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Which of the watch case study countries the most

Democratic system of authorities is considered in cotemporary personal world as the utmost ideal type of governance. Though, the custom of democracy dates back towards the ancient Greek universal form of democracy; where all stakeholders and matured persons of age gather in the city square to deliberate and contribute to concerns of national interest, the vast and complex mother nature of contemporary politics arena provides buttress the need for an indirect representation of the masses curiosity. Here, throughout the sovereignty of the people, some elected representatives are given the legitimate specialist to rule over the affair of the express.

Democracy can be defined as a process of government which will expresses and respect human being rights and individual freedom as enshrined in the constitution. Also, the sovereignty is with the persons. No wonder, Abraham Lincoln identified it while “the authorities for the people, by the persons and from the people. Democracy entails the ‘social contract’ reached by the people as well as the state, in which the ‘social will’ of the individual masses are contracted for the ‘general will’ of the state; whereby they would become protected by state in return of their personal obligation towards the state.

Contemporary form of personal democracy can be traceable towards the American colonies. According to Louck (1926: 1), “A century and a half ago personal democracy, in the modern sense, had the beginning in the American colonies. Its footings were laid down inside our Declaration of Independence of big Britain, used by the ls Congress in July some, 1776. The signers of the immortal record gave their particular sanction to a series of critical principles of human liberty and authorities, and to a unique enumeration of inalienable privileges of personal and civil liberty, which proclaimed a new time in the welfare and improvement of mankind.

This jot down would often draw out the advantages and negatives of Italy, Spain, Zambia, Egypt, USA and Nigeria democracies. As well, the most democratic of these countries would be explained and good back this kind of up will be buttressed.


Nigeria since her independence through the British impérialiste regime in 1stOctober, 1960, the nation had experienced several series of military coup de’tres and counter effet. The armed service regimes acquired greatly noted a high level of human proper abuses, and de-facto government authorities that lack the capacity from the Nigerian people. Hence, legitimacy crises and disregards for constitutional doctrines was your order of the day in the 30 years reign of military regimes. The present democratic regime in Nigeria took off in May 30th, 99, and it is continue to in its nascent state plus the process of its consolidation. (Dibie, 2000).

The excellent sides of the Nigerian democratic system include the following:

  • There is the approach to majority secret; whereby the electoral individuals with the most votes, in disregard to plurality, is the winner and occupy the political position.
  • Nigerian democracy has an equal portrayal of the diverse constituencies that cut over the ethnic and regional declares boundaries inside the National Assemblage.
  • The Nigerian democracy upholds the principle of checks and balances; the Business, Legislative and Judicial provide of government bank checks against the excesses and irrelavent abuse of political power of the the other person group.
  • To a few extend the Nigerian democracy gives place to liberty of expression, unlike the fact that was experienced through the military regimes.
  • Nigerian democracy operates analysis system, in which the federal, condition and local governments operate as coordinates, thus, bringing the federal government closer to the folks.

Unhealthy sides in the Nigerian democracy include the pursuing:

vProblem is a aspect that is a skinnelegeme to the regarding the nascent democracy in Nigeria. General public officers tend to serve their particular personal interest and enriching themselves at the detriments of the Nigerian masses. It has recorded plenty of naira being siphoned to overseas accounts simply by those occupying public office buildings.

vThere may be still for some extend the abuse of human legal rights in the present democratic regime, where there is indiscriminate arrest and detentions, politics unrest and thuggery.

vThe Nigerian nascent democracy is bedeviled by storage compartments of cultural and tribal clashes arising from inadequate allowance of monetary revenue and other ethnic and religious concerns.

vPolls in Nigeria are marred by Money Bags large jacking the available positions through deceptive and the providing monetary attraction to electoral officials and frequently the gullible masses.

The Nigerian leading office holders, especially those inside the executive and legislative arms of government, disregards court rulings, on concerns affecting public policies and others concerning all their activities at the office they occupy.


As earlier stated, modern democracy is traceable to the American colonies. Most democratic countries in the world tend to look up to the democracy in the US as a model for their very own democracies. The us since 1776, when it reported her freedom from the England, has been functioning on democratic system of government.

The pros from the US democracy include:

  • There is the practice of admiration for human being rights and individual freedom as being recognized by the US metabolism.
  • There is substantial participation from the masses inside the activities in the government; whereby the US citizenry can bring about meaningfully to issues that has to do with public policies; directly or indirectly, and the voices will go a long way in influencing the outcome of the plan choices.
  • There are checks and balances coming from every arm in the government resistant to the other.
  • Most level of authorities respect court rulings and abides simply by them.
  • Democracy in the US can be one that motivates the development of democratic rule in the world over, because of it constant speaking of the rewards associated with democratic rule, and also supporting those countries looking to imbibe the culture.
  • The democracy has great value for the conditional doctrines and open public office cases perform their very own official tasks according to the constitutional dictates.

