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The function of communication essay

Communication has its own roles and functions. It helps people to advise people of your thoughts ideas and opinions and help them to figure out them also. It also may be used to help people within an emotional and social method (making friends, socialising etc . ). Communication can also be used to assess a patient’s condition, develop a trusting a respectful human relationships and stimulate them. All these will help the patient’s self-esteem and will help to reduce boundaries between specialist and support users

Types of connection


Communication I separation in to two main areas verbal and non-verbal.

Spoken communication includes a number of impact on that need to be deemed when dealing with communication in a Health a Social Proper care setting. Message, tone tone rate of delivery as well as the language applied can most have a substantial impact on the communication going on. For example easily were to speak to an seniors patient in a care house in at a quick rate and with a well-defined tone, this will probably understand as impolite or uncaring.

This can be said because the elderly person may feel as if you have not really got a chance to care for them. Good verbal communication will assist contribute to offering a good service to health care users and help to assure effective practice in healthcare settings just like hospitals, child care centres and homes to get the elderly.


Non-verbal connection is all other styles and methods of communicating. That consist of points such eye-to-eye contact, body language, palm gestures, closeness and pose. These place to place can again have a significant impact on the communication going on. For example , someone who is talking with apatient bending forward or perhaps standing above them with a fixed gaze may be perceived a threatening or scary. In the event that you where to stand at a great distance providing the patient space, stood with an open pose and made good eye contact, this might help the patient feel more comfortable. Care workers can learn a lot through the non-verbal communication that occurs. If they will understand the emails they are sent they can aid to meet the needs of the care setting more efficiently.

Social communication

People come from and vast array of nationalities and experience, they also have a different sort of levels of understanding and understanding. This is why it is vital to recognise that folks communicate in different ways also because of this they may respond better to different strategies and methods of communicating. People may speak in a way that is definitely perceived rude or obnoxious but in actuality this is only the way they speak. Recognising that people’s needs and choices when connecting can help attention workers to further improve the quality of service they provide. One example is in a clinic the registered nurse may declare we need to perform a ‘venesection’ this could confuse and worry the patient as they may well not recognise what that is. The nurse may instead claim we are going to ‘take blood’ to look at what occurring inside. By replacing the technical Jargon with slang may help the patient to more quickly identify what is going on and experience more comfortable together with the procedure that may be about to come about.

Good Practice

Good practice when communicating with a client or professional within a health care establishing is to understand the context from the communication taking place. The manner when you deliver your communication needs to be influenced by the situation that you’re in. One example is when talking with a professional proper care worker or manager you should speak within a formal way using suitable and complicated language. Yet , when talking with an ill patient you may feel it is more appropriate to speak in a soft tone and use much less formal dialect. Changing the way that you offer the verbal interaction that happens reassures the participants participating and reveals them that you understandand can easily meet the requirements.

It is also very important to listen when communicating. By simply listening and decoding the information being directed through verbal and non-verbal communication you will be in a better position support the people that you just care for. A good suggestion when being attentive is to paraphrase or reflectively listen. This requires reiterating what has just recently been said but also in a different way. By way of example in a GP surgery when a patient statements that his back is usually hurting a great response should be to say ‘I am remorseful to hear you back is definitely hurting with any luck , we can generate it better’. By repeating the assertion you are showing the consumer that you have heard them and understood their very own problem. This reassures these people and makes them feel more confident in the support they are obtaining.

The Part of successful communication and interpersonal expertise

By getting together with the requires of the conversation taking place you are going to ensure that the service users are reassured, confident and happy with the service they receive. It will likewise contribute to an even more efficient and effective medical setting while the services users will probably be happier with the treatments that they receive. In the event poor communication are to occur then folks are going to wrap up frustrated, confused and in worst case scenario offended. If service users are not cheerful or more comfortable with the service they receive this will possess a negative influence on health care placing as the reputation of employees and placing will be decreased. In addition to this effective interpersonal abilities will help a better oneness across the work environment. People who may communicate successfully and who are able to use illustrate good numbers of interpersonal expertise will give have the ability to deliver a better and more sophisticated message. Example: If a employee is feeling frustrated they should not allow this impact the quality of service they provide. It is unfair to mistreat someone for anyone who is in a negative frame of mind. Effective social and conversation skills will allow that person to know this and help them to action appropriately.


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