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The five stage model of group development essay

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Five Stage Model of Group Development is a helpful way of conceptualizing the growth of your team, and for understanding group behavior. It can benefit shake up groups in a rut or maximize team output. First manufactured by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, the model now includes five stages, up one from the original 4 stages Tuckman originally shown (Tuckman Jensen, 1977). The five periods include Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. The first level is formative, and this is when the people of the group are merely starting to get to know each other and recognize their roles inside the group. As of this Forming level, the group members usually play it safe, staying away from conflict or controversy in the preferred passions of group harmony. The members from the crew may also concentrate more on tasks than on big picture issues (“5 Stages of Group Development, ” n. d. ). Strengths at this stage involve the willingness to become others and get a “feel” for the dynamic, but an individual will need to withstand becoming also narrowly dedicated to immediate responsibilities and safe activities at the price of perspective.

The second stage builds within the first level. Whereas the first level involves discord avoidance, conflicts are inevitable and do start to emerge at the Storming stage. Her, people start to settle into their ascribed or self-designated roles. This may cause conflict, especially if people start competitive for electricity or identification. Role quality and wide open communication may help mediate a few of the problems that can easily arise by using a unsuccessful Storming phase. The individual’s “ability to listen” also seems to be apparent at this time, because the folks are risking themselves by writing their thoughts and thoughts and those should be heard (“5 Stages of Group Advancement, ” in. d. ).

During the Norming stage, the members from the crew have hopefully resolved a lot of the conflicts that arose through the Storming level. Now they settle right into a new program, with increased function clarity and greater sense of vision. Ideally, a person’s ideas and creativity circulation during this level, but having become attached to the group, individuals have to remember the top picture concerns, why the group exists in the first place. A person will need to reflect on why the group can be performing very well, in order to engender results with the next stage.

If the group moves on to the next level, Performing, that

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