The downsides of the ALL OF US democracy include:

vInequality in the portrayal of personal institution, including the senate. In accordance to Dahl (2001), out of the twenty two democracies he surveyed america have the the majority of unequal manifestation, largely due to the principle of equal manifestation of the claims in the Senate and Electoral college. “As our nation becomes much less homogeneous and even more diverse, we may want to consider proportionate representation more seriously¦Dahl’s central conclusion and criticism, nevertheless , is that the constitution flouts the principle of personal equality or perhaps democratic fairness (McGowan, 2003).

vAmerica democratic program deviates through the principle of majority rule to plurality. “Most of the elections intended for national office require a candidate only to gain a plurality, not a vast majority, of the ballots cast to win election (ibid). It has resulted in the Supreme The courtroom declaring the winner, as the case was for the 2000 political election. “In 2000, for the fourth time in each of our history, the presidential applicant with the many votes lost. And for the other time in the history, the Supreme Court- the planned nondemocratic branch of our authorities decided the election (ibid)

vThe democracy do not allow for direct election of political applicants. This is done through Electoral College, i. e. election through an chosen representative human body. This does not enable people to produce their direct personal preferences.

vThe Us democracy is also staying threatened by racial inequalities. The splendour on color and ethnic bases has made the inequality in the use of corridor of power. “Indeed, the sham of certainly not noticing contest threatens for making Americans not really blind because deaf and dumb: deaf to the concern engendered by the color line and stupid about how that anguish pertains to the promises of American democracy (Balfour, 2001).


Zambia content independence political history is divided into 3 republics. The first republic witnessed a multiparty period from self-reliance in 1964 to 1972. The second republic is the sole party age from 1973- 1990. the 3rd republic come about technically in December 1990, when agreed upon by Kaunda, but in practice, the republic came following the 31stMarch elections 20 years ago (Sardc, 2006).

The pros of the Zambian democracy include:

  • To some expand it enables freedom of expression. “Under Article twenty (1), flexibility of phrase is secured while below Article twenty (3) laws can be manufactured that delimit that independence as long as they may be reasonably validated in a democratic society (ibid).
  • The Zambian constitution provides for a Chief executive to serve two five- year conditions. This allow for enough period for a great Executive Leader to finish projects they formulate throughout their ten years live in office, if perhaps elected 2 times.
  • The Judiciary and Legislative arms stand as a watchdog to the overabundance the Business and vice verse.
  • The Zambian democracy is wedging a absolutely no tolerant war against file corruption error, since especially in the 2002 democratic regime, which is held because so many accountable in the Zambian democratic rule (US AID, 2006).

Downsides of Zambian democracy

vThe Zambian democracy can be one that is usually unstable because of change from a single system of authorities to the other. These include differ from one party system to a multi get together system, vary from a parliamentary system into a Presidential approach to government and alter from a majority rule to pluralism.

vThe Zambian democracy is one that has always been a sobre facto one party express, due to the enormous powers in the President and through his ruling get together.

vZambian democracy offers witnessed several attempts of staged coups by the army. This has brought about many periods of condition of disasters.

vFile corruption error from elected leaders is usually a skinnelegeme to the Zambian democracy, where leaders are corruptly embezzling public cash for their home use.

vZambian frontrunners tend to above stay further than the required quantity of period constitutionally stated. When they sit on positions of power to relinquish them becomes a daunting job.


The present Spanish democracy been a result of the intégral regime of Franco 91939-1977) which seen million bataille of those opposition his dictatorial regime (Navarro, 2004). Italy was no closer to to becoming a democratic region than the lady had been on 12 Feb . 1974. For all that the Mines years had paved the way, for all your growing assurance of the level of resistance, the ostensible power of the Francoist organization and, above all, of the military remained undiminished (Preston, 1990: 91).

Benefits and drawbacks of the The spanish language democracy incorporate:

  • The Spanish democracy is still in the process of loan consolidation after a extended period of intégral rule.
  • The country of spain democracy practice a multi- party program giving place for decision on which party the masses choose to participate in.
  • The democracy in Spain runs a presidential system of government with controls between the 3 arms of government.
  • There is liberty of expression with the democratic regime set up in Spain.
  • Addititionally there is an improvement in respect intended for human privileges, since the advent of the current democracy in Spain.

