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Matrox PowerDesk intended for Windows 2000

Revision 5. 32. 010



Description on this release

Unit installation

More information

Remarks, problems, and limitations

Description of this relieve


Matrox PowerDesk software includes a display driver and display

utilities. With this software program, you can take full advantage of the

Matrox graphics hardware and you can get additional Matrox

display-related features.



To set up Matrox PowerDesk, start the setup plan included

with this, then the actual on-screen guidance.

The create program will only install application if a Matrox graphics

card model supported by the setup system is installed in your


More info


To find out more on Matrox PowerDesk, view the help document

included with it. For information specific to your Matrox

graphics card, see your Matrox or system manual.

Records, problems, and limitations


DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectVideo support

The DirectDraw drivers we provide works with with DirectX 2

(or later) and involves Direct3D support. For the

DirectDraw/Direct3D driver to get called, and benefit from

hardware velocity, Microsoft DirectX 2 (or later) Should be

mounted, even to get programs at first made for DirectX 1 .

Likewise, if a the latest version of DirectX isnt installed, some Matrox

PowerDesk features may not be available.

We provide DirectX on the Matrox CD-ROM. The latest DirectX can be

obtainable from the Microsoft Web site, and is also included with various

DirectX programs.

ESSENTIAL: If the DirectX setup plan prompts one to replace

the existing display drivers, click No . In any other case, the set up

plan installs display drivers which are not as optimized as

the Matrox drivers and which do not support PowerDesk software program.

Note that with regards to the origin of the Microsoft DirectX

computer software, it may not consist of DirectVideo support. For faster

playback of Indeo and Cinepak AVI FORMAT files, you should install

Microsoft DirectVideo support.

Matrox shuttle bus mastering

This driver helps bus mastering. Bus mastering is a characteristic

which allows expansion greeting cards to perform duties at the same time while

your computers CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT. If you have a fast Pentium computer (faster

than 166 MHz), the display efficiency of most applications is

improved once bus perfecting is used.

To use bus mastering with 3D IMAGES (Direct3D/OpenGL) applications, your

graphics credit card needs a great interrupt demand (IRQ). The majority of computers

automatically designate an IRQ to images cards, however, many do not.

If your graphics card hasnt been assigned an IRQ, programs that

work with Matrox bus mastering may well not work correctly. For more

information, see your Matrox or perhaps system manual.

DirectDraw and Programmed Power Management

As stated in Microsoft DirectX Release Notes, September 30

1995, a DirectDraw game may be not able to restore correctly if it

is hung by Automatic Power Supervision utilities.

Installation in different language versions of Windows

If you install software within a language unlike the language

of your main system (for case in point, English software program on a

Japanese system), you may have complications with text and dialog container

controls being stop. This is because of differences in system


OpenGL support

Note the following limitations related to the OpenGL rider

added with Matrox PowerDesk:

If you have a more recent Matrox merchandise or the Matrox computer software

was provided by the manufacturer of your laptop, full

OpenGL support may be handicapped with your Matrox display

driver. To get a Matrox screen driver with full OpenGL support

enabled, see the Matrox Internet site (www.matrox.com/mga). (If

the Matrox product was given by the manufacturer of the

laptop, check the Internet site of that producer for a

display new driver. A display driver provided by the maker

of the computer is likely to be examined with your

computer version. )

Employing 3D Studio MAX installment payments on your 0, you may experience difficulties with the

viewports being improperly redrawn. If this happens, simply

click in a viewport to properly revise their screen. This

problem isnt present with version installment payments on your 5 (or later) of 3D

Studio UTMOST.

DualHead Multi-Display function under Windows 2000

If you have a DualHead-supporting graphics card and you apply

DualHead Multi-Display mode under Home windows 2000, this version of

Home windows treats the primary and second displays of your DualHead-

promoting graphics cards as a solitary display (which the Matrox

screen driver splits between two monitors). Because of this, these

displays always use the same resolution and color scheme

settings. Also, inside your Windows personal pc, the electronic positions of

these types of displays are always aligned following to each other.

When in DualHead Multi-Display mode with a computer system monitor since

your secondary display, you can’t adjust the secondary screen

while using Windows Keep an eye on or the Matrox PowerDesk Monitor

Configurations property bedding. If your secondary monitor helps

Plug and play (DDC), PowerDesk automatically uses the correct

maximum display resolution and refresh rate. If your supplementary

screen doesnt support Plug-and-Play, ensure that the correct

settings are selected beneath Max. supplementary resolution for the

Matrox PowerDesk DualHead property linen.

Video playback with DualHead settings

If you have a a DualHead supporting images card and youre

using DualHead Multi-Display, Replicated, or Zoom mode, digital video

may seem as a stable color in your secondary display. This can

happen in the event that video can be played using the hardware-overlay feature of

your Matrox graphics greeting card. Video played using the overlay feature

is generally of higher quality however it can be viewed just on your

main screen.

Because only one particular program at a time can use the overlay characteristic

some other program started while the overlay feature is utilized wont

be able to utilize the feature. The overlay characteristic will be available

to the initial program to begin after the system currently applying

the overlay is usually closed.

For video that normally uses the hardware-overlay feature, you

might be able to view the digital video on your secondary display

by running another illustration of the online video player. For instance , if

youre viewing a file using the overlay feature with Microsoft

Multimedia Player, double clicking on the file again starts off another

instance from the Media Participant. This illustration properly takes on video

on your supplementary display. Then simply, you could close the 1st

instance of the Press Player and still be able to watch video about

your secondary screen.

DualHead DVDMax having a TV

While viewing video with a TV using the DualHead DVDMax

feature, you might notice occasionnal jerky online video playback (dropped

frames) after playing a video for a few minutes. If you view

video play-back with your computer monitor, this problem shouldnt


15-bit color palette support for Windows 2150

For advanced users: Automatically, the 15-bit color palette is

unavailable for Windows 2000. If you want to use this color

palette, you can make this available by including our

Customer. Enable15Bpp value to your Home windows registry then

environment this worth to 1. If youre adding this value, add it

underneath HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, PROGRAM, CurrentControlSet

Services, mgau or g200 or g400, Device0. The significance

type is REG_DWORD.


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