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Two-dimensional art -Also called the graphic arts -Plat and has two dimension: height/ width Illustrations: Drawing, art work, engraving, lithography, silkscreen, commercial art, digital photography Three-dimensional arts -also referred to as as plastic material arts Heightened/thickness Examples: Buildings, landscape buildings, city planning, home design, sculpture, products, industrial design and style, dress and costume design and style, theater design Lines and the elements Lines is the easiest most ancient, and most common means for creating visual functions. They may be family, faint and hardly viewed, ragged or clear and distinct Sorts of lines Right Line Lateral line of relax, quietness, relaxation and careful consideration. Also recommend infinity.

Vertical- line Of potential action even though it is not acting dynamic and forceful, effective of specialist, dignity, majesty and harmony Diagonal- type of action, the degree of action is dependent upon its perspective Curved Line- show action, life and energy Speedy Curve or perhaps small arc of circle is modern Slow contour or the arc of large sectors suggest silk and grace A double shape that transforms back upon itself is definitely an S i9000 shape Space -? Structures is mainly an art of space and other art are present in space while n painting the most obvious technique in creating space are the various kinds of perspective Perspective is actually a technique for creating space. This really is technical strategies which all of us perceive distance in piece of art.

Examples: Linear, foreshortening cloudwoven perspective Texture- has to do with the perception contact. It is the factor that appeals to our feeling Of experience Of issues Rough, clean, bumpy or slippery Worth lightness and darkness, Lumination given to the painting Volume it is the quality of an object which enables us to know that they have thickness length and breadth Two ways to perceive volume level Contour lines that describes or designs objects um Lights and shadows Paintings can recommend volume through the shadows and contour lines painted in and do not difference in sculpture, format and dark areas change when the viewer alterations position Color is one particular element natural in any subject of truth.

Color can easily express feelings and recommend impression, Three attributes of color o Shade is the top quality of color which distinguishes it from a single color to a new, 3 Main Hues- crimson, blue, yellowish, Secondary hues- green, fruit, purple u Tint- may be achieved by combining hue with white Shade- can be attained by mixing dark-colored to a particular hue Color Harmonies o Adjacent or perhaps analogous: green, yellow green, yellow um Complementary- any colors reverse each other: Reddish colored and Green o Split Complementary- colors opposite to each side Of its go with: Green, reddish colored violet and red fruit o Monochromatic- uses 1 hue yet of different value o Accented neutral virtually any neutral color paired with virtually any color in the color tire: white and green Organization.

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