will later developed into pneumonia. He died The spring 4, 1841. He was the first director to pass away in office.

Harrison is a positive role model for us inside our society today. He was a powerful leader numerous ideas. He also demonstrated how his powerful leadership helped him become somebody important. Nonetheless it is a disgrace that he had to expire due to sickness especially when he was in office.



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