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Rosa s integrity ever since 12 term conventional

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One of the most convincing presentation might be that, as the girl contended, she did not foresee the consequences. Theme parks stated that “it had not been a time to be planning to get arrested. ” (Reader 2005). Therefore , if the girl was not considering the consequences, after that she was not thinking rationally; if she was not thinking rationally, in respect to Aristotle, then the girl was not performing virtuously. Since we should most likely use Parks’ own words as the very best evidence, we ought to conclude that Aristotle may not consider her a particularly positive individual.

Confucius, alternatively, managed that all human morality happened together by a single concept: ren, or perhaps natural humanistic love. Simply put, ren is the love and respect for all things human. To Confucius, an individual may only achieve ren in the event they undergo an achievement of knowledge until they reach a convenient grasp in the place for each and every form of like. The rituals and education that result in knowledge is usually li; the ultimate form of li is yi – the very best principle governing the usage of li. So , “The superior gentleman, in the world, would not set his mind either for anything, or perhaps against anything at all; what is correct he will follow. ” (Confucius IV, 10). From these kinds of a standpoint, Parks’ indecisiveness with respect to the result of her action is inconsequential. Since your woman had already demonstrated her social understanding and humanly love by simply her participation in the City Rights Motion, it is likely that Confucius would consider her to get virtuous; her seemingly harmless act of justifiable defiance was performed in accordance with yi, though the girl may include lacked a chance to reflect after the consequences.

In person, I i am inclined to agree with Confucius. First, the position of the consequentialists is highly sketchy in practically every case imaginable. Second, though Aristotle’s idea of virtue is not really without value, his label of spiritual happiness from physical happiness is definitely not totally convincing. This is because there is little direct data to suggest that non-substantive joy of the heart comes from rationality; also, persons may not have got time to seriously reflect upon all of their activities and may, in fact , act impulsively or subconsciously in certain scenarios. I was inclined to believe that Insieme Parks served with a notion of interpersonal justice at heart, but hardly ever gave serious thought to the notion that she would be arrested or that she would spark such a tremendous movement. In practical conditions, she served as the girl thought was right in the context of American society.

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