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The work of jamie reid article

‘God Save the Queen’

‘Anarchism is usually defined as opposing authority in the conduct of human associations, ‘ this is very clearly one of the primary driven causes behind the work of Jamie Reid in addition to the punk lifestyle of the period. In this piece I will take a look at probably the most well-known punk pictures, the cover of The almighty Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols which Reid created.

My initial reaction to the Jamie Reid piece is that I like the vibrancy of the shades and the unique patriotic feel that it gives me.

But My spouse and i am repelled by the faraway and de-faced image of the queen making her identification seem concealed and secret.

The image by itself is of a language flag that has a black and light image of the queen in the centre. It seems like a much younger image of the queen, the iconic image that is in sterling. This shows off the crown jewels and her expensive jewelry.

Though the eyes and mouth of the queen had been defaced by a black package, which appears as if it might have been torn out and replaced with the text God Save the Princess or queen, Sex Pistols which appear to have been remove of newspapers also. Thus giving the image a lot more grunge seem, perhaps backlinks the image to the punk rock fashion period of the seventies by Vivienne Westwood. The concept of using paper gives it a far more colloquial truly feel than what might usually end up being associated with the larger class from the Queen. It almost seems like Reid wants to make a mockery of the Princess or queen and the patriotic country of England through this piece of work.

The image features minimal colors used, that are basic major colours. Exactely the different colours is fairly equivalent making it appear balanced and incredibly blocky. The colourful banner contrasts for the tonal black and white picture of the Princess or queen, making the image strong and symbolic. The flag appears like it is creased in some places that are why I do think it could be a real fabricflag and not a painting or produce. I think it might have been done using screen printing and fabric dyeing. I think the fact that image was made for a cover or logo design for the band The Sex Pistols as a bit of promotional material.

The for me is largely associated with the punk rock period. Associated with the products of the 70’s and the high influence of pop tradition at the time. The effort reminds me of Vivienne Westwood’s collection of enough time, the punk era of union aiguilles and tartan and the developing rebel actions that was sweeping area at the time is observed through the defacing of the princess or queen. It jogs my memory of the Johnny Rotten style and also the banning of the Sexual Pistols recording, ‘Never Mind The Damn Here’s The Sex Pistols’ which in my experience reflects the anarchist character that the strap created which is displayed through the method the image has been created, Jamie Reid has tried to have this impression through in his function.

Vivienne Westwood

Jamie Reid’s ‘God Preserve The Queen’ piece was made in 1977 as the cover for Our god Save the Queen by Sex Pistols. It has been explained by Mitch O’Hagan from the Observer because “the sole most iconic image of the punk era’ His art work very much identifies the punk rock art world, fantastic style of the ransom be aware look that has been created with newspaper cuttings in the recent headlines reflects a iconic style of the 70’s and 80’s which was as well reflected throughout the fashion and media universe at the time.

Jamie Reid was bought up in Croydon London and originate from a very noteworthy active family members. During his time their studies at Croydon Skill College he was involved in the college student movement of ’68 along with Malcolm McLaren. His influence via childhood was perhaps his ambition is obviously to continue the task of his family and developing up in a setting with strong drive and opinions might have moulded him as a youngster in order to generate his hard hitting and emotion influenced pieces.

His iconic ransom-note style associated with the Sex Pistols was created when he was first functioning as a artist for ‘Suburban Press’ a radical and political publication which he ran to get five years. This press company done strong promotions such as militant black groupings and squatting groups. The moment Jamie first started at the print business, they had to print with minimal gear because of money constraints- which could have helped in the effect to reuse old magazines to create his iconic design. The style probably reflects the strong thoughts he had about politics at the time which were demonstrated through newspapers and also by the influence of his years which this individual spent squatting, giving his look a more edgy and trashy feel because of the method by which he offers lived.

It had been in 1976 that he got back combined with Malcolm McLaren to work with his new music based task The Sexual intercourse Pistols. The of the Princess or queen in the piece was explained by Reid to have ‘came from a newspaper image of the queen’ the image was a photo used by Cecil Beaton portraying a great iconic and dignified picture of the Queen. Cecil Beaton’s photography was elaborate nevertheless also traditional, but selling a dream just like world. This kind of gave off the image of the upper class from the Queen. The initial image was then altered by Reid, adding a safety-pin towards the Queens’ nasal area and swastikas for sight, almost since an action of punk rebellion against the royal family members like an anti-royalist rebellion cartel. This graphic as expected brought on an pandemonium and according to Reid ‘came very near to treason, ‘ although I feel that this was the reason basically was so popular with the artwork world and perfectly suitable the Sex Pistols and the teenage punk rebellion that they can were creating in lifestyle upon the region.

Reid has always performed a tight position in anti war protests and it is clear that politics activism is an essential driving force at the rear of his work. His artwork is often staying portrayed around the world in presentations and marche, with people possessing banners and t-shirts along with his iconic styles. ‘Even the rebels who also broke in the Houses of Parliament used T-shirts with Jamie’s workportrayed’ says which in turn shows how influencing and opinionated his work can be. It is often with witty and ethically determined slogans and pictures. In a more modern piece Reid designed the leading page in the Times Publication in which he showed George Bush and Tony Blair with the slogan ‘Lies, Is, Lies. ‘ Showing the controversy lurking behind political moves, which distress the nation but also take his skill closer to those by associated with people’s viewpoints.

Jamie Reid was tightly linked to the function of the Sex Pistols and was accountable for many of the additional artworks just like ‘Anarchy in the U. K, ‘ ‘Pretty Vacant’ ‘Holidays in the sun’ and also the album cover ‘Never Mind the Bollocks This the Sexual Pistols. ‘ Using the same ransom take note style nevertheless incorporating good vibrant shades to complement the written text and give a difficult hitting photo which reflected the Sexual Pistols audio.

This A muslim was the Number 1 most voted pertaining to album cover of all time, and is particularly iconic towards the punk age for its mocking humour. Reid said, ‘I feel that it is very important, and was often shed with the reminiscence of the period. It is the the majority of endearing portion to me the humour. Almost like Johnny Rotten doing a rechausser advert, ‘ His micky-take attitude would be the influence and quite often the thing which in turn would get him into difficulties but Personally i think it was what made his operate so commendable and powerfulk to the people of that time period.

Reid’s more contemporary work continues his solid opinions although associated with the problems of the 21st century, in one of his more recent works he uses a picture of George Bush and Tony Blair with the slogan ‘Lies, Is situated, Lies’ within a campaign against the war in Iraq. His work continues in the same style, nevertheless he tests with new mediums, including slate in his new exhibition ‘slated’ through which he creates paintings on to a record background providing a edgier feel to his work. He has continuing with collaborations with the music industry right up until the present day creating covers for Boy George, Afrocelt sound system and also building the interior for the recording studio. The Afroceltsound system job I feel is much more nostalgic than his before work, applying brighter colors and creating a link to a hippy design more than his iconic punk style recently.

To conclude it appears to me that every punk form of graphics has some link to Jamie Reid’s function, making his work extremely influential. I find myself though that the punk period was merely the perfect chance for him to get his extreme social protest job into the public eye. His work is constantly on the have the strong opinions plus the same designs but changed to become suitable to the current day activism. Reid will continue to be one of the most iconic powerhouse artist with the century.


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