Cons of the Spanish democracy include:

vThe change to democracy in Spain was conditioned around the retention of the Monarchyplus the establishment associated with an electoral regulation that would gain the right substantially (Navarro, 2004)

vThere is certainly discrimination at the number of ballots needed simply by each parts to place applicants in the legislative house. “¦Avila, one of the conservative locations in Spain, requirements only 30, 000 ballots to place a member in the parliament, while Barcelona, a progressive region, requirements 150, 000 (ibid)

vThe PP ruling party constitute of major makes such as the monarchic forces, the employers affiliated, banking institutions, the church, and the large area owners, amongst others. This produced the PP has a very limited democratic lifestyle (ibid).

vThe democracy in Spain even now witness the incidence of massacre and infringement on human privileges


The pros associated with France democracy include:

  • There are present bicameral legal houses. What this means is there should be a thorough screening of bills which will passes through these regulation making body before they may become laws.
  • France operates a multiparty constitutional democracy.
  • Individuals elect the president, the legislature, and a range of European and native officials in periodic, free and fair elections (Bureau of Democracy, Human Legal rights and Labor, 2005).
  • Into a greater extent France democracy practice value for human being rights. Intended for 2002 and 2003 there were no record for any noteworthy motivated human being right mistreatment. The government generally respected your rights of its citizen; the law and judiciary presented effective method of addressing person instances of maltreatment (ibid).

The downsides associated with Italy democracy contain:

vYou will find the problem of reconciling monarchical rule and political institutions such as the countrywide Assembly.

vFew political parties or broadly approved school of political believed rarely trust in parliamentary sovereignty (Thomson, 1952: 75)

vDuring England revolutionary express there was the problem of reconciling democracy and government, independence and government, the sovereignty of the people with the rule of rules. “These on the contrary conceptions of presidency remained a problem throughout the Republic, though the controversy took varying forms¦conflict among centralization and decentralization, with Monarchists and Radicals and Democrats (ibid).


Like the majority of Arab and Islamic country’s democracies, the Egyptian democracy is being teleguided by Islamic laws and therefore has no much positive element and hence can be termed as to many extend becoming undemocratic. Relating to Independence House, quoted in Tessler (2002), “not a single Arabic country qualifies as a great electoral democracy.

The pro identified expert associated with Egyptian democracy is that there is the technique of consolidation taking place, to bring the democracy based on modern democratic norms and values.

The cons with Egyptian democracy include:

vThere is lack of stability and personal economic bias as a result of uncontrolled use of express power, combined with state’s fancyful ability to use the rule of law due to its own politics ends (ibid).

vEgypt’s democracy is backsliding in electoral treatment and repressions of Islamic movement (ibid).

vThere exists record of less political participation by the populace in the Egyptian democracy.

vThere may be little or no flexibility of talk and thought in Arabic countries, Egypt inclusive.

vThere are situations of man right violations in the Egypt democracy.


In the real impression no region democracy is definitely free from antidemocratic ideals. Consequently, non-e could be termed as an ideal democracy. But from the observed democracies of Nigeria, UNITED STATES, France, Egypt, Spain and Zambia, the democracy states of America can be said being most democratic. Despite the fact that the united states democracy has its own cons and delimitating elements against their state penalized perfect, that still stands apart among the additional democratic countries under this kind of study.

In accordance to McGowan (2003), attributes of most ideal democracy incorporate: First, a constitution need to help maintain a reliable government. Second, a cosmetic must shield fundamental democratic rights. Third, it must ensure democratic justness among individuals. Fourth, it must help kind democratic consensus. Fifth, it should create a government embodying these characteristics that could also resolve problems properly.

Looking at the democracy in US, it is seen that for some hundreds of years now, seeing that 1776, they have maintained a more stable pattern than one of the observed democracies. And most region who practice democratic rule uses ALL OF US democracy like a bases to get the assessing how consolidated their democracies are. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “our region offers the the majority of wonderful example of democratic federal government on a large scale which the world has ever viewed; and the lenders of the world happen to be watching to see whether we succeed or fail (quotedb. com, 2006)

According to Lipset, cited by Carroll (2005), American democracy is the best of the greatest, this movement from a stable and continuing democracy plus the additional good thing about a democracy reinforced by the cultural heritage of a Revolution that would not occur in England, Canada or Australia.

An additional adduced reason the US democracy is the most democratic is the amount of political involvement it has when compared with others. Any citizen of US that is old has the right and the usage of partake and contribute meaningfully in the democratic administration with the US condition.

The US democracy also practice to a superb extends human being liberty as well as the respect pertaining to human legal rights. There is flexibility speech and association. These types of may not be substantially practiced in other democracies. “Democracy today comes more to mean the struggle of ordinary people to create a free way of life in a associated with complex and productive electricity networks (Gabardi, 2001).

America democracy provides greater admiration for its constitution which is the bases on what all politics activities will be being executed and interactions defined.

The high level of public answerability in the US democracy is a essential point that also indicates the country’s democracy as the utmost democratic. The US public offers access to public financial records, and can increase question high is any observed problems.

The level of credibility associated with selection of political office holder is very loaded with US democracy compared to other political problems and malpractices that marly the election processes of others.


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