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The naacp and the unia s goals and strategies

Your Project

Your assignment is to compare the missions in the UNIA as well as the NAACP and write about each organization’s methods to confronting elegance. You will then presume the function of a young African American surviving in the twenties who has joined up with one of the agencies and clarify your factors behind joining within a brief paragraph.

Before you get started, check out the NAACP’s mission statement, the Explanation of the Objects with the Universal Marrano Improvement Relationship, and what you have recently learned about both the groups.

Use this information to compare the goals and tactics from the NAACP plus the UNIA.

1 ) Complete the chart listed below to assess the NAACP and the UNIA’s goals and strategies. (6 points)

2 . The NAACP and the UNIA focused on African American communities in different places, actually other countries. How do the focus from the NAACP’s work differ from those of the UNIA? (2 points) NAACP target was to protect people inside the courts with the law.

UNIA target was to improve black world and keep it separate via white society.

3. Suppose you really are a young African American living in a northern city in the twenties. From that perspective, answer this questions. (6 points) a. In your opinion, which business speaks on your needs most, the UNIA or the NAACP? Why? I do think the UNIA would profit me mainly because if I would have been to live a great all-black community I would think safer and would not have to worry about the house being assaulted.

b. In your opinion, which organization provides the greatest likelihood of bringing about great change? Why? I think the NAACP provides the greatest potential for change because they were actively fight for modify and to make grayscale whites equivalent.

c. Which will organization’s thoughts about American contemporary society most tightly match the own? For what reason? I think the NAACP views match my own views since I see most races while equals.

four. Now, you are ready to write. Imagine that you really are a young Dark-colored living in a northern town in the 1920s. Which organization would you join ” the NAACP or the UNIA ” and how come? Write a journal paragraph explaining your decision. (16 points) Be sure to begin with a solid hook including a thesis statement that lays the main argument, supporting details, and a great conclusion. I believe I would join the NAACP because they were doing a lot more to fight racial injustice. Garvery seemed focused on having freedmen to Liberia in that case fight stereotypes such as Jim Crow. UNIA seemed similar to a failed business; they shaped a delivery company with shoddy ships and produced other businesses that power down after a couple years. NAACP however dedicated to the improvement of African American rights and this is the reason why I would sign up for the NAACP.


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