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Seven taoist masters summary essay

The learn that I chose is Sunlight Pu-erh. Since her issues with attaining the Tao were that she believed she was obviously a genius right from the start and needed very little relaxation and rule to attain the Tao. Yet she learned down the road that there is no such thing since knowing an excessive amount of. She has displayed the most determination to attain the Tao, by even worrying her encounter so that the girl could visit a community so she could attain imortality faster.

Her travels and issues were very interesting to read and kind of reminded me of my own troubles with my studies.

After Sun Pu-erh and Ma Tan-yang ” her husband, were accepted as students of Wang Ch’ung-yang, these people were instructed to meditate as much as possible and achieve the enlightened path to the Tao. This was assigned to the fresh students to rid themselves of the temptations of the world. This kind of included sickness of soul and human body, the desire of liquor and love-making, the desire to get riches, awful temper and everything other sorts of temptations.

If these temptations can not be eliminated the path to the Tao will be much harder and will have a lot for a longer time to accomplish, even though time can be not important when it comes to turning out to be an underworld being. With this great suggestions from their grasp they made a decision to start yoga, but since they were at this point brothers inside the Tao, they could not share sleeping quarters because it will bring on the temptation to get sex. So , Ma Tan-yang ordered the servants from his home to clean away a room intended for his wife where she’d live from now on.

Once they were settled in their different rooms, Sun Pu-erh began to meditate from the recommendations she achieved from her master. During her deep breathing master Wang Ch’ung-yang arrived to the room and frightened Sunshine Pu-erh, he told her “the yin cannot manage without the yang (Wong 47). The little conversation your woman had with all the master annoyed her very much so and she chose to run out from the room and get her husband. When her hubby arrived at her room, there is no one inside.

This simple fact astonished Sun Pu-erh and upset her husband who was in a deep conversation together with the Master. One other month approved before the second visit via Wang Ch’ung-yang happened. This time he informed her that her way of training was a lifeless end, which she was wasting energy. Her close friend in the Tao explained to her that the masters spirit stopped at her to assist since the girl was straying off further away from the truepath. The Tao is definitely limitless, as you think you may have learned anything about it, you could have lost that. (Wong 53)

A few days passed and Ma Tan-yang decided to attend the birthday party of an great aunt in a nearby town. This individual asked his wife to come along, yet she faked sick and so she may be alone with all the master and try to gain several knowledge from charlie. She located Wang Ch’ung-yang meditating in the meditation hut behind all their mansion and asked him for some tips concerning getting immortality. The master informed her of three different ways to achieve the Tao. Then asked her which usually does the lady choose to follow, Sun Pu-erh answered that she would take those hardest path. This response astonished the teacher, who tried to make Sun Pu-erh back out of this plan mainly because it was speediest but likewise the hardest person to complete.

If perhaps she would wish to full the path with this method she would need to travel to the city of Loyang, where power to progress the mind is usually strong and the Gods include marked this kind of place as one of the spots where an immortal shall surge. Before the lady was able to leave, Master Wang Ch’ung-yang informed her that the trip would be lengthy and difficult, and she would be molested by males because of her good looks. In like manner fix this matter, she entered the kitchen and enable some of the smoldering cooking petrol touch her face. This kind of quickly fixed the problem, and created lots of boils and scars on her behalf face ” she was pretty you can forget. The expert was satisfied with the what lengths one of his students would go to attain the Tao.

When she reached the town, the girl begged for the streets for food and shelter. She received very little, so Sunlight Pu-erh was forced to try to find shelter on her behalf own. With her good luck she discovered an abandoned house. There she stayed for 12 years meditating and cultivating her Yin and Yang. Persons occasionally built fun of her or thought that the lady was silly and they could take advantage of her, but these tiny distractions did not bother her. Once Sun Pu-erh attained immortality the lady thought that the lady should play games with the town’s people. And so she switched two woods branches into a man and a woman who have fondled one another, laughed and caused all kinds of problems to get the town. The officials of the town started to be angry with this and decided to banish the couple.

Their attempts were lost so they will decided to burn off down the property where the two of these people were seen heading to at nighttime. Wood wasgathered around the house and it was wear fire. The smoke turned thick and then instantly a cloud appeared on which Sunshine Pu-erh as well as the two people was on. The crowd was both scared and astonished by the witch’s doings. Sun Pu-erh told the town’s folk, that she was a follower from the Tao and chose this town while her learning ground. She has attained the Tao here and will today ascend towards the immortal sphere of bliss. Her technique of saying thank you for the amazing advantages and hospitality which she received, she transformed the wrongdoing couple back into their real kind of a two branches. These branches had been said to take good luck to the town and prevented famine, drought or perhaps anything else bad to happen to the town. Abundance reigned with this town and a monument was built where her house once stood. (Wong 121)

In China, the fifth hundred years is the associated with the birthday of Taoism (Lao-tse, 604-531 M. C. ) and Confucianism (Confucius, 551-479 B. C. ), whose ideas are close to some in the Indian ideas. The great system of Tao, which tries to follow the natural movements of the whole world, originally definitely seems to be based on a poetic variation of the ideas of the Samkhya and of Yoga exercise. The words Yin and Yang correspond to Yoni and Linga. Breathing techniques and the hunt for the sun and moon within the body recall Ida and Pingala, the lunar and sun paths of breath in Yoga. The sexual methods (withholding the spermatic importance and trying to absorb the womanly essence) are identical to people of Yoga exercise. The notion of immortality conceived as transmutation, in which “astride a white-colored cloud the Sage or perhaps Yellow Emperor arrives at the location of the gods,  is definitely analogous to this of Shaivism.

From my viewpoint, Sun Pu-erh acquired one of the most challenging times attaining the Tao. The rest of the enthusiasts had an simpler time. Besides Ch’iu Ch’ang-ch’un, who also had the toughest period, and came very close to suicide due to fortune teller. Sun Pu-erh struggles engaged getting over the simple fact that your woman doesn’t know everything and if she would want to learn more.

Her pride will have to be taken out of your picture. Once her expert told her of your place where to learn, nevertheless didn’t let her to visit since she would be violated because of her beauty. Voluntarily she mutilated her deal with because of her desire to find out. I truly enjoy someone with so much stength to alter their appearance just to master something. The Tao teaches to forget aboutall life possessions, thus i suppose deteriorating your face is just one of the assessments that come along the path.


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