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The advertisements of mercedes cars dissertation

Coca-cola, Nike, Mercedes, and Levi’s… they all are well known businesses. The question that anyone can ask is that « how come all these companies popular? » the answer may differ from one to a new, but the greatest one in my estimation is the utilization of advertising. Sure, all of them have good items to sell, nevertheless the principal component behind all their popularity is usually advertisement. Almost every one confirms that ad is an important factor lurking behind the success of virtually any product regardless if it has some inconvenient.

To produce a product popular, there are other ways to advertise that such as tv set, radio, journal… In this daily news, I will highlight on advertising in publication and especially Mercedes cars types. Mercedes automobiles advertisement’s is different from one journal to another and this depends on three factors. The fist you are the type of journal; the second is the particular advertisers wish to echo as a message; and the third is to which usually public this magazine is definitely addressed, although this doesn’t exclude the existence of a lot of similarities.

Mercedes cars advertisement’s differs from one magazine to another depending on which sort of journal is it. To illustrate this kind of difference, I use chosen as example two magazines; the first HARPERS & QUEEN can be described as women magazine, and the second one type HOMME is known as a men journal. They both advertise “SL-Class” which is a advanced car manufactured by Mercedes. In the first advertising, they show the beauty with the car simply by presenting the car and its collapsible form (60-61); this can catch the attention of the attention of women who appreciate beauty in cars. In the second advertisement, they demonstrate solidity and speed in the car by showing merely its engine which can be utilized as a image of these two previous characteristics (40). Using this ad, the advertisers can attract men to buy this product because it includes what guys in general similar to cars of hardness and power.

From the analysis of the people two ads, I can extend that the initial difference between advertisements of the same product depend upon which type of magazine. There are a lot of types of mags and each type tries to relate the advertising that it promotes with the function that it is specializing in. In the furthermore, there are some circumstances in which these rules aren’t respected. For instance , I found one other ad of “S-Class”, which can be another car made by Mercedes, in two different types of mags.

The first one is usually VOGUE (116) which is a journal for women from high social economic class and the second is Esquire (2-3) which is a business magazine. I discovered that they advertise the same merchandise in the same form; they will show the performance of the car in r�gulateur between the concerned car and a educate. This proves that sometimes even though mags don’t have a similar orientation, they will advertise several products in the same manner.

The difference in Mercedes autos advertisements comes also from what the advertisers want to reflect being a message. This kind of dissimilarity contains a big relationship with the former that was created in the previous section. This big difference is plainly shown in the text that accompanies the image. The text shows the concept that the marketers want the audience of the magazine to know. To illustrate this kind of difference, I use chosen two ads of the identical product which can be “S-Class”. On the one hand, the initial ad received from Esquire (2-3), which is an American business mag, has a textual content that says “Performance. Contrary to any other. ” From this slogan, I think the fact that advertisers wish just to offer an idea about the overall performance of the concerned car with no giving some other details.

In the other hand, the second ad coming from L’auto-journal (126), which is a publication that is specialized in cars, contains a text that says in French “La Class H, ici sobre version 320, arrive a faire oublier son gabarit imposant sobre proposant votre ligne très équilibrée. ” This means that the advertisers of the ad stipulate which car it is and also give a good idea about the brand new changes in this kind of car. Out of this analysis, I believe that the difference in ad of any product comes also in the hidden which means that the promoters want the consumers to understand, and this concept has also a relation together with the type of publication where the method advertised.

The next difference that could be seen through out the advertisements of Mercedes cars is the society impact which means where public this kind of magazine is definitely addressed. This kind of difference depend upon which characteristics from the concerned contemporary society. This can be very easily seen through the different advertisings of Mercedes cars in every types of magazines. On the one hand, HARPERS & QUEEN (60-61), which is created to rich women and especially occidental ones because it is written in English, promotes the “SL-Class” car which usually costs nearly $98000; because of this this magazine in certainly not designed for poor women,  and the advertising that are in it should ingest consideration the social course of the market. On the other hand, the vehicle, which is publicized in Particular Trophée Hassan II (35), the “C-Class” costs less funds than the additional one.

This is because this magazine is designed for Moroccans who most of them don’t have the opportunity to buy expensive cars. From this analysis, is actually clear the fact that advertisement of any item changes in line with the public, and the parameter that decides of the change is a type of publication which in the turn is decided by the audience of the concerned magazine. Additionally , I can add that there are other characteristics from the society that control these changes such as language, traditions and analphabetism.

As realization, I think that advertisement generally in magazines can be controlled by many rules that assign what sort of product must be advertised. This was noted and explained inside the examples of Mercedes cars advertisements. But this doesn’t mean that there are no conditions to the guidelines, there can exist a few similarities even if the type of journals is different


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