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Technology have an effect on marketing term paper

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Excerpt from Term Paper:

These added offerings can help to generate higher, sometimes passive, earnings as well as increase a firm’s potential differentiation. Ways” (Margarit

Strategies that can be used to complete just this kind of include the following:

Setting up a understanding base that your consumers can gain access to that includes a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or problem function allowing your clients to query you for facts.

Using a opinions form where clients may offer their input as their requires and item suggestions may help in determining valuable details concerning user’s needs; of course, if the product is difficult to work the provision of free or subsidized training will assist customers to defeat these difficulties.

Margarit relates that automation of the different functions of the firm through use of web technology ends in a significant saving of working costs… inch

The work of Chatterjee titled: “Technology pertaining to Establishing a Global Presence Applying Electronic Branding Marketing: A Perspective Rendering Aspect” corelates that if the business has a presence on the net in terms of a firm website is usually “really unimportant. ” (nd) Chatterjee says that e-marketing “encompasses the tasks of Informing, Communicating and Promoting products by making information available on the net, covering the accessibility to the product and services for achieving revenue and provides advices that helps create good recommendations. I t is attained by getting the customer to visit a featured wall socket. Almost every huge sized organization has this type of basic data available on their website. “

E-Commerce is stated to include: inch… the additional technology capability constructed in a website that enables transactions which include enquiring, selecting, collecting payment and offering customer support to assure ‘automated’ selling of services on the net with a bundle to associated providers. The complexities involved in guaranteeing a safeguarded transactions environment for the organization as well as the consumer makes it an expensive and tough task. Handiness makes the difference. ” (Chatterjee, nd) Chatterjee states that ‘e-business: “… is the most complex form of these types of technologies, including the use of built-in technology systems and applications to perform company’s complete set of organization processes in an automated way. ” (Chatterjee, nd) Chatterjee relates that it can be important for “Businesses to understand exactly what the typical problems faced by simply them. The main problem areas will be:

It is difficult and expensive to determine and maintain web-presence due to expenditure and technical constraints, because of which Sales opportunities are often in lack of up to date _ information concerning products, or perhaps current; price lists (when and in which it is wanted), 2 . Creating and preserving web content relies on external agencies, charging money in addition to the efforts involved in follow-ups to get things somewhat proper! (Chatterjee, nd)

The key aim of marketing does not change whenever using technology yet remains the same and is composed of “Creating understanding, tracking advertisments, crating rich customer get in touch with records, fulfilling literature needs, providing information, assistance or perhaps support above web and email, and creating addition to consumer order and support repository. ” (Chatterjee, nd) Completed consistently this will result in “compilation of all possibility and customer data in one repository. That in turn may help easily determine the key accounts within this database. With the right pair of analytical features, processes and tools, it will also be possible to develop a great client profile(s) by identifying key characteristics for aimed towards just the right kind in a databases, based on collection of relevant attributes. Lastly, this will help in discovering prospective client agencies, similar to the businesses, where the provided services happen to be drawing duplicate purchases feasible only if, there exists a systematic work at obtaining names of key players in the recently identified prospect organizations. This could involve producing leads from key customers through references, converting qualified leads into earnings, forecasting sales pipeline and evaluating the potency of new marketing campaign by understanding which item / support map relates to a specific part, and carry out surveys to determine level of Customer Satisfaction in these segments to drive improvement. Now that the activities and benefits from the marketing hard work is stated, it can be the right location to seek a number of inputs to look for the steps forward. ” (Chatterjee, nd)

Questions that will assist in identification crucial issues linked to attracting and retaining on the web visitors and prospective customers are the following:

Just how much should you invest in building and marketing your web site?

How can you attract more prospects to learn and check out your site?

How do you make your site more experiential and genuine?

How can you convert visitors in to repeaters?. inch (Chatterjee, nd)

After having established an excellent website a lot more complex problems will need to come under focus, which include:

How to build a more powerful relationship with current buyer;

How to build a buyer community;

Tips on how to capture and utilize customer data pertaining to selling and cross-selling;

How to use marketing intended for spreading ‘word-of-mouth’ information and communications. (Chatterjee, nd)

This information will vary based on the organization and would be dependent upon both the type and character of the organization of the organization. In addition , deciding factors will be the customer account of the firm and the character of the organization of the corporation. Promotion is usually identified by Chatterjee to acquire be found in research being necessary for starting and keeping the visitor stream to the company website.

Crucial Considerations intended for Internet Advertising

Crucial considerations for Internet Advertising happen to be:

1) Exactly what the various ways to advertise on the Internet; and 2) How is a choice designed for the privileges site once placing ads or perhaps purchasing sponsorship? (Chatterjee, nd)

Methods of Web advertising

There are several strategies available for placing ads and promotions online, which include the following:

Banner Ads – Small changing ads and they are the most popular accounting for approximately 40% of the net’s overall advertising and marketing. These are easy to create, quite inexpensive and link right to the advertiser’s website and deliver quantifiable results.

Support – the usage of a established and fixed by an associate company, which accounts for approximately 30% of the total of Internet marketing.

Interstitials happen to be ads which usually pop up jointly surfs and accounts for 8% of the total of all web advertising.

Alliances and affiliate programs; and Push-based mailer with industrial content take into account 12% of net bills. (Chatterjee, nd)

Chatterjee claims that the net makes the supply of two primary ways of connection of the commercial-marketing message and supplies the options with the Internet advertising or perhaps email marketing.

Marketing areas that technology and use of the Internet can easily improve consist of:


Immediate Marketing

Advertising and marketing

Limited Period Offers

Targeted Offers

Company Recall and Image Building

Customer Contact, Interaction Service

Customer Relationship and Devotion

Use of the net as an alternate sales and product division channel. (Chatterjee, nd)

Important elements for Success in Internet Marketing

In order to realize achievement in Internet advertising the following important elements are mentioned:

1) Progress a deep understanding of buyer requirements and the profiles in order that one obviously identifies where you should promote and what the prospective visitor would want to look for in the organization’s website;

2) web sites degree of openness in managing queries through improving crew responsiveness and use of the Internet in the lowering of circuit and response times.

3) Companies are often enticed while trying to create a better important to state or screen products or services which have been limited or perhaps not available today for sale. This works resistant to the company’s site credibility.

4) it is also essential to have a team that matches the vibrancy of the web page, and build the excitement and liveliness with the site in order that even regular visitors acquire attracted by changing content to return more frequently. This also helps building a larger recall to get the site. Together gains knowledge form the earlier actions, it is crucial to learn and apply these kinds of to improve everything in the internet site for the better, and stay continuously before your competitors! These would cause even more features and benefits in the regions of Shipment Delivery Tracking and online Customer service. (Chatterjee, nd; paraphrased)

Social networking Optimization important aspect of employing technology is definitely marketing is “social media optimization” (SM0). Social media search engine optimization uses equipment such as Web 2. 0 including:

1) Weblogs;

2) RSS feeds;

3) Online communities;

4) Interpersonal bookmark buttons;

5) Marking;

6) Multimedia posts; and 7) Wikis for the purpose of focusing on audiences, creating an online s presence and developing familiarity and specialist with the organization’s customers. (Chatterjee, nd)

SMO is stated to “harness the power of the social network… give numerous and growing for you to be a player in the online neighborhoods… create fresh opportunities to reach potential customer and establish a discussion… operates in the best way that is similar to ‘word of mouth’ advertising although is more effective due to the tools and business of the internet. ” (Webconsul, 2007)

Web Presence Marketing

Online presence Marketing’ is known as a process of utilizing the Internet running a business

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