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Rules for applying duty of care essay

A1, What does the term “duty of care” mean?

The term “duty of care” means to protect anybody from harm and to help make it sure they may be not disadvantaged or remedied unfairly even though they are during my care, to always action in the best interests of person’s and others including my colleagues, my company as well as me personally. This is a legal obligation.

A2, How the responsibility of care affects the effort of a interpersonal care staff member

Duty of care influences the way that a social proper care worker provides care, for instance , following plans and types of procedures, keeping almost all training up-to-date as this ensures wise practice by applying that to daily work.

Likewise by insuring fair practice by identifying independence, selection and choice etc .

A3, What using a duty of care means for a care-giving organisation.

This implies having the responsibility for making sure their company upholds the legal necessity to keep their staff safe as providing a safe working environment as well as rendering PPE.

Keeping personnel up to date upon all schooling including confirming and saving procedures.

A4, How does duty of care contribute to protecting individuals?

Using a duty of care will need to protect all those who use or function within the support by way of protecting. These include:

Next policies and procedures, by simply sticking to the guidelines setout this ensures that the care staff are very aware of what they can easily and simply cannot do. Staying with the rules reduces any misconception Adhering to legislations or rules of practice such as; secure guarding or the health and basic safety act to name a few are regulations that are attempt to protect people who use the support as well as those who work inside.

B1, Businesses should have problems procedures in place, it should be successfully advertised and implemented. This is so that those who wish to increase a issue can do it in assurance knowing that their particular complaints are going to be dealt with rapidly. Also companies should have a procedure, which offers easy to use chances for the complainant to register complaints along with clearly providing the name of the person to forwards complaints to. The legal requirements for dealing with complaints include featuring support for any complainants and taking the ideal steps to act in response and handle all problems raised

B2, The best way to deal with a problem is to

Guide them with a detailed explanation of what the complaint is all about, this includes any correspondence words, emails and so forth and any action taken to deal with the complaint at hand Respond to problems within a taken period of time, if the reply can not be had at the time specified then the complainant needs to be notified and told after they should receive an answer Uphold confidentiality and be aware about who has to be involved the moment dealing with the complaint, this can be so that all those raising the complaint can do so without any backlash Being very mindful of how the complainant is sense regardless of basically feel whether or not the complaint can be justified Advise regulatory body if need be just like CQC.


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